claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


10. **********

I put my phone on speaker. the guys knew who called because they saw my face turning blank. Niall put his finger to his lips, showing us to be quiet. 'Y-Yes?' I said with a shaky voice. she smirked. 'that's right bitch, be afraid of me. I'm calling you to tell you that you're wearing a nice Led Zeppelin hoodie and a blue short *mean laugh*, I told you I know where you are.' end of call. O my God, I was wearing a Led Zeppelin hoodie and blue shorts... that means, she was around here today... I felt watched. the other boys were suprised too, well, suprised is still soft expressed. She could still be around! okay now I knew I wasn't overrreacting earlier. we were all quiet for a while, till Harry said 'So she was serious... a-are you okay love?' I didn't answer, I was drown in thoughts. What if she sees me right now? what if she is upto something really bad? what if she is someone I know? what if she is gonna hurt someone? okay STOP! I am literally driving myself crazy. I finally faced Harry, forgotting I stood in the middle of the room, a bit dramatic tho. Harry had a very worried glance. 'L-Let's go bed,' I said, because whenever Harry had his strong, protective grip on me, I felt safe. he nodded. we went to my room. as we got into bed, i didn't really feel safe yet. that call really frightened me. 'Are you sure you're okay?' he asked again. 'No....' I said facing him. he hugged me. 'I understand it's scary, but me and the boys are always around you, protecting you. I won't let anyone hurt you.' he was really sweet, but it just didn't help. 'I know Harry, but it's just. I really want to believe you, but if we didn't even notice her, being around the house. We might even not notice her sneaking into the hous! I'm just so scared Harry!' he sighed. 'I'll never let anyone touch you love, she won't sneak into the house, I'll make sure. tomorrow, I'll call someone to change the locks, just to be sure. me and the boys are always here, to protect you. I promise love, nobody will hurt you.' I really loved his calming, sweet words. 'I-I believe you Harry.' I said. a sigh of relieved sounded. 'I'm glad you trust me love, and I meant everything I said. now get some sleep, you'll need  it love.' he was right. 'you're right babe, thank you for comforting me. the last thing I should do is freak out now.' I said. 'everything for my princess.' he said with a smile. oh I love his puckered pink lips... his face came closer, close enough he could kiss me. yeah I kissed him, I was just so greatfull someones looking over me. our lips met, my hand is running through his hair. I love hiss hair, the way it falls into his face. I was really falling for him. I totally forgot that he kidnapped me. some will call me weak, fall for the guy who kidnapped me just because he is Harry Styles. but they just don't understand how much he means to me. after I ended the kiss, I said I was sleepy, and I was. He softly sang their song 'moments' in my ear, to make me fall asleep. Oh I loved it when he sang in my ear, to comfort me. I truly loved it. when he finished singing, I said 'Harry?' 'What is it love?'  he said with a sleepy voice. I also love his sleepy voice. damn I love eveything about him. 'I love it when you sing to me.' I said. 'well I love singing for you love.' I admire how Harry could change a worse moment into a perfect moment. okay this was to moment. 'I love you Harry.' this was the first real iloveyou. 'I love you too, love.' then we fall asleep. I love this moment. It felt safe and secure. it was like in 4 am till I heard something, or should I say someone...


(A/N: I'm sorry I'll pick by tomorrow! did I mention my 'best friend' gets into a relationship with one of the boys. I hope you all love it. I love all you guys who like/com/fav it. Can't promise a update by tomorrow, or just a short one. sorry guys, but I have to go to school too!. bye guys xxx)

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