claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


8. ********

i was confused. i looked at him and saw that he was facing the ground, just like i did when we sat behind the house. i kept looking at him, hoping that he'll face me. but he didn't. but then he continued. 'i used to play here  lot when i was little. and one day, i was playing here with my sister, and when we got home, we saw fire trucks and ambulances. we saw the house was in fire, but my mom and dad were nowhere. Then my uncle and aunt walked towards us, sating that to sit in their car, so we did. we were very scared, it is very scary when you don't know what is going on.' err yeah i know that feeling, i've been kidnapped remember? anyway, i saw that it was hard for Harry to tell me all this. i came a bit closer and hugged him, i really didn't know this. he wiped a tear but continued. 'then a policeman came to us, asking us questions. When i asked where my parents were, he didin't say anything but just went away. then after a while my aunt came to us and i asked 'Where are mummy and daddy?' she sighed. 'i'm afraid you won't see them for a while.' My sister started crying but i didn't get it. i asked when we were gonna see them again, but she didn't reply, she just couldn't. My sister knew right away what was going on. then she said to me 'Harry, mummy and daddy are in heaven.' that broke me, but i couldn't believe it, i was like 8 or such.' He sighed and i could tell you he tried his best to don't cry. i felt really bad for him, so i comforted him. he continued. 'since then, my aunt and uncle took care of my sister and me. but they argued a lot. My sister is a few years older than me, so she left the house a bit early than me. she went to America, in order to study. she is still there and god knows when she's coming back. i still talk to her, like skype and such, but she has a live over there. i only see her when i'm touring in America. i really love my sister, but she is just so far away. she is my only relative which i still speak to, the others are all gone or just left me alone.' Wow, i really didn't expect this to happen. i hugged him, he knew what shit feels like. He knew my situation, even the part of having the only relativeso close, but yet so far away...  i had to say something, i can't continue ignoring him. 'i-i'm so sorry Harry.' was the only thing i could say. 'it's okay love.' he sighed. 'Let''s go home.' he said, i nodded. we walked to the car, holding hands. it was silent, the whole way home. when we got home, i decided i wasn't going to stay silent in my room for another day. it was about 1 pm and we decided to get some lunch. i said that i was going to make my world famous tomato soup. While Harry was in his room, i was making the soup. He wasn't himself since he told me his story, i could notice. when lunch was ready, i called his name. As Harry walked iinto the kitchen, i could see he cried. 'Are you okay dear?' i asked. i felt really sorry for Harry. 'Yes love.' was his response. it was weird how we had changed parts, but anyway, i hugged him. 'Eat some soup Harry, it's good for you.' he nodded with a smile, he apparently liked how i took care of him. when we were eating our soup, Harry said 'Thanks for all the effort love, and by the way, your soup is delicious.' he said. 'no prob.' was my answer. he smirked. i hate seeing him broken, he has to feel better soon. when we finished our soup, i cleaned up the kitchen. Harry sat on the couch so i joined him, snuggling up in his arms again. we sat there for a while, watching tv till i heard my phone vibrate. somebody called me...

i walked to the hallway and answer the phone.

'Hello?' i said. 'O MY GOD SOPHiA iT'S SO GOOD TO HEAR YOUR VOiCE AGAiN!' thank god! i could recognize my best friends voice! 'O MY GOD iT'S YOU!' i shouted. i started crying. i didn't realize how much i missed my best friend till now. as soon as i finished my sentence, she bombed me with questions. 'Where are you! are you okay! who kidnapped you! when can i see you! are you comming back!.' i must of been prepared to this. 'Listen, i am okay and not kidnapped, well, it's difficult, but i am here on freewill. i don't know if i'll ever come back. i can't tell you who kidnapped me,  and honestly, i don't even know where i am. i really miss you and i hope i will see you soon!.' it was silent for a while, then she said 'Oh,well, i'm glad you're okay. i really want to see you. but if it;s not a kidnap anymore, i can see you again right? anyway, we have to stay in touch. LOVE YOU!' end of conversation. i turned around to walk back to the living room when i saw Harry, a few inches away from me. i shocked. 'Dzjee Harry i didn't know you were there.'  'Who was that?' he asked while rasing an eyebrow. 'That was my best friend, she wants to see me.' Oh well, i'm sorry but you have to wait for a little longer love, it's just not safe yet.' he said. i nodded. i was a bit dissapointed but i should of known it. 'come.' he said, so i followed him. 'where are we going?' i asked. 'i've got plans for us this afternoon.' he said. okay now i was curious. it was a very rainy day so i guess we were gonna do something inside. when we walked into the living room again, i saw that all curtains were closed, and the lights were out, what was his plan? he smiled and said 'Let's have a movie-day.' i love movie-day. they are like lazy days. i always thought it was like really romantic to have a movie-day during a rainy day with your boyfriend. especially with these circumstances; no light, curtains closed, name it. 'That sounds lovely!' i said. he made popcorn and tea. it was a really romantic gesture, i loved it. He literally had a major pile of DVD's. those were all romantic movies, and a few comedy. I loved this moment. It really shows that you don't need that much to make it romantic. I snuggled up in his arms again. It was really a beautiful moment... If we could only stop the time...


(A/N: hey guys! hope you love it! I think I can't update tomorrow, or it'll be just a short chapter. anyway, Happy Easter everyone! And I need someone to join the story, playing Sophia's best friend. comment your name and why you want to join the story and I'll pick one! bye guys xxx)

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