claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


6. ******

as we sat there. I could say Harry was speechless, even I didn't believe it I just said that all. then all of a sudden, he hugged me in a very thight hug. 'Thank you for opening up for me Sophia, I know you trust me now. I love you so much, it is my pleasure to be your prince. I love every single thing about you. when you're happy, mad, sad, name it. You are my princess, I want to spend my life with you. it's just, I am touring a lot and the paps are always around. thank god they haven't found this place here. I really want to take you with me, with the boys. I want to be one happy family. but so you want the same? I want to show you places. I only care about my future with you, yeah I also care about the boys. but I am not truly madly deeply in love with them, I am with you. I don't know how I love you so much, in so short time. But you are driving me crazy. I really want to call you mine, but not if you won't. not if the only thing you can think about is escape. but then again, I can't let you go. who knows you will go to the police. I just want to make you happy.'  he said. okay that was it. I really love this guy. he is so damn sweet, I can't force myself to hate him anymore. 'Harry, i love you too. I always did, but the kidnap didn't help you know? just give me some freedom, then I will try to stay with you. and please let me check on my family. if something happened to them, I will never forgive myself.' I could say Harry was thinking about giving me some more freedom. 'I can't let you go outside to check on them Sophia, it's too risky. But I can give you your phone back. if you just promise you won't tell anyone. because I don't want to lose you.' Yes! my phone! 'I will keep it a secret Harry, I promise.' I said with a huge smile. he smirked. 'Well okay, let's go inside then love.'  he said. we stood up and walked inside. but not just like normal, we held hands. It felt so much more normal now. He didn't felt like a kidnapper to me anymore. He was like a prince to me...

as we were inside, he gave me my phone. I couldn't believe it, I literally had a few thousand messages. I couldn't care about the messages from my friends. I just searched for the one from my brother... then I saw it. *five new messages from Jack* I opened them with shaky hands. I was terrified, literaly anything could of happened. okay here we go, first message. 'Sophia where are you? come home!' okay I could handle that one. 'PLEASE SOPHIA COME HOME, WHEREVER YOU ARE COME HOME! things aren't going good here!' I felt my stomach twist at the last part. I didn't want to open the last one. I was terrified. 'You may not read this Sophia, but I just let you know that dad is in the hospital and may not make it and Steve is in jail.'  I started crying softly, I knew it. I can't open the next one, I was scared to death. I found the strength to open it. 'Sophia, Dad didn't make it. He passed away. he drank too much and now he's dead. Steve will probably be in prison for another 15 years. please come home. I need you.'  'Please come home Sophia, we are the only one left of our family. I can't handle this. if you aren't home by tomorrow night. I'm afraid I won't make it either. I am so sorry for this message, but I am just not that strong. I will kill myself if you aren't back by tomorrow night. I love you sister, please come back.' *Send at 22:34 19-09-14* oh no... that was 1 week ago... that meant, I had no family anymore... Harry sat next to me the whole time, but didn't read along. then I started crying. I cried my loudest. I had no family anymore, except 1 brother, but I wouldn't see him for 15 years.  Harry hugged me and asked what was wrong. I couldn't talk, I was crying to loud and I coudn't stop. I just gave him my phone. I sat there crying, and crying. When he was finished reading, he could only say 'Wow.' He hugged me in a very tight hug, and kept hugging my for what felt like forever. the only thing he kept saying was 'I'm so sorry princess, I'm so sorry.' I didn't even blame Harry, he couldn't know it, he hasn't read the messages yet. I was inconsolable. I lost my family... and it was my fault. that meant I had no choice than staying with Harry, I had nobody else. I wasn't even interrested in the other messages. I wasn't interested in my phone either. I just lost my family, all I did was cry. as the day went by, I was still crying. the only difference was that I moved from the couch to my bed. I said to Harry that I wanted some time alone. I had read the other messaged by now. most of them were from my friends, asking where I was, When I was coming home, some threatened my kidnapper but I didn't care. I only answered 1 person. my best friend. I said I was okay, that they didn't need to search me any longer. that I was happy. well I wasn't that happy, I mean yeah Harry took good care of me and I love him. but I just lost my family. It was gonna take a while before I have progressed everything. It was 11:00 pm now, and I still haven't eat all day long. what started as a good day, ended way beyond worse. I was in bed all day long, even now. I just cried all day long. As I drowned in thoughts, harry walked in.

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