claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


2. **

He came back with a cup of tea and sat next to me. ‘thanks’ I said with a smile. ‘anything for my princess’ crap, I blushed. Why is he so damn sweet! Ugh, the plan in going to be harder than I thought it would be. Wait, I realized that I had no idea where exactly I was, or what was happening in the outside world. It was a bit scary, a shiver went down my spine. It felt like I was in a totally different world, because literally every single thing from my life has changed.  ‘Harry do you’ve got my phone?’ I saw Harry sighed. ‘Yes, because I can’t trust you yet, who knows you’re gonna call the cops?’  I sighed, I felt like a trapped animal, even though he was nice! And fed me.  I had no freedom. It felt terrible...  Harry turned on the TV, I guess that that was the only thing I could do, since I wasn’t able to go outside. We sat there, zapping, till I saw something which completely shocked me. ‘Amber alert! The 17 year old Sophia Williams has been missing since Saturday night In southern London. The suspect is the 20 year old Harry Styles from One Direction.’ Harry turned off the TV. ‘Fuck’ I heard him saying. He grabbed his phone and dialled Louis’ number. ‘yeah Louis it’s me... Yes I’ve just seen it... I know... can you come over now?... Yes I am... I’ll let you know... no she doesn’t ... yes, later dude.’ Okay where the heck were they talking about? I’ll guess it’s better for me to stay quiet now. I was thinking, how would my dad feel? And my brothers? Would it be a mess over there? Would my dad be drunk? Oh no, I gulped at the thought my dad was drunk. My brothers aren’t able to help him! I freaked out but I still had my poker face on. I was so drowned in my own thoughts, I didn’t  notice Harry pacing frustrated in front of me. When our eyes met each other, he sat next to me and asked if I was okay. I started crying, softly sobbing. I tried to put myself together but then when Harry hugged me, It all came out. The frustration, the confusion, my worries about my dad. Everything. I realized I felt lonely lately, I used to have my family (even though they didn’t really care about me) , friends and such. He kept comforting me, saying ‘shhh, everything is going to be alright love, I promise.’ I suddenly start to feel something for Harry again, this was the way it had to be, accept the fact I was kidnapped. We kept hugging and Harry was comforting me the whole time, and I let him? Wait what was wrong with me? This is my kidnapper, I had to get out of here. But even though it is so wrong, it feels so right! Then I heard a knock on the door. Harry stood up and walked towards the door. I hears Louis’ voice. Why is he here? As they entered the living room, Harry said ‘I have to go away for a while, I’ll be back in a few hours. Till then, Louis watches you. Okay?’ ‘kay’ I said. As Harry left, Louis and I were alone. We stayed quiet for a while till I asked ‘Louis did you know Harry was going to kidnap me?’ it was a question which suddenly came up to me. Louis sighed and said ‘Yes, we all knew. I’m sorry Sophia, you are a really sweet girl you know? So Harry noticed it too last Saturday, it wasn’t his intention to really kidnap you, but he just wanted you to be his. I can tell you he really cares about you. And now, when we’ve got a 5 month break, he wanted to spend time with you.’

A tear came down my cheek. ‘But why  Louis?’ I softly said. ‘Why me?’ 

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