claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


1. *

~~      *BEEP BEEP* The sound of my alarm clock woke me up. I was exhausted. It was 7 am and I really didn’t feel like waking up.  But I guess I have to. Anyway, I’m Sophia. I’m a 17 year old girl, or should I say, a 17 year old Directioner. I am the biggest fan of 1D. Everything I did in my life was dedicated to 1D, especially Harry Styles. I loved that boy so damn much it hurts. I’ve got 2 brothers and  a dad, so I was used to live with boys. My mom died years ago. The fact that I’m a Directioner, wasn’t always a good thing. People were bullying me and acted like I was ridiculous.  So now that you now a bit about me I’ll go on with my story.
As I walked downstairs, I was already dressed, wearing a baseball shirt and denim shorts with a pair of Adidas sneakers. Brushing my hair and putting on a beanie, I ate my breakfast and brushed my teeth. I walked to my scooter and headed off to school. It was Friday so that meant almost weekend! I was going to go out with some friends tonight and I looked forward to it. As the day went by, it was time to go home, I finished my day at school. When I got home, nobody was home. I grabbed my laptop and began to search for cheap 1D merch and stuff. I wasn’t that rich. As I searched, I saw a contest. ‘GUESS THE RIGHT ANSWER AND SPEND A DAY WITH ONE DIRECTION!’ it said. I always competed with those contests, even though I knew I was gonna lose. As I filled everything in, I closed my laptop and took a nap. I was really tired, today was a long day. Half an hour later, I woke up cause my dad got home. “Hi!”I shouted, because I was upstairs, and he downstairs. “hey, where are your brothers?’ was his answer. ‘Jack is still at school, probably comes home at 8. And Steve is hanging out with some friends, he left a note!’ I shouted back. It stayed quiet, probably because my ad knew Steve was smoking a joint somewhere, it made him very sad to think about it. I decided to check my mail. As I opened my laptop, I had one new email. I opened it and began to read.
Dear Sophia,
You are the winner of our contest!
You win a day with One Direction!
Just make sure you’ll be at this address tomorrow 12 pm.

Unit 7 Madison road
Kingdom business park
London NW1

Click HERE to print the evidence that this isn’t a scam.
You’ll be spending a day from 12pm till 22 pm.
Unfortunately you can’t bring any friends or such.
For further information call  020 80900190.
Have fun!
The a.c. head office.

This wasn’t really happening...
OMYGOD! I AM GOING TO SPEND A FUCKING DAY WITH ONE DIRECTION! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I- everything went black as I passed out. When I opened my eyes, my dad sat next to the couch .
‘What happened!?’ he asked. Then I remembered that i won a contest and I was gonna spend a whole day with 1D!. I told my dad but he didn’t believed it. We called the phone number which was given in the email so we checked. It was fucking real... I decided to tell my friends afterwards.
The day passed by as i got to bed, after a fun night with friends I decided to go to bed a bit early.
Looking forward to the best day of my life! As sleep has got over me, I felt asleep, peacefully.

I woke up from a text bomb of my best friend.  I remembered telling her about it, she probably had a thousand questions about it. I texted her late in the evening and told everything. I couldn’t help it but smile, keep smiling. This was gonna be the day of my life, all that I could ever wish for was going to happen. I felt like the luckiest girl ever. It almost sounded a bit cliché, a girl who couldn’t afford a ticket and lived a bit unhappy, was going to meet her heroes. Either way,  I didn’t care, because I was gonna meet 1D and I couldn’t believe it! It was so unreal, I felt sick so, because of the nerves. I couldn’t describe how I felt. I decided to go down and have breakfast. Nobody was awake yet, so I made breakfast for my own. I took a shower and got ready. I put on a 1D shirt, matching with a skater skirt and my 1D all-stars. In the meanwhile my dad also woke up and got ready to bring me. The mail also said that it was a bit in a secret, to keep the paps away so we could have a normal day. So I didn’t expect a lot of drama when I entered the building.  It was 11:30 am and we decided to go a bit early. Hey, can’t blame me for trying to be as long with them as possible. 

( A/N: should I skip the day? It is not necessary to know what happened. It all about what happening later.  I’ll skip forward till it is almost time to leave. Btw, let me know if you love/hate it.) 

As I was alone with Harry, (Niall and Liam had an interview, Zayn was out dinner with Perrie, so were Louis and Eleanor. ) I talked a bit with Harry, took a selfie with him (as a reminder of this beautiful day) I thought of how it would be after this day. Back to my same old boring life, taking care of my family (as I was the only woman at home). I really didn’t want to go. I’d miss this, sitting in the same room as my heroes. If only time could freeze...  it was an incredible day. I was introduced and they all comforted me, because I was dead-nervous. It soon got better, I felt comfortable as if I’ve known them for years. We stayed inside, avoiding the paps could see us. It was time to go, my dad texted me if he could pick me up yet, when Harry said ‘do you wanna go home?’ clearly, he saw my text. *sigh* ‘I have to Harry, even though I don’t want to, I have to, the day is over.’ ‘you know you can’t leave right?’ wait what?! What did he say? ‘W-what? You’re joking right?’ ‘Nope, Sophia you are beautiful, I can’t let a girl like you just go.’ I was paralyzed, what the fuck just happened?
I sat there in confusion, he isn’t like this. After an awkward silence, i got the courage to say something. ‘Harry can I go now?’ as I looked at him, I saw anger in his eyes. Wow I didn’t know him like this... ‘what the fuck you don’t understand! You’re staying with me!’   I gulped, I just sat there, thinking, how could he turned being so... bipolar?  He saw my scared glance, softened his glance. ‘Listen Sophia, I won’t hurt you or such, don’t be afraid. I wish a good, caring guy for you, which is me, if you just don’t struggle, it would be easy for both of us.’ What the fuck, really, what just happened to this guy. So sweet, generous  an respecting women. I loved this guy so damn much, but it seemed liked it all just disappeared? He actually thinks he can kidnap me, cause that’s what this is.
As we sat in silence, he stood up and took my hand, let’s go to my house, and out of this shitty apartment. He dragged me out, and when he let me go for one second to get his car key, I started to run. I kept running and heard Harry run after me. I know he was a lot quicker so he grabbed me. ‘don’t fucking run away from me again, cause you will regret babe.’ Again, that anger in his look, his eyes were dark and screamed anger. I was terrified. A tear felt down my cheek ‘P-please Harry let me go, I have to go home, it’s already dark.’ I begged. He got something out of his pocket, I noticed it was chloroform. He putted it on my nose and mouth. ‘yeah breath babe.’ He said, tightened his grip. I soon inhaled the chloroform and everything went dark.
When I woke up, I saw a white unfamiliar ceiling above me. Where was I, what happened?
Is this real? A flashback came up to me. I remembered being kidnapped by Harry Styles! So that means, I’m in Harrys’ house!  I stood up, out of the bed and looked around. I saw a closet, window and a door. I walked to the closet and saw some clothes, girls clothes. This was scary. As I was going to open the door, I heard footsteps coming closer. I quickly rushed into bed again. Pretending to be asleep. The door opened and someone came in, I guess it was Harry cause that made a lot of sense. ‘I know you aren’t really sleeping Sophia.’ I turned over facing him. He started to talk. ‘listen Sophia, I apologize for yesterday, it wasn’t really nice from me.’ Not really nice? It was fucking rude! ‘anyway... since you’re going to stay here for a while, it is better to discuss the rules with you. #1, no escaping or you will be punished. #2, if you will behave, you’ll get a treat . #3, don’t see me as your kidnapper, see me as a dedicated guy who just love you so freaking much. #4, don’t even bother to tell anyone!’ What the fuck? He actually thinks I’ll stay here, follow his rules, face him as a normal guy? Keep this a secret? HELL NO, but at the same time, he is Harry Styles... we is/was m dream guy. I used to die for a chance to meet him... but now, everything is so different...
I thought of my father, my father wasn’t a stable guy. One thing I didn’t mention about him, was that he was a bit of a alcoholic. When there was drama, he always got drunk and it hurt me so much to see him like that. He’s been like that ever since my mom died, she died because of a car accident. Ever since, everything changed a lot. My dad became a alcoholic and my brother got on drugs and my other brother wasn’t at home much. And if we all were together, my brother were fighting with each other, but what could I do, I loved my family so much, I had to grow up at a very young age. And a became a person, who doesn’t let people in. I always bottled up everything and didn’t tell anyone. 
But the worst part is, I always blamed myself even though I did my best.  I have always felt so lonely, until I saw One Direction. They were the only source of positivity in my life.
“Sophia!” I suddenly awaken from my thoughts. “Where did you think about?” a tear came down my cheek. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. As if all the substance that I had, was gone. Just gone. I was a body without substance, no feelings, nothing. Well, that’s what I thought, till I suddenly started to cry out loud. Harry shocked. I didn’t care, it HAD to come out. Harry sat next to me and hugged me, I pushed him away. ‘Get away from me! Leave me alone!’ I shouted. As I rose my head, I could see the anger in his eyes. I swear this guy was bipolar. His eyes were locked on mine, when he saw my hurt eyes, his glance softened again. I let my head fall in my hands again and start crying all over again. He lifted me up, carrying me bridal-style. I couldn’t help it but let him. I was so broken inside, I couldn’t  do anything. He sat on the couch, with me on his lap. He hugged me, comforted me. I didn’t know if I should enjoy this. I knew it was a sweet gesture, but I was so angry at him for kidnapping me! But then again, he is/was my hero! As confusion ruled my thoughts,  Harry started to talk.
‘Sophia,  I know it’s hard, but you will thank me. The moment I saw you I knew I had to make you mine, no matter what. If you please just let me in! Let me inside your heart!’ he begged me. I was doubting to tell him about my home situation. We hugged for a while and stayed quiet until I said
‘I do not hate you Harry, I just miss my family and friend, I’m confused. I am mad at you, but love you at the same time. But I guess this is the only ‘love’ I’ll get.’ ‘How so?’ Harry asked. Shall I tell him? I sighed. ‘well, I wasn’t always happy with my life. My mom died years ago, she was involved in a car accident. My mom was my everything so my world crushed together. Then my dad started drinking a lot, my brother started using drugs and my other brother wasn’t home much. My moms’ side of the family let us down, and my fathers’ side lives in America. I was on my own. I’ve been through a lot of shit. I didn’t let people in my life. I had almost gave up, I couldn’t stand running the family on my own. But then I discovered One Direction. You were the only source of positivity in my life. You kept me standing. Especially you Harry. you were my hero! I always dreamed about talking to you about my shitty life, because I wanted to hear those sweat words from you, and I only let you in my heart, or I thought I would. But I am confused as fuck now. You kidnapped me! I don’t know if I like you or hate you, but at the same time I can’t hate you or love you. So that’s why I’m confused! And I-‘  I felt Harry’s  lips pressing on my, softly. I paralyzed. Didn’t pushed him away, neither kissing back. Again, that freaking confusion. ‘ that’s all I wanted to be.’  Wow, that was... wow. I didn’t say a thing. Thank god Harry broke the awkward silence. ‘Just give me a chance, take your time, but I’m really not a creep! If I just could convince you.’ I sat there thinking what to say for it felt like ages. ‘Just leave me alone for a while.’ I said. I stood up and walked away. Avoiding more confusion. ‘where do you think you’re going?’ harry said.  ‘Easy curly, I’m just going to my room.’ If he was going to be bipolar, I was too. As I entered my room, I lay down on my bed, thinking how I could escape. That boy really fucked with my feelings.  I searched my phone which I  guess was in my pocket. Shit. Harry must of grabbed it when I was chloroformed. I had no idea what time it was. I soon heard Harry coming near my room. ‘What the fuck was that?’ so I guessed he was angry again. This time, I was going to stand up for myself. ‘I said I was confused and you kissed me? Just let me figure some things out Harry! I didn’t wish for this! Yeah I really wanted to meet you, get your attention. But not like this!’ I was expecting a furious Harry. He wasn’t?  ‘okay Sophia, it’s okay I’ll leave you alone, get some sleep. It is 3 am. But don’t think you can escape just because I give you this night to think about everything. And remember, if I want something, I make sure I’ll get it.’ Wow, that last part was creepy, it repeated in my head... he walked out of my room, locking the door. So apparently it was 3 am. I was done, with everything.  I really wished I didn’t had feelings, so I wasn’t this fucked up.  The only thing which could save me, was a plan. I needed a plan.
I decided to pretend I liked him, so he would trust me more, and wont lock that freaking door anymore so I can escape! It sounded like a good plan. I felt asleep with a lot of hope...
Next morning, I woke up from the sound of the lock. Harry came in. It was a Sunday morning and it was a sunny morning, I could tell from the light which shone through my only window. Oh yes! Almost forgot, the plan! ‘Morning’ I said with a smile as I stretched my arms out. ‘someone’s happy?’ he said with a smirk. He walked towards my bed at sat on the end. ‘Harry I’m sorry for last night, I acted like a bitch.’ I lied, but I had to sick to the plan, even though I didn’t really hate him, I just wish last night didn’t happen. ‘It’s okay love, did you know you look hot when you are angry?’ he smirked. Ugh could he just shut up? I’m not a morning person okay? But I had to play along. So I smirked too. ‘now let’s have breakfast.’ He said. I let my head fall into my pillow. ‘ugh I’m not hungry’. I heard him laughing. He joined me in the bed, laying next to me, locked me in his arms, cuddled me, I have to be honest, it felt save. ‘We could also stay in bed all day long, cuddling and do nothing.’ Okay I had to get out of this bed for my own good, I had to get out without making him angry or such.
‘Harry I got to go to the restroom.’ Wow, of all the excuses I could think of I had chosen this one. Just awesome. I stepped out of the bed and walked to the bathroom, which took me ages to find but I made it.  I looked into the mirror and saw my face, it looked fucked up. My hair was a mess and my make up was everywhere. I guess Harry wouldn’t mind me taking a shower? As the water run down my body, I hummed a tune. It was from ‘happily’ from 1D. I heard Harry in the living room hummed along. I stopped hum the tune. I took a long shower, because I liked long showers. As I walked out of the shower, I grabbed a towel and dried my hair. I put my clothes back on and walked back to the living room where I found Harry on the couch. I decided to act like I’ve known Harry for ages so Harry would trust me sooner. I sat next to him. ‘It was okay for me to take a shower right?’ ‘sure love, can I get you something? Since you haven’t eat yet.’ Okay I have to admit, that was sweet.  ‘only a cup of tea, thank you.’ I said with a smile.  He stood up and walked towards the kitchen. I could say he looked pretty damn good, if he just didn’t kidnap me... then this could maybe work out. That was really my biggest dream, but I hated him now, well at least I forced myself to hate him, but I just couldn’t. It’s not like I just suddenly could hate my hero? But one thing was sure, I didn’t love him as much as first, and I saw him through  a totally different light as first.

( A/N: hi guys! I hope you like it! This is my very first fanfic I wrote. I’m sorry it is not divided in chapters. Please leave comments! I decided to post it till now, so there are not many authors notes. The story is going to change later on, more members of 1D will join the story. Have fun reading!)

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