Dirty secrets {a NH fanfic}

...He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to his body, he looked into my eyes, to my lips while biting his, then back into my eyes. He grabbed my face gently, then slowly leant in and kissed me...That was my first kiss.

...She knows nothing about me, nothing. All of my past mystery is hidden. She doesn't have to know about it, anyway. But, my buried past, has came back.

...I love her, she's my first, and last love. I don't want to lose her for something happened long time ago.

{This is the Fanfic from wattpad, I am the same author, THIS FANFIC WILL NOT CONTAIN ANY DETAILED MATURE SCENES }


5. The rescue


I jumped from my bed the moment I heard that sound,I ran down to the living room,to see if someone crashed the door while breaking the house. I ran downstairs to see that it was my angry,drunken father.

    I was so scared,I began to breath hard,I was frozen,I couldn't run away. He started to walk slowly towards me,you can hear his boot crashing the floor,he was giving me an angry glare,I imagined what was going to happen to me,I imagined the pain I was going to go through,mentally and phisically.


       He was coming closer,and closer,he lifted his hand in the air,here comes the slap...Until unexcpectedly,a knock on the open door stoped him.

      I sighed,it was so close.I looked at the door while dad was still staring at me with anger,I could see the flames in his eyes. \

There was a boy,he looked like a nerd,he was wearing plaid short-sleeved button-down shirt,and 'nerd pants',he wore thick lens glasses,and his blond hair was pushed back with gel or water,I felt like I know him,he looked familiar...

       "Um,ecthcuth me thir"the nerd said,I tried hard to keep my laugh,if you're wondering what that means,it's -excuse me sir-,he has teeth problems I guess.

       My dad turned around to face him,"What" is all what he said with a tune full of anger and hate.

          "uh thir,um I wath wondering if you can help me" he said while pushing back his glasses.

             My dad turned toward him,I can see him scared to death,I can't blame him,my father really is scary. The boy was shaking while my dad got closer to him,and gave him a harsh glare,"Do I look like someone who can help you"he said.

                   The boy looked at me,and made me a move with his hand behind my dad, like if he's saying to me to ran away,and put his hand on my dad's back.

      ."Thir,I believe you're the only one who can help me,please" he was distracting him,what gave me time to think. I'm sure that is my golden chance to run away,I have to!I had enough. I went to my room,and put my suff in the suitcase.

          I was surprised,who was that guy?why would he help me?and how did he know I was going to be beaten?!Hundreads of questions ran in my head,but I didn't care,all I wanted is to get out of this house,I can't wait 2 more days.

   Yes!In 2 days,it's my 18th,I was going to leave the house in 2 days,without letting my dad know about it.But this guy is my saver,so I won't wait even a minute in this house. Before I couldn't ran away because I had no one,but now I do,I guess this guy know about my dad and he wants to help me,I don't know why,but I had a good feeling about him.

          I threw the suitcase from the window,it landed on grass so it didn't make any sound,I sighed,I was thinking on a way to throw myself,but I realised there's already a ladder right next to my window,it's like someone planned for my escape,creepy,but I didn't thought about that so I grabed my guitar and descended.

         I didn't have time to think about all of that,I just got down as fast as I can,I grabbed my suitcase,and ran away super fast,I didn't even looked behind me to see if someone is folowing me. I was running in the direction that alex took,hoping to find him outside his house.


           I stopped running when I became in another neighborhood.It was different.I stoped in the middle of the street,I started to look around me,trying to find alex,or something that could help me find him.

            We never visited each others,all because of my dad,I couldn't go to a boy's house,and couldn't brought a boy to my house. There was a little coffeshop across the street,I headed there hoping someone can help me find alex. I went into the cafe,it didn't had much people.I felt a little safe when the lady at the payment table smiled at me,I headed towards her.

             "Hello ma'am,I was wondering if you could help me,please."I said to her trying not to look like a fugitive.

      "Sure honny,what can I do to you sweetheart?" she said while smiling,she seemed like a nice woman.

"Um,can you tell me where I can find a tall blond boy with dark brown eyes,his name is alex and I guess he lives in this neighborhood,he lives alone,I think."I said nervious,I was so scare to hear her saying that she don't know him.


"Um,are you christina?"the woman said. OMG how did she know my name?!did Alex told her about me? I was in a total shock.I felt my tongue tied,I just nodded.


"Come with me"she said while holding my hand,and looking around her nerviously. She took me to a room inside the cafe,I guess it's the stowage.


"Don't be scared,I'm alex's aunt,he told me about you,when he comes back he'll explain everything,just stay here until he arrives"she told me never letting the smile leaves her face.


     "But where is he?and how did he know I was going to come here...oh wait,oh no,is he the nerd that came to my house?!" I was freaking out.


       "Calm down baby girl!don't panic,everything's gonna be okay,trust Alex,he knows exactly what he's doing"she said while hugging me.I hugged her back and thanked her.She let go,and escused me so she can come back to her clients.


      I sat on the ground,and begin to think what would my dad do if he knows that alex helped me ran away,he would killed us both.I was so worried about alex,and I had millions of questions to ask him. The day won't get any worth.Ugh yes it did.I have now a very bad headache,I couldn't help but sleep,I layed my head on a bag of coffee beans.


~1 hour later~


      I woke up by a shake ,I opened my eyes,and I saw alex who was contracted on the floor facing me,The moment I saw it was him,I hugged him really tight,I didn't want to let go,he was pressing me into his arms as well. what's wrong with me and hugging him?!


    "I was so scared about you,I can't believe what you did,I don't know if I can thank you enough"I said while letting a tear fall


   . "No,don't thank me,I'm your best friend,it's the least what I can do,beside,I'm returning the favor you gave me,you're my life saver,remember?"he said smiling,I giggled,he giggled as well.


    "But how did you?..." I said before I got interrupted. "When you didn't give me a chance to walk with you,I got worried,I knew something was on,and since you never talked about your family,or even showed me your house,I wanted to know why,so I folowed you just to see your house.But when I got there,I saw a drunk man sitting on the bench outside the house,I found out it's your dad,so I rushed here and disguised as a nerd and made a plan to help you" he said acting like a petandic.


    "That's smart of you,but how did you know my house,and my dad?!,I never introduced you to my dad"I asked astound.


     "Um well,I-I searched in your school documents,it had a picture of your dad,and your adress"he said looking at the ground.


      "What?!How?!I mean why?!why on earth would you search about me?!You could've just asked me!" I said surprised,he's acting like a stalker or something.


      "Well,um I don't know,when I first saw you at school sitting alone,I was dying to know your name,I wanted to know more about you,so the moment I knew your name I couldn't help but search about you,I'm so sorry,please don't take a bad concept about me"he was serious,he wasn't joking about it.


     "Oh,so it's from the beggining of the school year,and you never told me about it?!"I said furious.


       "I'm so sorry,chrissy,I meamt no harm for you,I swear."he frowned. I couldn't scold him,he was trying to help,but I liked the interest,the concern he felt about me,I didn't know that feeling before,the feeling of being important,so I just smiled at him,and gave him another hug.

    Christina,STOP hugging him!!

       "Chrissy,it's no longer safe to stay here,neither for you nor me,now both of our fathers are chasing us,so I was thinking,um...uh...would you ...would you go with me to LA?"

   "LA?!" I said startled.

    "yes,LA.If you don't want too,I understand,but it's for your own safety."he said waiting for a positive answer.

      "um I don't know,but where will we stay?!we know no one there"he laughed when I said that.

       "is there something funny?!"I said a little angry.

     "hun,I wouldn't asked you to go with me if I didn't planed about it before"he said smirking.


    "oh yeah,what's the plan?"I asked in an ironic way. Wow,he already planned for my future .A total stalker. nah he's just my best friend.

  "That's something you don't have to worry about,now you can go up to my room and change,you can take a shower if you want,and you can think about it clearly,I want an honest answer...in this time,I'll talk to my friend." he said while leaving me alone sitting on the floor.

    I took my suitcase and headed to Alex's room,where his aunt leaded me. It was a small room,it has a regular bed,with a night table at each side of it,there was a small clothet in front of it,the walls are light brown,nothing caught my attention,it was a normal bedroom. I settled my suitcase on the bed,and took my 'bathroom bag' it has my shampoo,hair conditioner and body lotion,my tooth brush,and my toothpaste.

      I prepared my clothes,I took my terior clothes,and my black "babe" printed hoohed onesie,you may think it's weird,but I just love onesies. I headed to the bathroom,I took my clothes off ,and had a quick shower.

       I began to think about that plan that alex made.Should I accept?What if he's not a nice person and just acting?should I trust him?Of course I should,he's my best friend,isn't he? I stopped thinking, and looked in the bathroom, I realized that there were two towels, and that's what I needed.

      I stepped out of the bathroom after I brushed my teeth, and oh no... I found a little boy playing with my guitar, my wet body was covered with the towel, I rushed to take my most precious thing in the world from his childish little hands,but I couldn't. I couldn't resist his blue eyes full of innocence. I smiled and sat next to him.I fixed his hand's position on the guitar.

  "Do you like the guitar?"I asked while looking at his eyes. He said nothing,he just nodded.

  "Do you want me to teach you a nice music to play it?"I smiled at him.He smiled and nodded again.

    I took his hands,and started helping him playing with the chords. "good job!you're so talented!"I said while chuckling. He laughed with me ,his smile is so adorable. We were interrupted by a throat clearing. Alex was standing at the door staring at me, why is he staring?I'm just wet and...OMG I'm still naked with the towel covering me, I can feel the lava in my cheeks.

     I stood up,and walked towards the bed,I looked at Alex shy, he stopped staring, and took the little boy out the room. Well, that was awkward.

    After I wore my underwears,I grabed my onesie and put it on,I wore my white converse,ironed my hair,et voilà I've finish.I packed my things again in the suitcase,and left it on the bed.

    I headed downstairs to the caffe,still thinking about what to say,I don't know what to even think. Alex was sitting with the little boy on a table in the corner,they were eating cookies and giggling together,it was the cutest thing ever.

   I went over there smiling at them,once they perceived me,the little boy ran and hugged me,I laughed with joy,and  saw Alex smiling,I knelt down and lift him,we both headed to Alex. Alex took him from my arms,and put him on his lap.

    "Christina,this is jack,jack this is christina,say hi to her" he said while holding his arm to wave at me.

  "hi chrithtina"he said with an adorable way.

   "I see where you learned to speak this way,nerdy"I said mocking of alex and winking at him.

"hah,yeh...and if your wondering,jack is our neighbor,his mom is always at work,and his dad is  one of the staff here"alex said while pointing at a man who was making coffee.

"so,when are we leaving?" I aksed him.Yes,I'm going with him.He laughed Shockley a little. Alex is the only one that been nice to me here,and he showed me the meaning of being important,and the real meaning of friendship.so I guess I can trust him,plus,it can't be that bad,I always wanted to go to LA,it's the right place to start working on making my wish come true.

"So you accepted"he said smilling at the ground."Actually,I called my friend,and he's expecting us to arrive tomorow,beside,it only takes 4 hrs and 48min minimum,and it's 5pm now,so I guess we'll head there early in the morning,you'll spend the night here,there's an extra bedroom."he said smiling.

"Wow,you really are fast"I said with a grin.


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