Dirty secrets {a NH fanfic}

...He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to his body, he looked into my eyes, to my lips while biting his, then back into my eyes. He grabbed my face gently, then slowly leant in and kissed me...That was my first kiss.

...She knows nothing about me, nothing. All of my past mystery is hidden. She doesn't have to know about it, anyway. But, my buried past, has came back.

...I love her, she's my first, and last love. I don't want to lose her for something happened long time ago.

{This is the Fanfic from wattpad, I am the same author, THIS FANFIC WILL NOT CONTAIN ANY DETAILED MATURE SCENES }


8. The fight

Harry's P.O.V.

   "Relish!"I yelled the moment I saw niall.

    "Wolf!"he yelled back.

    "I miss you man,it's been so long!"I said after hugging him,a bro hug!We're not gay!

    "Yeh,so long!I can't wait to play guitar with the master"he  said winking.

    "The master can crash you with his strike!"I said raising my head proudly.

    "Okay,stop being snoopy."he said annouyed.jealousy kills.

    "Dude,let me have my shinning moment!"I'm waking his green monster!

    "I'm sorry to inform you that your overproud 'shining' moment is over"he taunt."We have to go,payne is waiting in the car,and you know how pissed he gets when he waits too long."

    "fine,let's go."I huffed.

  We were heading to the car,after I grabbed my stuff,when all of a sudden,shoutting stopped us.

    "What the fuck?!"I said after seing the yelling coming from the dude accompagning Christina,Alex I guess.

     I rushed to her to break the fight,that man is a psycopath,I don't even know why tina is with him,maybe he's her kidnapper or something,No.

     Niall followed me with a confused look.

    "Harry,do you know these people?" he asked trying to catch my steps.

    "Just come,I'll explain later."I didn't even looked at him,or slowed my motion while saying this.

Christina's P.O.V.

   "Christina!what you did wasn't acceptable,it was so wrong!"Alex yelled.

    "Alex,please calm down,people are staring."I whispered looking around me.

    "No I won't calm down!"His tune was higher this time.

    Oh no,I didn't come with him to LA,to get this kind of treatment.And who the hell he think he is to get furious this way?!

    "No alex,that's enough! you will calm down,you don't have the right to judge me,or tell me what's wrong and what's right,and you don't have the right to get mad!You're acting like if I was yours!"I yelled.

    He stood in his place,frozen.He opened his mouth to say something,but he was interrupted.

    "Is everything okay here?" a familiar voice asked from behind me.

    "great!"Alex groaned,flying both hands in the air.

    I turned around to see harry,and a blond guy.

    "oh hey harry,yeh everything's fine." I said glaring at Alex who was giving death glare to harry.

Niall's P.O.V.

      I followed harry who was going to stop a fight between two couples,that I guess he knows.

    But that was suspicious,harry never stopped a fight,or even been in one,he always run away from fights.Not because he's too weak to go on,but because he don't like to waist his energy on this kind of things.

    When we atained the couples,harry asked if there is something wrong.

     Then, the girl turned around and that's when I met her eyes.Her beautiful dark eyes,Her lips,her perfect lips screaming for someone to kiss them,her hair letting the wind pass through it.And don't let me describe her sexy tan body.Damn!I thought to myself.I couldn't help but stare.Now I know why harry got here,I can't blame him.

    She assured that everything's fine.I can't even imagine what her lips taste like.

     "You sure?"harry asked the girl.

   She nodded."Please harry,just go,I don't want you,both,to get in any troubles."she begged him.

    Damn wolf,nice target! as always!Harry nodded,and never broke his glare to the guy who was fighting with her."Let's go."He said to me,and cut my dirty thoughts.I nodded and followed him.

    "Who was that?!"I asked him.

     "Just a chick I met in the airplane."he simply said.

     "It looked like more than 'just a chick you met in the airplane'"I said doing qotation marks with my fingers.

     "No really it is.I was just pissing  that guy.He acts like a boyfriend

and he isn't even her boyfriend."he explained.

     oh.Not her boyfriend.sweet.

    "So you want her?" I winked at him.

    "Maybe."he said.

    "What do you mean by maybe?"I asked confused.

    "Well,she's not like girls I met,she's...different,too inocent,so she won't agree going with me that easy.But,she has a good taste in music."he said."But you know, she really is a nice, she's different, and she understands me. I can't believe I'm gonna say that, but, I can't picture myself with her in bed, or anything that way, I really do see her as a friend."

   "Wow. You never talked about a girl this way before. I think I like her more now."I said that loud.fuck.

    "Woah woah. you like her?" he asked shocked.

    "Maybe." I never been that nervous before, and I have no idea why.

    "Well mate, that's a very hard one.She won't accept going with you no matter what."he chalenged.

    "Wanna bet?"I stated.

    "You can't win this thing,so deal right away!"he said shaking my hand.

     No one can reject relish.I'll show you styles.I'll get her in two minutes.


  ooh!!! naughty niallll !! What is he going to do to get tina?!


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