Dirty secrets {a NH fanfic}

...He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to his body, he looked into my eyes, to my lips while biting his, then back into my eyes. He grabbed my face gently, then slowly leant in and kissed me...That was my first kiss.

...She knows nothing about me, nothing. All of my past mystery is hidden. She doesn't have to know about it, anyway. But, my buried past, has came back.

...I love her, she's my first, and last love. I don't want to lose her for something happened long time ago.

{This is the Fanfic from wattpad, I am the same author, THIS FANFIC WILL NOT CONTAIN ANY DETAILED MATURE SCENES }


4. New feeling

*Christina's POV*

  We were breathing hard,we rested a little for ten minutes.

     "So are you going to tell me who was that?"I said looking at alex,waiting for an answer,even though I already know it,but just to be sure.

     "Well,um,that's my dad that I talked you about"

     "Oh god!that's him?!what did he want?!what did he say to you?! did he hurt you?!"I panicked.

     "Easy,easy,breath"he said through laughter,"No he did nothing to me,but he just said 'I'm seeing you got scared,so you know that what you did was wrong,but I won't let it go' until you came and interruped him"he sighed"I guess He wants revenge."

     "So I'm a life saver!you're so lucky to have me" I said arrogantly,trying to Mitigate the situation.

       "yes you are!"he said while laughing.

      we laughed for a while,and then alex just stared at me.

     "what?!"I said with a smile.

      "Um nothing"he changed the subject"...I guess he got tired or lost,the street is safe,let's go home" alex said.

    I didn't understand his acts.But  my smile turned into a frown when he said that

    "What if he's hidding and waiting for us?,no,please let's stay here for a little while"I said giving him a worried look.

      "chrissy,we can't stay here for ever,I'm not scared of him,and I won't let him touch me...or you" alex said raising his voice.

      "Oh so now you're not scared of him?where did you got all that courrage suddenly?!" I said raising an eyebrow.

      "Well I don't know,I just feel strong when I'm..uh nevermind,I'm just not scared anymore,that's all,can you change the subject?!" he said nervious.

      I looked at him in a confused look,what was he going to say?I was so curious,I couldn't handle it so I just asked him."Do you really think it's the right time to open another subject?!Are you crazy?!And what were you going to say?!why do you always do that?!"

      "It's just...it's something personal I can't tell you!" he said while turning his eyes in a nervious way.

     "No no,it's not the reason,you're just a chicken! you don't have the guts to say it" I said in a mocking tone.

     His eyes widened,his mouth droped wide open "Are you serious?!,nobody ever called me a chicken before!"

   "Now I did."I said with an evil grin.

        His eyes widened even bigger,"okay"he said"I feel strong when I'm with you!"he said it very quikly "fine I said it! happy?"

  My mouth dropped,I was shocked,did he really said that?!No one said something that nice to me before,but the feeling I get,it was...Wonderful,I felt safe,and..warm,it was the first time I felt my heart beating. I blushed and smiled at the ground. he smiled too.It was an awkward situation.

    We stood up,and took our way home,I couldn't let alex walk home with me,because of my father,I would never forgot the slap he gave me while we were arguing about boys,so I simply said goodbye,and he understood by himself.

   He doesn't know about my father,and I don't want him to,and I tried my best in these past monthes to not let him see my house,and I succeeded.

   I saw his figure getting smaller from far.I continued walking until I became in front of my house.I sighed. I was afraid that I could find my father waiting for me.

   I get into the house,it was all silent.That's weird.No one was in the house,I felt relieved but worried at the same time.

    I didn't give it much importance,so I got to my room.I smelled awfull because of all the run,so I went to the bathroom to take a shower.I took off my clothes,and got under the water,I began to think about what happened today,I replayed everything in my head,Alex acted really weird,he said that I make him feel strong,that made me happy,I felt usefull at something,It was an amazing day,even though we ran away from a dangerous man.

    After I finished,I get out of the bathroom ,put on my pjs and throw myself on the bed,I was so tired,it was 3:30 pm so I thought I could take a nap.

-------------------------------------------------- *Niall's P.O.V*

  "Damn man!you always have the best!"Dan jerked me off when I hugged him sarcastically.

   "Dude,chill! you'll have your chance,but not tonight!"I winked.

   "Just fuck off,you're a dick!"he said before leaving.

     What an asshole.He always get jealous when I find a sexy girl to fuck before he does.She's the one that fell for my blue eyes and chose me over him.

   I won't get in a bad mood because of his shitty attitude.I'll just enjoy the late night party,with this sexy gal I found.

   "Horan" A voice called from behind me.

  Horan,I am the famous Niall horan,well not yet,but some day I'll be.I'm known as relish,for my charm and atractiveness.I'm the definition of sexy and wild,every girl desires me,and every guy despises me.But not my mates,my band mates.you may say,they have the same definition as me,so this is what joined us.

    My band,the waywards,is composed of five lads,including me.

   "Malik,mah mate!Are you having fun man?!"I said after turning around to face,zayn.

   Zayn malik,aka,jeopardy.Jeopardy,as dangerous,no girl can resist his gaze,he's the deeper thoughter in our group,his thoughts are as dark as his eyes,he never been nice to a girl,only if he wants to fuck her,same as us four's goal.

    "Nah,I found nothing intressting,anyway,styles called,he said he's coming to LA as soon as the manager give us an appointment."he said,with his hands in his pocket.

      Harry styles,aka,wolf.Yes wolf,he never met a girl without fucking her,ugly,sexy,fat,thin,old,young..well not too young,he shared bed with every kind of girl,this's why he's called wolf,as womanizer.He is a woman magnet.

   "Sounds great,didn't see him in while,I miss playing guitar with him."I said while remembering our times together.

     "Yeh.Well let's go,enough partying,payne is waiting us in the car outside,we have a long day tomorow,you should be in full energy."

  Liam payne,nothing to call him,his name is enough to describe him,The payne train.Don't even ask why.

let's just say that,he get every girl he fuck,on a wheel chair.ouch.

   "Fine."I groaned"just tell him to wait a second,I'll get tommo,and get out of here."I said and he nodded and left the club.

   Tommo,Louis tomlinson.Jaggy,as jaguar,he's the fastest with girls.He's our leader,he's the king,no matter how attractive we could look,or how many moves we could do to impress a girl,no one,No one could ever beat Louis.Even wolf can't.

   I left the girl that I found,and went to search on Louis,domage,I could've had some fun for the night.

     "Tommo"I called,he had already a girl sitting on her lap,kissing him.god he's fast,I didn't even jad the chance to touch the one I found.

     "What relish,don't you see I'm a little busy here?" he said pointing at the girl on his lap.

     "Sorry mate,but we have to go,payno is already waiting us outside."I snapped.

     "Why so hurry?!"he said confused.

     "We have a long day tomorow,and I guess we should get some rest to be in full energy."I explained.

      "Whatever."he groaned,and cursed under his breath.

      "Love,I have to go,keep that energy for another night." he said winking the girl that groaned when he lift her up his lap.

      "Let's go."he said and stood up.

   We both headed to liam and zayn who were waiting us in the car.

    "What took you two so long?!"Liam said before pulling off.

    "Jaggy here,didn't want to leave before using some of his energy."I smirked at louis.

    "Well jagg,you have to keep that energy for tomorow."zayn said."We'll be practcing all day long,remember."

    Louis nodded,as if he don't care,and the ride went silent.

   It's gonna be a long,exhausting day,sigh.


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