Dirty secrets {a NH fanfic}

...He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to his body, he looked into my eyes, to my lips while biting his, then back into my eyes. He grabbed my face gently, then slowly leant in and kissed me...That was my first kiss.

...She knows nothing about me, nothing. All of my past mystery is hidden. She doesn't have to know about it, anyway. But, my buried past, has came back.

...I love her, she's my first, and last love. I don't want to lose her for something happened long time ago.

{This is the Fanfic from wattpad, I am the same author, THIS FANFIC WILL NOT CONTAIN ANY DETAILED MATURE SCENES }


9. Meeting and Greeting

Christina's POV

We were both in a taxi,Alex didn't say a word to me since harry showed up.He didn't even look at me,he was sitting next to the driver,staring at the road.

I didn't give much importance to what happened,in fact,I was enjoying the view,I could see the Hollywood sign from far,the LA beach from an other way,and the famous trees!LA is a beautiful place,it's my first time here,and I can't wait to discover it!

The ride went too silent,awkward silence.I don't know where we're going,and I have to idea what to say,or what to do,or even what to think.

I don't understant why Alex did that,I mean,I didn't do something wrong.Did I?

I started thinking of my act,and I guess I was a little wrong,because Alex really did warned me,and he was just worried about me.But still,that doesn't explain his acts.He better solve this problem,or I'll just leave to harry.Yes,I will,and I mean it.

The cab stopped.I looked out of the window,and a sight of an enormous vast house appeared.

Wow. I said under my breath,and heard Alex chuckling before stepping out of the car.Maybe he's not mad anymore.Maybe.

A man approached and opened the door for me,to improvise from the automobile.From his clothes,he seemed to be a servant.Not to mention the 10 female servants,standing by the huge door,like if they're waiting for us.

I stepped out of the car,and kept looking at the huge structure in front of me.

We entered,me and Alex,to the big house,greeted by all the servants.

The entrance was huge,it's like entering to a museum,art covers the place,every corner has its own story,the ceiling itself can tell a story!

Paintings,images,pictures,all covered the walls,but nothing caught my full attention except of a big painting of a guitarist,laying down with his guitar in his hands,all sweaty,on a huge stage,surrounded with lights.It was amazing.

"Alex,my boy"An old man,stopped my thoughts,headed to us opening his arms to hug Alex.He looks so familiar.

"Mr.Benward!"Alex yelled.Benward,where did I hear this name before?

"It's been so long!,I've missed you so much,young boy!"the man said."No you're no longer a boy,I should say man,look how much you grew up!"he continued breaking the hug and looking at Alex.

"Yeah,we'll you still the same handsome,strong man I know"they both laughed.

"So how are you?How's Mrs.Benward? Grace,Ella and Luke?!"who the hell are those,I thought to myself.

"They're all fine,And I'm sure they'll be thrilled when they'll know you're here!Specially Luke,he never stopped talking about you,you know."he smiled.

"Where are they?I can't wait to meet them,I miss them as well!"

"Kenda and the girls are in Paris to see a fashion show,and,spending all my money on clothes"they laughed,again."they are coming back tomorrow night,and Luke is swimming outside,as usual."He winked and then turned to face me.

"and who's this lovely young lady standing here?" he  smiled, I smiled back.

finally someone noticed I'm in here.

"I-"I wanted to introduce myself before I got rudely interrupted.

"uh, yeah this is Christina" Alex said." The girl I talked to you about." He continued.

Well, he talked about me I see, mostly to everyone he knows, and never talked to me about anyone he knows, except his father.

"Ah yes!" he said. "Alex you prick, you never told me she was that beautiful.Greetings my child, welcome to our house!" he said pulling out his hand for me to shake.

"Thank you sir." I blush.

"Damn how I hate that word! please, call me Aeron!" he smiled widely.

That's odd, I can't just call him his name from the first time I met him, so I just nodded shyly, and smiled.

"Isn't she adorable!" he said half-laughing to Alex. "Don't be shy, Christina. You'll be staying with us for quite a long time, so technically you'll be apart of this house, beside you'll become a member of our family soon!" he clapped in my face with excitement.

What does that suppose to mean?

"Did I tell you she plays guitar very well?" Alex changed the subject and didn't let me ask my question.

wait, what? but he never heard me playing!

"So we have a music lover here! Perfect! you'll get along real quick!" he winked.

Well, I'm happy for this. But I still don't remember where I saw him, on TV obviously, but still, I can't remember.

"I better be going now." He says looking at the in watch in his wrist. "You kids can rest in your rooms upstairs if you want, they're ready. And it was a pleasure meeting you pretty lady." he shakes my hand again.

"It was an honor to meet you Mr. Benw-Aeron" I correct myself once he glares at me.

I chuckle at my act while he exists,leaving us both Alex and I alone, with awkward silence filling the air.

"So..." I say moving back and forth in my place.

He says nothing. Just stares.

"What?!" I huff.

He just shakes his head and take his way to the living room. Ugh, he's pissing me off. I couldn't just stay here alone because I've never been here before, and I can't just walk around the house, so I groaned and followed him.

The living room was royalty, I wanted to just sit on the couch and stare at the paintings covering the walls. But I couldn't do that, at least not now.

Alex stood in front of a tall glass door, he opened it and step out to the backyard, keeping the door open for me to get out, or maybe leaving it open just because he don't want to close it? whatever.

The backyard was amazingly breath taken, the typical place to sit, relax and write songs. First, there's a pool just in the middle of it, a long pool, surrounded by fruit trees, roses, and flowers from each kind, with a different color. It is a really colorful lovely place.

As I was scanning the paradise surrounding me, a hot, blond, bared chest boy gets out of the water. I froze in my place, staring at his perfectly muscled body. He lift his hands and push his wet hair from his face. I watch as a water drop travels from his collar bone down to his chest, and down...

"ALEX!" The boy ran to Alex and hugged him.

"LUKE!" Alex yells while hugging him back.

"Man it's been so long! You finally made it." he break the hug  and move Alex to look at me.

Shoot! I hope he didn't catch me staring at his body.

"That's her?" He asks Alex, still staring at me. I smile, confused. Great, Alex, couldn't you just talked about me through the news?

"Uh hey!" the boy, Luke, moves towards me offering his hand to shake mine. " I'm  Luke, Luke Benward."

"I'm Christina , Christina Roberts." I shake his hand back.

"Nice to meet you, beautiful."

"Thanks, nice to meet you too." I flush at his use of the word beautiful.

"Damn Alex, good job, you finally found the perfect girl!" He says walking to Alex.

found the perfect girl? I'm confused now!

"Uh Luke, I'll take Christina to her room because she's so tired from the flight and she has to take a rest." Alex pulled me in without letting me say a word. I could see Luke chuckling from behind.

"What's wrong with you Alex?!" I said stopping him.

"There's nothing wrong with me Christina." he said calmly.

"Yes. There is. You can't just judge me, and take decisions for me and act like nothing's wrong, Alex." I crossed my hand on my chest, waiting him to answer.

"I'm not judging you nor taking decisions for you." he said with no emotion.

"You are Alex! you can't tell me when I need to rest and when I don't, you can't interrupt me every time I try to say something because you did it more than once today. And, apparently everyone here thinks I'm your girlfriend, flash news Alex, I'm not stupid, and even if you stopped them from saying what you told them, that doesn't mean I didn't find out about it." I say raising my voice.

It's true. I really think he told them that, it's obvious.

"Fine. You don't wanna rest, it's your choice, don't rest. You want to talk to bad boys, do it.  I won't force you to make things you don't want." He says and leaves before letting me say any other word.

That's odd. He changes the subject and leaves. And I hate the fact that he mentioned harry. Why's that? Ugh I hate this. Is it...jealousy?

"Alex wait!" I yell following him back outside.

"What now?" he says turning around to face me.

"I... Well..." I hesitate.

"If you'll do this I'm go-"

"I'm sorry okay?" I said interrupting him and looking at my feet.


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