Dirty secrets {a NH fanfic}

...He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to his body, he looked into my eyes, to my lips while biting his, then back into my eyes. He grabbed my face gently, then slowly leant in and kissed me...That was my first kiss.

...She knows nothing about me, nothing. All of my past mystery is hidden. She doesn't have to know about it, anyway. But, my buried past, has came back.

...I love her, she's my first, and last love. I don't want to lose her for something happened long time ago.

{This is the Fanfic from wattpad, I am the same author, THIS FANFIC WILL NOT CONTAIN ANY DETAILED MATURE SCENES }


1. Christina

   New day, new life... Finally in the USA. Miami is a beautiful place, and I'm liking it so far. But I'm really starting to miss Canada, and people here seem different. I have no idea how I'm going to fit here.

My new house is AMAZING, so is my new neighborhood!

  It's been a week since I moved here.I didn't want to move to the USA at all, but my dad forced me. Well let's say that, my dad isn't like, the best father in the world, I can't say the worst, because he IS my father after all. As to my mother...Let's leave this for later.



   At the moment, my one and only source of happiness is my guitar. I would never get out of the house without it, it's the reason of my smile, and the thing what keeps me alive. My guitar is literary my life..

    After I settled in the house, and fit in my new life a little, my dad took me to see my new school. I'm a senior. Yes, this is the last year of school. I'm going to university next year, to study music in LAUM ( a/n: LA university of music, I dunno I made it up lol) ... Well not really, I'm actually working on becoming a famous guitar player, that's my biggest dreams of all. And being in the USA gave me a little hope and a chance to make my dream come true, moving here is my first step, because LA is only 4 hours or so far from here...
On our way to high school, We, my dad and I, had a conversation in the car, about fitting in and stuff about school, you know, PARENTS!

"Look, Now you're no longer in Canada, here is America!" my dad said, as I didn't know that already..."now, I want you to focus only on your studies, no boys!!" ,continued dad with anger. I mean, who would even look at me, dad.

"Dad, I know that, you don't have to tell me things I already know" I said.
He said givin' me that look "Yeah yeah, I'm warning you, you can't trust everyone here you naïve girl, specially boys, because all they want from a girl is one thing, and I don't want my reputation to drawn in shit  because of fucking teenagers fooling around."

"DAD I KNOW THAT! DON'T WORRY I KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF, I WON'T PUT ANY MORE SHIT ON YOUR SHITTY REPUTATION, DON'T YOU WORRY ABOUT THAT" I cut him off him while yelling...Just a little reminder, It's not a good thing to yell in the car, sitting next to your dad, specially if he's...abusive...

"Shut up you lil shit" said dad, after giving me a slap on my cheek. " listen you bitch, first, if I ever hear that high tone near me , I'm gonna kill you without giving a damn fuck about it!" He grabbed my neck, I gasped. "second, don't you fucking dare talk to me this way again, UNDERSTOOD?!" He yelled and let go of my neck, I nodded with fear.
Silence covered all the car, all what we can hear was my sobbing, I couldn't let my tears stay because of what just happened. I mean what kind of fathers is he?! I hate my life, it's getting worse and worse, I can't wait to leave.

    We arrived, we get out of the car to explore what's waiting me.
the school was empty, no one was there except the principal and his secretary. It was summer, of course no one's there.
When my dad finished checking, oh sorry, investigating about the school, we came back in the car to go home.
The school was fine, but the idea of having new way to learn, still made me afraid. It's a good thing that it's only a year.


I lay on my bed, and thought again about what happened today, I kept replaying in my head all what father said, and his act...I couldn't sleep, I was so scared of my dad, and so scared of tomorrow. My life became even more worse than it was in Canada. The only hope that I had in my heart was because of music, yeah I'm stupid. But that idea was the only thing that kept me away from cutting.

  Yes. I used to cut. when I say music saved my life, I'm not lying, it really did. As you know, My life isn't the best life a human being can have, and all the events in it makes me feel weak, useless  and makes the feeling of loving death grows in me, so I cut. But I stopped that because of my only wish, and this wish is to let my music spread in the world, and I didn't want to leave this world before it comes true. Stupid? maybe. but what to do? that's just me. And why now? because I'm in America, LA is 4 hours far from here, so Hollywood, I'm coming!


a/n : Hope my movellas fans like this story , enjoy!

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