Dirty secrets {a NH fanfic}

...He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to his body, he looked into my eyes, to my lips while biting his, then back into my eyes. He grabbed my face gently, then slowly leant in and kissed me...That was my first kiss.

...She knows nothing about me, nothing. All of my past mystery is hidden. She doesn't have to know about it, anyway. But, my buried past, has came back.

...I love her, she's my first, and last love. I don't want to lose her for something happened long time ago.

{This is the Fanfic from wattpad, I am the same author, THIS FANFIC WILL NOT CONTAIN ANY DETAILED MATURE SCENES }


6. Bye Miami!


  "Wake up chrissy,come on,we have to go,the plane will take off without us if you slept more"A male voice told me,with a shake.

Ugh,I'm not a milk to be shaked.

"Mhmm"is all what I said while still closing my eyes,I'm so tired,I don't want to get out of the bed,it's the first time I sleep this way since ages.

Maybe because I feel more safe than ever,I'm finally going to LA,and I'll purchase my dream there..OMG LA!! I forgot about that.

  "I'm up!!"I said getting up really fast.

   "Good morning lazy"Alex said with a bright smile.

   "What time is it?!"I hate my morning voice,I sound like an old lady.

  He laughed a little,I'm sure he's laughing at my morning raspy voice,and my shitty look.

   I glared warning him not to laugh,so he stoped laughing,and said a quite 'sorry'.

    "It's 5:30am,you have to get ready,the plane gets off in 30mins,and the ride takes 10mins;and god knows how much you'll take to get ready"he said mocking.

    "Shut up alex,I'm not in the mood"really,just don't joke or mock from a girl when she wakes up.

   "Okay,okay,just get ready quikly,we have to go"he said heading to the door.

      "okay,I'm so sleepy"I said groaning.

     He laughed while closing the door behind him.

    I get out of the bed,and headed to my suitcase.I grabbed it,and put it on the bed after I made it.I slept in Lora's room,alex's aunt,she has an extra bed in it.

    She wasn't in her bed,what gave me some privacy.I didn't have to take a shower because I already took one in least than 24 hours,So I just grabbed my little bag,and headed to the bathroom.I went there,I washed my face and brushed my teeth.

     I get out of the bathroom,and put back my bag in the suitcase,and grabbed my navi spot oversised bloose and put it on,with my black jeans shorts and my navi converses.I straightened my hair and let it down on my shoulders.

    When I finished I looked at the clock,and it's 5:40,that means it took me only 10 minutes.Alex can shut up then.

      I grabbed my suitcase,and my guitar,and headed downstairs.

     The caffé was empty,well of course it is,it's 5:40am!!It only had Alex who was sitting on the table that he was sitting on yesterday with jack.

      He was wearing a black jacket,and white shirt under it,and jeans,and his usual black converse.

      "Finally"he said flying his hands in the air.

      "I didn't take that much time,It's been only 10 minutes,so shut up and let's go"I said trying to stay calm.

      "whatever,okay let's go"he sighed"uhm,you look pretty though"he said putting his hand on the back of his neck.

       "thanks"I blush.

Why does he do this?!My cheeks will explose one day because of him.

      He grabbed his suitcase,that wasn't really big,and approached to take my suitcase from my hands.

     He bent to take it from my hand,what made his mouth face my neck.His hot breath made me shake,and take a step backwards.He laughed with hoot and shook his head before moving to the door.

    "Wait"I kinda yell.

He looked at me with a questionable look,"what is it?is something wrong?Don't tell me you changed your mind!"he panicked.

   "what?No.I just want to say good bye to your aunt,and I want to thank her for recepting me in her house"

     He stared at me for a minute,and when I was about to talk he shuted me by telling me to wait a minute.

     After what seemed like seconds,his aunt showed up with a smile on her face. She kind of ran to me,and hugged me.

      "Thank you so much for letting me stay in your house,I really felt home,thank you"I said while hugging her back,and letting a tear drop from my eye.

   I really felt like home,I never felt safe the way I did here,she was so nice to me,and I really liked her.

   "Please,take care of yourself,and don't let anyone break you,you're a smart girl,with a big heart,but be carefull with that heart,just because you're nice it doesn't mean everyone else around you is"she looked at the ground when she said that last sentence.I heard Alex sighing from behind.

   I don't understand,what did she mean by that?and why alex sighed?!they're acting really weird.

    "Okay,enough with drama,let's go,we have exactly 10mins to get there,come on!"Alex yelled while dragging me outside of the caffé.

     I waved at Lora while alex was pulling the car out.She was already crying and waving at us.


   The ride was silent,Alex didn't say a word to me since his aunt's "advice" for me.

     All I was thinking about is what she said.I played her words over and over in my head.

  "just because you're nice it doesn't mean everyone else around you is"

Was she pointing at someone?was it Alex?what if she means Alex? Is he taking adventages of me?but for what?and why? No!I don't think so.Stop thinking bad about your best friend christina!

      "Are you okay?"Alex broke the silence and cut me off of my thoughts.

      "Yeah,yeah I'm fine"I said trying not to have eye contact with him.

      "You don't seem fine"he said keeping his eyes on the road.

      "I am.It's just I'm thinking"

      "And what are you thinking about?"

Why does he have to ask?!

     "Just about my new life,I'm just,I dunno,scared?"It sounded more like a question than an answer.

      "Don't worry,everything's gonna be alright,you'll have a wonderfull life,full of happiness and joy,everything will change for the better,trust me."he said putting his hand on mine.

What?!I can feel the fire in my cheeks already.oh god,please get your hand off of mine!!

   He got her hand off quickly the moment he realised that he put it.

   "uhm sorry"he said blushing.

He's so cute when he blushes.What.

   "It's okay"I said with a grin.

WHAT?! no it's not!! what's wrong me.hell man.

   He smiled at himself,and continued driving.

    I saw from the window a plane taking off above the car,what means we arrivied.

   The tension got bigger,I'm already shaking,I'm so worried,and nervous. I mean, what if my dad found us?! I'm pretty sure he won't let me go that easily. And, I doubt he wants me because he loves me, there's something else that made him bring me from Canada, and it's money.

   When we get out of the car,alex grabbed the cases,and I grabbed my guitar.He took out 2 tickets from his wallet,and gave me one.

   Wow,first class,I didn't expected that.I guess he's rich?

     "It's my friend in LA who bought them for us,he's the one recieving us in his house"he said like if he's reading my mind.I said nothing,I just smiled and folowed him.

   "Please to all passengers traveling to Las angeles to head to the gate number 5 now,and thank you"

    "Oh,it's us,Come on,let's go"Alex said and I followed him.

    We arrived to the gate n°5,there wasn't a long line,there was only 2 old couples holding each others hands in front of us,that was the cutest thing ever,and in front of them there was a young curled hair boy who looks dark,what caught my attenion was his guitar bag on his back,and there was in front of him 2 young couples with their little child jumping around apprently wanting ice cream.

   The lady was taking the tickets and putting stamp on them,I gave her mine when it was my turn,she stamp it and let me in.

    On my way in, we skipped all the people in front of us, and became in first, well I was in  a little hurry, I was nervous, I don't know why, but I was. I was so nervous that I didn't noticed that I'm now walking right next to that curly head. I took a glance at him and caught him staring at my body. I gasped and glared at him before speeding up and leaving him behind me, smirking.

 I went into the plane,and Alex was behind me.The hostess greeted me with a smile,she took the ticket from my hand and asked me to follow her.

    "Here you go ma'am,that's your seat,enjoy your flight"she said never stopping smilling.ma'am?do I look that old?

    I smiled at her,and setteled down.I was a little worried about my guitar,it was putten with the plane's luggages.

     I tried to break the tense I felt,but everything is going good so far,let's just pray nothing bad happens.

    "Well look how lucky I am,I'm sitting 5 hours next to this hottie"a male voice said from behind me.

   I turned around to see who's talking to who...Oh great,it can't get any worse.It's the dark boy I saw in front of the gate,and the worse thing is that he's talking about me!! But where the hell is Alex?!

   "But..but...it can't be,I'm sure there's something wrong,where's the blond boy that was folowing me?!" I said panicking.

    "Chill,I don't bite,only if I'm asked too"he said while checking me from my head to my toe.ewww.

   I gave him a really hard glare."he's right over there"he said pointing at Alex.

   He was arguing with the hostess,and I can tell that it's about our sepperated seats.

    She was going to let him off the plane,so I ran to him,and calmed him down.

   "That's okay,it's only a couple of hours,I'll be fine,please calm down"I said.

   "But..what if that guy annoys you?!I swear if he-"

   "He'll not,I can take care of myself,don't worry,now please calm down and take a seat,come on please"I shushed him,and made him sit down.

    I was heading to my seat,but something stopped me.I looked behind me,I saw alex holding my arm.

    "Promise me that if he does anything to you,or touches you,you'll yell to me"He said serious.

   I never saw him acting this way before,I dunno why he's being overprotective.weird.

   I nodded,and mumbled a "I promise"and headed to my seat.

   The boy was already sitting in his seat,when he saw me he stood up to make me pass.

   "Thank you"is all I said without even looking at him.

   "My pleasure"he said.

I didn't give him much importance,and to avoid any conversation he would open,I took out my phone and earphones from my pocket,and opened my music library.

    Music makes my body relax.I wanted to sleep on the sound of music.No matter what kind the song it is.

      Suddenly,the music stopped.Why?! Oh great,Low battery.I sighed,and put back the phone and earphones in my pocket.

   "No batterie?"The boy asked with a grin,mocking grin.

  Great,now he's going to open a conversation.Ugh,can this even get any worse?!

   I looked out the window,and mumbled "Bye Miami" and begin to pray that he don't open a conversation.

  But I guess My prayers didn't arrived to god...



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