We will.

Love, what is it? Does it still exist? Can you fix the broken? Can we go back in time? Follow the life of Elysa as months pass.


3. William

Victor POV

"What did you do this time?" A familiar voice said.

"I didn't do anything wrong I just might have messed up big"

"How big?" William replied.

Victor: "Remember that girl I told you I really liked?"

William: "Elysa? Yeah sure what about her?"

Victor: "Ok so uhm about about two hours ago i told her I wanted to meet her at the old port. It had been ages since we haven't talked but she accepted. I was going to tell her that I loved her and that I was terribly sorry for putting a wall between us. But everything didn't go as planned." I paused took a sip from my water then continued. "She started talking. She told me how she had felt. And I felt terribly sorry for her cause as she was talking I realize how I had made her suffer. As soon as she was done she didn't even let me say a thing and she jumped into the cold water. I couldn't call her parents because she snook out that why I made them call you."

William: "Wow. Woow.. Ok so umh basically you love a girl and the girl is crazy about you and you decide to ignore her? Bro that's cold, you couldn't be any lower.. Why would you do that?! Ok so how is she doing?"

Victor: "They said she's going to be ok. She'll be out in two days.."

William: "Wait what? Two day? Didn't you tell me she sneak out?"

Victor: "She did. She's going to get grounded real bad I know her folks and they're really.. This is all my fault..."

I couldn't handle it. I began to cry again. I don't care what they say fuck it boys cry too sometimes. William didn't know what to say so he just rubbed my back. We went to buy burritos after. Then we went in her room.

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