We will.

Love, what is it? Does it still exist? Can you fix the broken? Can we go back in time? Follow the life of Elysa as months pass.


1. Prologue

Elysa: "Maybe it meant more to me then it meant to you,

Maybe I really meant all the words i said,

But it doesn't really matter today, does it?

You moved on and I don't blame you.

I just hope that sometimes at night you think about me, about our long conversations, our texts, our late night skypes and all the time we spent together.

I hope you regret nothing, all I'm asking is that you just keep the memories we shared and stop pretending like it never happened."

Victor POV

Those were her last words. She was standing in front of me, tears were streaming down her face. I wanted to hold her in my arms, I wanted to tell her she was wrong. I wanted to tell her...how much I loved her. As I opened my mouth I saw her jump into the cold water.

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