London is where I died. My last thought was that this man must gets caught, before I let out my last breath. I saw his face, if only I could tell the police they have the wrong man, if only I could give them a clue, instead I float around watching my family mourn, my killer walk free, and Harry Styles accused of something he did not do.


1. Chapter 1

"Hey Bitch! Come here" A voice called from in a dark alley. I stood up straight and ignored it, and kept on walking to my small flat in the heart of London. I was a bit tipsy as I over did it on the liquor. I was walking down a dark street with only dim lights guiding me while I stumbled with my flimsy heels. I had passed the alley as the voice called but it kept persisting, calling me ''slut'' and ''whore'', and demanding me to do awful sexual deeds.  

I heard footsteps and I began to run, my heart thumping out of my chest like a hammer. I got to the end of the street and realized, there was no more footsteps. I took a breath, and tottered of acting like nothing had happened. I came to the end at another street and realized I had what seemed millions of streets to go and as I was drunk, it might take me all night.


I let out a sigh and pulled out my phone calling a taxi. It said it would be 25 minutes, so I sat down on the edge of the curb watching moths fly in front of the street lights. It kept me entertained for about 10 minutes, until I heard knocking. I looked around the deserted street and its unoccupied homes, to deteriorated for any occupants. That's when I realized the noise was coming from inside one of the houses.

I got shivers down my spine, as the knocks seem to increase in speed, never ending. I was seriously crept out and wondering what to do. I decided to get up and investigate, I took wary steps as if I was walking on glass. I shakily stumbled up the steps, I got to the door and slowly turned the rusty handle, my hand shaking uncontrollably. I pushed the door open as a shivering creak echoed through the house making me shiver.


White glimmering teeth greeted me, and I realized it was the man from before, I let out a scream, and bolted down the steps. But two giant hands tightly grabbed my wrist, I yelped in pain. He started dragging me into the house as I screamed, aware no one could hear me, but instincts took over. I tried to fight back but it was pointless against him. e got me I the house and slammed the door behind him, I didn't know what to do.

He pinned me to the ground and started kissing me, he had control of my upper body but not my lower, so I took advantage and kneed him in the balls, he yelped in pain as I scrabbled toward the door. My hands here uncontrollable and struggled to grip the door handle. Then I heard him get up. Before I could react, he grabbed a fist full of my hair and forcefully slammed my face into the door breaking my nose, with blood gushing I cried in pain. Yet again he forced me to the ground.

He whispered in my ear ''Try it again and I'll do worse" I shivered as his hot breath filled up my ear. He started ripping off my clothes as tears roll down my cheek. He forcefully brings me up on my knees and makes me pleasure him, I start gagging and finding it hard to breath. He moans making me cry even harder. He takes it out and inserts it thrusting hard. It hurts so much, and I feel warm liquid fall down my thigh. I get hopeful thinking he'll finish up and go, but instead he keeps thrusting. I move my hand down to see what it is. I bring my hand up to find its not semen, but blood.

Finally he finishes, and hurls my clothes back at me. I got up warily and shakily and put my clothes on. ''Can I go now please'' I stutter. He nods with an evil grin. So I cautiously walk towards the door. ''Wait, One more thing." he says, I turn around as He thrust a knife in my throat. My eyes widen as he takes it out and I fall to the ground. He opens the door moving my limp body. I hear a toot, the taxi. I cannot scream, I can barely breath. My warm sticky blood gushes over the floor. This man must be caught, I thought as I let out my last breath and my eyes were lifeless, and my body dead on the floor.


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