radio scarlett

i walked into my dads office .''hi dad ''i mumbled
''hey scarlett i want to tell you that you got the radio slot you asked for'' he said.
scarlett is a 22 year old girl who is obsessed with youtubers especially dan and phil .when her dad gets her a radio show slot on radio 1 her life is changed forever.


4. what the hell just happened

dans pov omg did phil just ask scarlett to come over what the hell. ''phil''I asked ''are you crushing on scarlett ?'' ''i guess i am dan''he replied ''phil you cant be in love with her didnt know she is 18 and your 27 that is so out of your age range''.i shouted. ''sorry dan i just felt something and it just came out ok''he cried right with that sorted after the show i need to find my best t-shirt and jeans to impress her. scarletts POV what the hell did amazing phil,phil fricking lester just ask me to hang out with him omg he did well i better find something cool to wear i know ill wear my dan and phil tee shirt ,black skinny jeans ,my black and purple dms and my jake the dog hoodie. (5 mins later) i knock on his and dans flat door he opens it omg he is wearing the same hoodie jeans and top as me wtf. ''hey scarlett''he said ''hey phil how are u''i replied ''fine''he mumbles he lets me in omg its awesome just like in dan and phils videos ''so what do you want to do;;he asks ''watch deathnote''i shout ''ok ''he says (an hour later) me and phil have been watching death note for an hour when suddenly phil puts his head on my shoulder ''scarlett''he says ''what would you do if i said i love u'' omg he loves me awesome ''i would say me too''i replied ''well i love u scarlett''he says ''phil i should go''i say this could get really awkward i start walking to the door when phil crashes his lips into mine his lips mould perfectly with mine suddenly i hear a crash its dan i turn to him his face pale what have i done ''phil i need to go''i say my eyes welling up.why why me i dint mean to hurt dan what do i do now?
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