radio scarlett

i walked into my dads office .''hi dad ''i mumbled
''hey scarlett i want to tell you that you got the radio slot you asked for'' he said.
scarlett is a 22 year old girl who is obsessed with youtubers especially dan and phil .when her dad gets her a radio show slot on radio 1 her life is changed forever.


7. seeing them

after dan had gone i called jason

(phone call)

jason:''hey scarlett where are you

luke:yeh hurry up im hungry

me:sorry ill be there soon guys i overslept and luke your always hungry

(end of phone call)

i then got a shower and put on my turqouise dms ,purple beanie ,black skinny jeans and adventure time top and ran out the door

(15 mins later)

as soon as i walk into the cafe i hear jason scream ''luke give me back my braclets''

i run over and tackle luke and grab the bracelets off him

''we getting a little bit intimate are we''luke said

''shut up luke''i replied

''no really we can kinda guess what happened with you and dan''jason told me

''what are you talking about''i replied

jason takes out his phone and shows me a tweet from phil it read

''@amazingphil omg dan just went over to scarletts flat (our new neighbour) and heard noises wtf i think he loves her it may be getting a little too intimate

5,0000retweets  14,000 favourites  --->reply''

''wtf why did he say that the noises were just dan snoring and me talking in my sleep''i replied

''well i do think dan likes you but phil loves you too''jason says

''im availible scarlett''luke says with a glint in his eyes

''never in a million years''i say back

then we order food and start matching each other with different youtubers

just a normal conversation for me i do this all the time with my youtube friends.

''when i get home phil is dressed in a suit and my lounge has become a date for two

oh no this is phils way of winning me back this is going to be a long night .


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