radio scarlett

i walked into my dads office .''hi dad ''i mumbled
''hey scarlett i want to tell you that you got the radio slot you asked for'' he said.
scarlett is a 22 year old girl who is obsessed with youtubers especially dan and phil .when her dad gets her a radio show slot on radio 1 her life is changed forever.


3. OMG

as i closed the door i was fangirling inside danisnotonfire just came to see me.

after calming down i finished my video and went to bed dreaming of Dan.

(the next day)

''so guys thx for listening to sunday scarlett we had some good music and problem advice its been a good first show dan and phils show is on next so im going to play some muse and im going to play uprising bye''. i spoke into the mic and started walking out of the studio when a boy walked through the door. he had hair like dans and deep blue eyes like the ocean.

"Umm hi phil" I mumbled 

"Hi you must be scarlett dan told me about you"he replied 

"Oh cool "I said 

Oh scarlett after the show do you want come over to our flat"he asked

"That would be awesome"I replied

A/n hey guys I'm as sorry that this is a short chapter I've been super busy I promise the

Next chapter will be longer

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