radio scarlett

i walked into my dads office .''hi dad ''i mumbled
''hey scarlett i want to tell you that you got the radio slot you asked for'' he said.
scarlett is a 22 year old girl who is obsessed with youtubers especially dan and phil .when her dad gets her a radio show slot on radio 1 her life is changed forever.


2. her


me and phil were listening to muse uprising when suddenly i heard someone talking next door

''phil'' I shouted ''im going next door''.

i walked over to the apartment next door i knocked on the door but no one answered.

''hello '' he shouted.

then the door opened i saw a girl with crimson hair and eyes as green as a summer field answer the door.

''can i help you '' she asked ''im trying to record a youtube video''. she asked

yeh i wanted to ask what your upto and introduce myself ''i replied

''oh ok im scarlett you must be dan howell''she said

how did she know who i was

''oh sorry dan i watch your videos and phils''she shouted.

''well its nice to meet you anyway your doing the show before me and phil tommorrow ''. i questioned

''yeh i am i guess ill see you there.'' she smiled

''yeh i guess ''.i replied

''ok bye dan'' she answered as she shut the door.


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