radio scarlett

i walked into my dads office .''hi dad ''i mumbled
''hey scarlett i want to tell you that you got the radio slot you asked for'' he said.
scarlett is a 22 year old girl who is obsessed with youtubers especially dan and phil .when her dad gets her a radio show slot on radio 1 her life is changed forever.


6. awakening

i woke up and noticed dan was still holding me around the waist he was still asleep he was so angelic when he was asleep

i went to get out of bed when dan pulled me back into bed and faced me

''morning beautiful''dan says running his hands through his hair he leaned overand check my phone on my desk

''oh shit phils gonna kill me we were meant to meet pj and chris an hour ago''dan shouted

he hurriedly got dressed

''sorry scarlett i gotta go''dan said to me

''dont worry im meeting jason(veeoneye) and luke(lukeisnotsexy) in an hour ill be fine''i replied

''ok i love you babe''he mumbled

''love you too''i replied

today was going to be a long day

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