Who will she fall for?
Him or ...the other guy?


3. Chapter 1, Teardrop

'Here, let me help'. A soft voice whispers from behind.

He reaches up and grabs the book ‘Teardrop’ by Lauren Kate, from the top shelf.

'Is this the one you were looking for?'

I nod.



Let me introduce myself.

I’m Hazel Hood. Weird name huh? I live alone at the moment, my best friend, Willow, moves in and out every few months. She likes to travel a lot. I’m quite short, that’s why someone had to help me reach the top shelf. I have browny - red hair and green eyes with golden flecks. My parents died when I was 13 and I lived alongside my aunty until I became of age. I’m now 19 and work part time at a fro-yo store.

I grew up in New Zealand, but moved to Australia when I was, maybe 3 or 4? I can’t remember, I have one brother, his name is Calum and he’s my everything. I couldn’t live without him.

Anyway back to the story…



‘Hey, anytime.’ He winks at me and walks away. In case you’re wondering… that was my crush. Ashton. He brushes his hand through his dusty blonde/brown hair as he walks back to his friends in the library corner. Thank god he helped me, I really needed that book for my English class and without him I would have been doomed. I'm naturally shy, so I wouldn't have been able to ask anyone, let alone him, to help. He just came to my rescue I guess.

I sigh. Why can’t I be like his friends? I mean, they’re cute, smart, straight A students and they’re popular without being stuck up and ughhhh. WHY?

I realise I’m staring and quickly look down at the book in my hands. The cover artwork is incredible. There’s a girl. I girl with a dress made of tears. Behind her are purple and blue clouds, fogging up most of the scenery. What you can see through it though, are blurry outlines of a city, London maybe.

I take my book and grab a grey beanbag, dragging it towards the wall.

Sitting down, I place my school bag next to me and open the novel.


After a few chapters, I'm totally in love. How can one author capture so much emotion in around 60 pages? In case you haven't noticed, I'm a bit of a nerd. I love books, writing, anything to do with words really. I'm writing a bit of poetry at the moment but I can't get all the words right, one day I'll figure it out.

Thunder claps echo around the library, causing a mini panic attack to go off in my chest. I give a little screech, my heart flutters, my palms get sweaty and my hands start shaking, making me loose my grip on my book, the pages fluttering together.

Great now I've lost my page.

I pull myself together and look around the room to see if anyone noticed my little episode.

Of course.

Ashton and his friends were looking around for the source of the noise... all except Ashton. He was looking directly at me. He gave a small sympathetic smile and acted as if nothing happened. Luckily, his friends did the same and once again, I was saved by the one and only Ashton Irwin.

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