Not an ordinary Cinderella Story

"Bridget! Clean my room!"
"Brigdet! By me my drinks please!"
"Get down here!!"
"Take this trash out!"
"Bridget. Please fold my laundries"
"Make my homework!"

Ah those are the sweet sound Of Chores or more like orders of my beloved Mother and Sisters. When will my life change?


2. Chapter2:Were it all started

(Fast Forward to Saturday)

"Bridget! i'll be Going to meet my friend tonight ! So I'll be out till midnight !" Georgia said while applying her make up on.

"And don't go anywhere cuz Ami and ruby will also be out tonight" she added.

What Now!!! How can I go to Cross's Party.

So I just called Becca to tell her that I won't be Able to come

(Phone Conversation )

Becca:hey bridge are you ready for the party!k

Bridget:becca you see… I can't go

Becca:what why? Le me guess Georgia right?

Bridget:oh who else duh? She said that she won't be home till midnight blah blah blah so I can't go Blah blah blah.

Becca:wait did you say till midnight ey? i've got a plan

Bridget:Really? What's that life saver?

Becca:I'll sneak you out there the moment she leave andI giggles letting go of him.


Becca: yah you owe me again okay get dressed tah tohh!

(End of phone conversation)

Yah For me told yah she's a life saver. I totally love her so after that quickly took a shower and Get dressed a picked out my pink glittery dress.

After a few minutes Georgia and The Bratties left so I immediately texted Becca and she was just waiting outside so we left and when to Cross Sanford's Party. When we arrived Cross Greeted us with a hug and told us to take a sit

And wow! The whole school was there! I mean every one at school is there. Meanwhile When the music started every body grabbed a parter and dance. Chad saw Becca he asked her to dance with him so I was left on the table alone instead watching everybody dancing I just went to the buffet table to eat. When a Guy bumped me and Ruined my Pretty pink dress!

"HEY! Watch where you're going!" He Grumbled with a bit of anger. Wow! He is so great!

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to Bump you!" I murmured sarcastically.

"You were saying?" He said with a very annoying tune.

"Oh Nothing really don't mind me" i gave him a fake smile as he walked away. He is such a dickhead.

After the music stopped The MC announced that a Famous boy band called 'One Direction' will Perform. That announcement made everyone (except for me) Jumped for joy.

When they started singing All the girls (Except for me again) gone wild. I'm really not interested in Boy bands whatsoever so I just sat down and Took my phone from my bag and played some few games when Cross sat down beside me.

"Hey! bree sorry I was too busy entertaining the guest Specially my Bratty Famous Cousin!" He Said the 'Bratty Famous Cousin' with a tune.

"Nah that's alright Happy Bday btw!"

"Thanks !" He smiled.

"Who's yer couz?"

" Harry Styles from One Direction I'd Like you to meet him after They perform okay?"

"Well I can handle Brats." I smirked.

When One Direction was done performing. Cross held me hand and lead me to the back stage.

"Hazz!" He Called the guy with curly hair. When His cousin turned around and faced us…

"YOU AGAIN!" Me and harry chorused. Ohh He's the dick-head that bumped me!

"You know each other?" Cross Asked looking a bit confused. I just Gave cross a smile and I reached out my hand to Harry.

"Hi I'm Bridget"

But all he did was to look at my hand and turned around. WOW! Just WOW!

"Sorry for that. He's kind'a rude I mean very" Cross apologized.

"I'm used to those people like I live with the 3 most Greatest persons in London" I said sarcastically. He just chuckled.

Then a blondie guy Captured my attention. I froze when I saw him. Oh such a cutie he has blue sparkling eyes and White teeth he also has braces. I was like day dreaming.

"Hi?" He Smiled. WUT! His voice brought me back to reality. omg I didn't mean to stare at him for a long time. I didn't even get a chance to say A word cuz I saw becca running towards me. Oh ! I totally forgot what time is it??!!!

"Bridge!! Lets go!" Becca grabbed my wrist and we both run to the car.

I looked at The time it was 11:50 ahhh! i took a deep breath relieved.

Finally we arrived at home it was already 11:58 I still have 2minutes so I made a run for it.

"Thanks becc!" I shouted waving my hand.

I took a pick on our window before I came in. Good thing Georgia wasn't there yet. So I went inside and run up to my room and quickly change my Stained Pink dress into my Payjamas.

And took a good night sleep.

The next day




ugh Georgia!!! Why can't I take a good sleep whenever she's Here!

"What is it mother!" I fake smiled her.

"Darling Your friend is here"

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