Not an ordinary Cinderella Story

"Bridget! Clean my room!"
"Brigdet! By me my drinks please!"
"Get down here!!"
"Take this trash out!"
"Bridget. Please fold my laundries"
"Make my homework!"

Ah those are the sweet sound Of Chores or more like orders of my beloved Mother and Sisters. When will my life change?


3. Chapter 3:wait what? Competion?

Oh that must be Becca.

So I went outside to check on her.

"Bree!" She Shouted a bit with a very excited tune.

"What's Up?"

"There's a singer competition next week and You should totally Join!!" She Exclaimed

"Me? nahh!"

"What Nahh?! Bree! Yer a Great singer !" She said copying my tune.

Okay I can sing. But I have stage fright the last time i joined in a play at school when it was my turn to sing. I freaked out on stage and made a BIG mess! From that day I swore I would never sing again on stage.

I stood frozen remembering that moment when Becca snapped me back to reality.

"ugh yer still thinking of our elem day? You can do It Bree!" She said holding my shoulder and shaking it.

"No. No. No. That ruined my childhood ! I don't Wanna ruin my whole Life and besides it's on national TV right?"

"Mmm yep But you can Do it Bridget!!! Think about it! The winner would win a new Flat in london and 10,000 Dollars!! Plus a Trip to hawaii with ONE DIRECTION!!"

Wait. Did she said a new flat? Plus 10k dollars?

"Wait what?!!!" A said a bit screaming. She nodded looking very excited.

a new flat that means If I win I can leave this prison! Okay I'm totally in!

"Becca I'm In!!" I gave her a very determined look.

"Yay im now officially yer manager" she said with a very happy tune.

I have to win this competition to win my freedom! Okay first I have to pick a very Nice song for the audition. Aha I'll sing 'Sky Scrapper' by Demi Lovato. I really love that song for some reasons. The auditions are still next week means I still have time to prepare.

I went back inside and cooked for my masters. They're so lucky I'm such a nice person. Cuz if not I might have already poisoned them.

"I'm Starving Bridget Make it faster!" Amie screamed and gave me a glare while I was cooking. "I'm Sorry Madam!" i said sarcastically. The moment I finished cooking i served them the food and we started eating.

"So how was the party dear." Georgia Asked while stuffing some rice inside her mouth. But no one answered her because everyone was busy eating. After we ate and after I washes the dishes I went back inside my room, looked the door and stared at my self in the mirror for a while. Imagining how i look like on stage. After a few minutes of daydreaming I opened my laptop and played the minus one of demi's song. When the tune started playing I also started to sing.

'Skies are crying I am watching, Catching tear drops in my hands only silence as it tending like we never had a chance do you have to make me feel like there's nothing left in me'

After a sang the first verse I felt a tear dropped from my eyes. I'm no drama queen but Whenever I sing A song I eternalize it.

But before I could finish the song. 'BRIDGET!' Georgia there she goes again. I went down to check on her I saw her fitting on some 'two piece' that disgust me. "bridget which do you think is nicer." UGHH She screamed all the way just to ask me which one looks better! Well every single one looks horrible on her. A part of my brain added which made me chuckled in silence.


"Oh sorry mother" I said emphasizing the word 'Mother'

"That pink on looks great on you it makes you look younger" I gave her a cheeky grin. Hoping that she would agree. Cuz the pink one Made her look like an adult trying to be a kid which looked even more horrible than the other outfits. She tried it on again and looked at her self in the mirror nodding. Well she fell for it.

The next day. While I was on my way to school I crashed to someone who was biking. So I fell down. Wow! Why can't I start a normal day!

HEY WATCH WERE YER GOING!" The guy who bumped me screamed. WOW! I wanted to slap him real hard but I have no time cuz i'll be late.

So I stood up and gathered my things. I checked the time in my phone. 'It's 6-....58!! What!' I told my self and suddenly ran as Fast as i could not bothering how my knees hurt. When I finally arrived at our room catching my breath I took a glance on our window. OH This is the luckiest day of my life!!!! Ms.Reasint was already there!!!! 'Okay I'm ready to get reprimanded.' i told my self as I knocked on the door.

"Oh Why are you so early today Ms.Bridget Reid?" (Insert sarcasm there) she said with her arms crossed rolling her eyes at me. With the whole class staring at me. I wanted to die in a hole right now and just diss-Appear.

Okay here's a thing about Ms.Reasint when she ask you a sarcastic question she expects you to answer.

"Umm. You see Ms.-I-"

"Enough of yer excuses Ms.Reid. sit down!" Ms.Reasint bellowed immediately making me take a seat.

I sat down my usual sit next to Cross and Becca. After class I went to becca's house. To rehearse.

"Bridgeeet! YOU ARE GONNA WIN I SWARE!" She said with a very excited tune. You know what I love the most about Becca is that she's that one person who believes in me.

"Don't be too excited! We're still practicing for the audition"

"Yah but The next day You'll be practicing for the Finals!" She said holding my cheeks.

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