Perfect Inconveniences

Ali Cross is different. She can see and hear things that other people can't. Communicating with the dead is only the beginning. Will she ever find a place where she belongs?


8. Tunnels

OKAY GUYS!! So my facts about the red mountain aren't 100% accurate, probably not even 25%. I know nothing about it and my researching skills suck.. So I apologise. Any ways, hope you like this chapter. Ill see you later my lovely readers xx



"This is it, the Red Mountain, its...bigger than I imagined." Josh said in awe as we approached the huge gates leading onto the hiking path. The mountain itself was absolutely gorgeous, not as red as I thought, but it was still stunning. The park was currently closed so Josh and I went around until we found a way in, it isn't as secure as some people might like to think. Walking up the path, I see a shadow over to my left, leading into a thick part of the forrest.


"Do you see that!?" If Josh didn't see it, then its probably that mysterious person that showed my the way earlier. Which, by the way, Im hoping it was.


"Did I see what, I don't see anything other than mountain." He laughs, Im not sure if it was suppose to be a joke or anything, but I just laugh along with him for a little to make him happy.

'Its mee' Shivers went down my spine and the hairs on my arms stand up, creepy much. 

"You know, you don't have to be so creepy. Just come and she me yourself, frankly, anything would be better than that freaky shadow." I cross my arms over my chest and release a short huff. 


'trust me, you don't want to see my face, or body, for that matter..Now, follow me.'

It flashes across to my left again, my head instantly snaps in that direction.


"Come on Josh, this way." I do the whole superman thing, one arm in the air and the other on my hip. 


"You know, I really hope I get used to that, its don right freaky" He laughs and shudders a little. 

'You know, I'm slightly insulted that he doesn't think Im freaky..' Blabs, haven't heard from him in a while..


"You know Josh, Im with Blabs on this one, sorry." 


We continue walking for about an hour, deep into the forrest and quite high up on the mountain. Its breathtakingly beautiful up here. The birds fly by and chirp, dancing with each other and having the most amazing time. Flowers that blossom in the most extraordinary colours, swaying in the gentle breeze. I wish we could stay here forever, not having a worry in the world, safe and free. if only we weren't on the run and this wasn't a tourist park.. Life would be great.


'Theres a trap door just up here. That is where I leave you, you will have no voices or shadows in there to help you. This is all a test, if you pass, you will live in freedom for the rest of your lives. If you fail, they will not hesitate to kill you. You will have to answer questions and turn the way the that lights up. It is testing you, your willpower, courage and strength. Good luck and I might see you on the other side. Until then, goodbye.' And with that long and complicated piece of information, the mysterious shadow was gone.  


"Theres a trapdoor around here, we need to find it and answer questions" We started rummaging around in the fallen leaves soon finding a small wooden door, lifting it up there looks to be a strait drop, reaching my hand inside I find a ladder. Thank God.


"Say goodbye to Blabs for a while, we'll be on our own down there. You ready" Josh nodes and heads down the ladder first. 


There are cobwebs everywhere, this mustn't be used very often, I wonder how this whole thing is going to work.


We reach the bottom and walk strait reaching something that, if it were in a house, would be the living room. It had no furniture and its walls and floor were dirt, somehow though it just seemed like the right place to be. 


'How did you get here?' I fought mr shadow guy said that there wasn't any communication down here? What the hell? 


"Don't worry Ali, I heard it too, there must be a speaker or something." Well that was a relief..


"A shadow lead us here, it said something about there being others like us, so we followed it" Im talking a lot, but who doesn't talk a lot when they're nervous?


One light suddenly flashes in one of the twi tunnels that I have now only just noticed and if I weren't looking strait at it in the pitch blackness, I wouldn't have seen it. We head down that way, the corridor is long and narrow, only just wide enough for the two of us to fit in together.


"Well that was easier than I thought" Josh said while squeezing my hand. For some reason, I thought that question would be the least of our worries, that was a simple test there will be harder ones to come..It is testing you, your willpower, courage and strength.. The shadows voice pops into my head and instantly I know, this is about to get a whole lot harder than 'How did you get here..'

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