Perfect Inconveniences

Ali Cross is different. She can see and hear things that other people can't. Communicating with the dead is only the beginning. Will she ever find a place where she belongs?


10. The Final Test

'This is the final test. We will invade your mind and thoughts, rummage through your darkest secrets. If you can keep us away from them, you will pass. This is a test of your mental strength. After assessment, you will be categorised into a colour, depending on how strong you are. Then, you will be lead into our home, accepted into our way of life and the safety and security that we provide. No one will find you, no one will come looking, you will be dead to the outside world, becoming nothing but another shadow that once walked the face of the earth. Your test begins now..'


(Josh's POV)

Theres a sharp pain inside my head and I fight to keep it at bay. I can literally feel it going through my every thought and deepest fantasies. Its throwing random memories my way, some of good times with Ali and others of the horrible things my father did to me. I squeeze my eyes shut and try to focus on the one thing that has ever made me happy. Ali. 


The day we first met, it was like she just read my mind. Wait. Dammit she did read my mind, all of those times she did! Although if she hadn't, I wouldn't even be here or had had all of those amazing times, just laying on her bed, her snuggled in my arm being all cute, while beating the crap out of me at video games. Damn she's cool. Way to cool for me, I don't even know why she likes me or what I have that some handsome jock doesn't, well, apart from blabs.. But I don't think that counts..

The way she smiles when she's happy and even when she's sad, just to make me smile. She's so selfless and amazing. The emotion that is in her eyes never ceases to amaze me, especially when that emotion is directed at me. I love her, and once she turns 18, Im going to ask her to marry me. She is my one and only, Ive never felt anything like this before, never felt so loved and cared for. Never felt so..accepted and loved. She is my rock, my soul and owns all of my heart. I will never let anything happen to her, I would die before I let someone even touch a hair on her head. 


(Ali's POV) 

Josh is on the ground shaking, I don't even think he realises.. I wonder how he's going, is it tough, painful, emotional? His eyes are squinted shut, and it looks like he is in pain. I hope he's okay. 


Soon enough though, he stands up and looks at me, grabbing my hands. He pulls me into a tight hug and begins squeezing the crap out of my (Not literally though. Ew.) "Your turn Al. Its not too bad, just block it out. We'll get there." 


Now I'm the one on the ground squeezing my eyes shut while it feels like a knife is penetrating my brain. I scream, the pain is unbearable and I don't know what to do.. 

My memories flood my vision, everything hat happened while I couldn't see or hear. All those times my nanny told me to be strong or my father demanded that I wake up and stop wing so weak. My mother being adamant not to give me the medication that the doctor said I so desperately need, just for the sake of the environment. All the times with Josh, my amazing boyfriend and all the things I can see in his mind when someone says the word 'father' or 'dad'

God I love him, I honestly don't know what I would do without him. Probably worry myself sick..


A memory pops into my head. It looked like I was only about two or three. I was at my grandma's farm, before she died. We were sitting on a trough letting the cutest little rabbit have a drink. My face is suddenly in the water and I can't breath. The water attacks my lungs and I struggle to get free, the only person around at the time was my grandmother. But she wouldn't, would she? 
My face got lifted out of the water and I lay there motionless, the weld inside my eyelids going shiny and white. A picture of a little boy pops into my head. He only looks to be about five, he has shaggy brown hair thats dripping and sparkling with water. 'Come on sis, its not too bad up here. Its fun really, lots of lollies!' he laughs and jumps around me. I squeeze my eyes tighter, trying to get the picture out of my mind. Once the picture was gone, I was able to open my eyes once again.


Josh stands there with a worried expression. "You okay, you were screaming!"


"I had a brother...My grandmother tried to kill me.."


I was cut off by that magical voice. 'Young man, you are a green, relatively strong with a good resistance. And you, girl, are a red. High resistance and extremely strong. Your brain is strong and hard to penetrate. You will both be useful to our society.' 


A light flashes and the whole tunnels appear in front of us, theres a ladder at the end. We reach the ladder and the voice comes back. 'Take the ladder. Welcome to Lenatopia..'


At the top of the ladder there is another trap door. As I open it, I gasp at what I see and where will will now be living...

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