Perfect Inconveniences

Ali Cross is different. She can see and hear things that other people can't. Communicating with the dead is only the beginning. Will she ever find a place where she belongs?


2. The Call?

Sitting on the plush orange comforter thats covering my queen sized bed, I debate whether or not to call Josh. I look at the scrunched up piece of paper and the little winky face and smiled.

I look around my room. At my big fluffy yellow rug that covers a quarter of my room, my big white desk with my mac and a photo of myself with my mum and dad resting on the wall behind it. My yellow tall boy that has my many clothes in it, my tall mirror leaning to the right of my door. And multiple pictures that I have taken over the years hanging up on the walls in a variety of different colourful frames. On the wall in front of my bed, I have a large TV, a playstation 3 and underneath that there is a shelf full of different video games, theres also a shelf under that filled with CDs. Typical 17 year old girl aye?


I pick up my phone from my night stand and look at the paper once again. Slowly punching in the numbers, I look at the screen for a few seconds before deciding to click call..


"Hello?" Came Josh's deep voice on the other end of the line. I smile and forgot everything that I though I was going to say..


"Er.. Hey Josh, its um Alison from history class?" I get really awkward and try to think of something to say, but all the words just come tumbling out of my mouth at a fast pace.


"Oh hey? Umm sup?" He seems surprised that I actually called. I don't know why he would be surprised, its not like I'm popular of very pretty. I don't see what the big deal is.. 


I look around my room. Theres nobody here, not another soul. Not even my nanny, she only comes every third day. So I was home alone until Monday and thankfully, today is Saturday, so I can just be the manliest slob I can possibly be. 


"Umm I was wondering if you maybe wanted to come chill? If your not busy that is.." Holding my phone in-between m shoulder and head, I twist my fingers, effectively cracking them-something I do when I'm nervous.


"Um yeah sure! That'd be cool as! Umm text me your address and I'll be there in twenty?" Smiling at his response I reply with a quick 'Yeah okay, see you later!' I hang up and text him my address. 


Rushing downstairs and shoving a frozen pizza in the oven, I look down and sigh. "And I look like a hobo." In my baggy sweatpants and a baggy sweater Im not really in the best clothes to be seen by, well anyone. Rushing back upstairs and changing into an Imagine Dragons tank and tucking that into a pair of plain black leggings. "I guess thats slightly better." I turn around and look to see if my tank is lumpy in my leggings. Last thing we want is a lumpy butt. 




Our loud jingly doorbell rang and I rush back downstairs again, almost falling over the last step and face planting. Flinging the door open I immediately spot Josh in a pair of sweats and a white T that showed his well defined muscles. Wow.


"HEY!" I jump up and from my awkward crouched position, I don't know why I was still crouching but what happened happened.


"Hey" He smiles at me and I gesture for him to come inside the house. He takes a step inside and gapes. "This is where you live?!" He walks around the lounge room staring at everything that there was to see. Walking up to him and grabbing his wrist, I pull him upstairs and into my bedroom. 'Holy shit she's taking me to her bedroom?! What are we going to do in there? Oh my God oh my God. Shit calm down Josh, do you wanna sweat out a pool in front of her?'

Its not like I want to listen to his thoughts, I just didn't sleep well last night and its quite tiring blocking them all out. So I just let them flow into my brain and out, not really paying attention to any of them. "Josh. Calm down, my rooms the only one that a TV. Thats all, stop freaking out" I chuckle at him and open the door into my room. Once again, he gapes at my massive room, heading strait over to my collection of CDs and PS3 games. Running his fingers along them as he looks. The oven dings and I turn towards the door "Make yourself at home, I'll be back in a bit!" With that, I rush out f the room, grab the flipping hot pizza out of the oven, slicing it as fast a physically possible and rushing back upstairs. 


"I like your music. Didn't take you as the type to listen to Linkin Park though." HOT DAYMN! She listens to some amazing music! Dude she is like PERFECT for you! You should seriously do something about that! 


"Pick a CD and a game yeah?" He picks out COD- obviously! and my Linkin Park Recharged CD. While he put cod in my playstation I put on the CD. 



(Josh's POV)


I tell the voice in my head to shut up. Sure, Ive liked her since middle school, but its not like I could do anything about it.

Theres a voice inside my head. Its been there for as long as I can remember, it speaks to me and knows things that it can not possibly know. Its like theres this other person, watching everything I do and everything around me, telling me whats happening or is about to happen. It insists that his name is Lenard, I prefer blabs. It blabs a lot so it makes sense. 'Bloody hell mate ASK HER OUT FOR GODS SAKE!' It screams inside my head and I immediately wince at the insufferable sound. But knowing blabs, he wants me to answer him and if I don't, he'll just keep on going.. 'God dammit blabs! I hardly even know her, well she hardly knows me.. Maybe when we get closer. If she can stand being around me for that long.'


Turning around, I see her comfortably seated on her bed with two remotes in her hands. She pats the other side and smiles at me, holy shit, she wants me to sit next to her, on her bed. She tosses one of the remotes to the side and music starts playing. Not some cheesy romantic music but rock, amazing amazing rock. I awkwardly shuffle over to her bed, I look down and she just smiles at me. Cautiously, I sit down and she tosses me a controller. We start the game and damn is she good. I take a spot in the most perfect sniper spot and wait for someone to come into my sight. Got her. I shoot her down and she softly punches my arm and laughs. "First one to ten wins?" I offer and she readily agrees. 


"Haha paybacks a bitch aint it!" She laughs when she catches me off guard and stabs me. 


She ended up winning 10 to 7. I didn't expect her to be as good as she was. So the rest of the day was spent just talking. It wasn't the usual meanness girl talk, it was interesting, what she wants to be when she's older, what her parents do and other stuff about her life. When it came to my turn, she was understanding when I didn't want to talk about my home life and quickly changed the subject to something easier for me to answer like if I had any tattoos and awkwardly asked if she could see them. They were all on my back and chest and without thinking, I took my shirt off..

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