Perfect Inconveniences

Ali Cross is different. She can see and hear things that other people can't. Communicating with the dead is only the beginning. Will she ever find a place where she belongs?


11. Our New Home.

Cobblestone paths decorate the ground, surrounded by the greenest grass I've ever seen. Trees line the paths, their golden leaves rustling in the wind, a few falling down in the process. A few cottages are nestled around here and there and there are people walking the streets, smiling and laughing. Children's laughter can be heard and the creeks and squeaks of a playground too. 

"Wow.." Josh and I stand there in awe at the magnificent site around us. We are somewhere we've never seen, heard of or even thought existed. Its an entirely different world..


"Congratulations, you have passed the tests and are now welcome to join our society. You will get your coloured bands later and will wear these whenever you go outside you own home. Your house is just down there" He points to a paint little cottage to our left. "There will be a ceremony in about an hour, to commemorate your arrival. There will be a bell, when you hear that sound, go over there to the the podium. Until then, walk around, get yourself comfortable and get to know the people. Folks around here are really quite nice. OH by the way, Im the sherif, sherif Howard. Even supernatural people need some type of law." He chuckles and walks away, leaving Josh and I to stare in awe at where we will now be living. 


This place is perfect, all of the house exteriors are exactly the same but the insides are completely different. Our house is white on the inside, with little furniture. Walking around the market area, we find that its basically the equivalent to a mall, just, in a small village type place.


We also met our neighbours, on the left, we had Ronda and Harry and their two beautiful kids, Alicia and Jason. Both little cuties. and on the other side we had Ralph, a lonely old man with nobody to talk to. He was quite nice really, but I had a feeling that he was the type of person that all the kids were afraid of..


Too soon for my liking, the bell rang. We followed the crowd to the podium and met sherif Howard there. 


"Now everybody, we got some new folk coming to live with us." everybody cheers and claps, happy to see some new faces. "You might have seen them wandering around and  you may have even met them. I want you all to treat them like family. Now get up here guys and Ill give you your coloured bands, once I do, please step up the the microphone and introduce yourself." He hands Josh a green band and me a red. 


"You go first" Josh says to me and I smile, giving him a small peck on the lips. The crowd awes and I blush.


"Hi everyone, Im Alison Cross, you can call me Ali if you'd like. Im 17 and I can read thoughts and see and hear ghosts and shadows. I hope I can fit into your society and ways of life. Thank you, we've finally found a place where we belong."

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