Perfect Inconveniences

Ali Cross is different. She can see and hear things that other people can't. Communicating with the dead is only the beginning. Will she ever find a place where she belongs?


3. Its a walk in the park

(Alison's POV)


Scars covered his back, they different in size from only tiny to ones the size of my index finger. I gasped quietly, wondering how someone could do this to this amazing boy. Then I looked at his tattoos, they were in the spaces between the scars. He had a total of four amazing tattoos. The first was a tree of life with birds flying from the top of it, it was about the size of my hand and was incredibly detailed. The second was a crucifix with points coming off the ends, it wasn't very big but it was beautiful. There was a sentence and if it was on his chest, it would be right in front of his heart, it read; 'Nothing is pure in life, nothing is everlasting. The pain will flea and love with prevail.. In time, love will always win.' It was beautiful but the last one was absolutely breathtaking. It was two golden cogs that were conjoined and when he took a breath or released one, it looked like they were moving. I traced my hand over the perfect looking cogs, and he tensed under my touch. "They're amazing" I sighed. They held so much meaning, I didn't know what the meaning was but I hope one day he'll trust me enough to tell me..


"Thank you" He sighed and I took my hand away, he quickly put his shirt back on.


"What for?" Curiosity got the better of me, but it seemed like a harmless question. 


"Not asking" An awkward silence over took us and I couldn't take it anymore.


"Will you come with me to get a tattoo?" That was probably the fastest I have ever spoken and Im not even sure if he completely understood what I said. Apparently though, I was wrong. 


He turns to face me, with his eyebrows up in surprise. I stare at his lip ring and damn do I want to suck on that lip.. Wait! What the hell am I thinking?! I can't have a relationship! I wouldn't do that to anyone. Not a good idea Alison. "What do you want done?" He asks, my eyes immediately shoot up to his and I have no idea what Im going to say. Ive always wanted a cross, like an x, on my finger but I can't get too close to Josh, for his own good..


"Oh, um never mind. It was a stupid thing to ask, I'm sorry." He nodded slowly and walked out the door.


"I'll call you later, maybe we could hang out again sometime?" And he was gone. Just walked away. Looking out my window, I saw him look left but walk right and then turn back and walked to the left. It was like something was telling him to go that way, like he was a puppet on an invisible string.


I was woken up by my phone ringing, who the hell rings someone at 9am on a Sunday morning. "Hello?" 


(Josh's POV) 


Thats it! Im calling her! I click the number on my phone and after a few rings, an annoyed sounding Alison answered with a slightly groggy 'Hello'


"Hey! Alison! Its Josh. Er.. I was wondering if you maybe wanted to uh do something today. With me?" 

'Smooth, your just so damn smooth Josh. Why do I have to be stuck in your brain. Why couldn't I have been lucky enough to get stuck in a smart persons head?' I swear I will one day stab my brain.. But, blabs was right, I like her and I'm a blubbering idiot when I talk to her. 


"Yeah sure, that'd be cool" She answered. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! Okay, so what am I going to say now, shit, I have no idea what to say! 


"Oh cool! Um I'll be by your house in 20?" I run a hand through my hair and look at my reflection. I just needed to get out of the house, my dad came home wasted last night and beat the shit out of me. God only knows why, but he must have been pretty out of it because he's still passed out on the couch. 

I grab my makeup-I know what your thinking; Oh my god he wears makeup!? Well wouldn't you if you were in my situation? Wouldn't you want to forget that you have to live with a monster for the next year? Well I do. So I cover my visible bruises as best I can. Nobody knows what my father does, last thing I want is for people to find out and put me wherever the hell they would put me. 


After fixing myself so I look slightly decent, I walk out the door and down the road. Its a short-ish walk from my house to Alison's and since I don't have a car, I just walk everywhere. When I reach her door, I take a deep breath and knock three times. A few minutes later the door opens and Alison smiles at me. She looked stunning, as usual. She was wearing shorts with a baggy sweater over the top. Her hair was down exposing her wavy brown hair. "Hey Alison!" I smile and she gestures inside. "Do you wanna come in. Oh, and call me Ali" I smile and shake my head. She steps outside and closes the door behind her. 


We start walking, not saying anything and not going in any set direction. Her hand brushes mine and I instantly have to fight back a smile. 'Do it man! Just man up and hold her hand! Make a move! She might not pull away' 


As if hearing the voice inside my head, she slowly interwinds our fingers. My eyes open wide of their own accord and I look at her. She turns to look at me and just smiles, looking down at our hands. I smile back, no longer able to hold it in.


This might sound absurd but I think, even after such short time, I think I have fallen for her. I think I love Alison Cross. Its stupid because someone like her, someone so perfect, would never fall for someone like me. Someone so damaged that their therapist actually gave up on them. Someone that is so insecure and scared of the future. Someone that bares the scars I do, not just physically but emotionally too. Someone who can't deal with his own thoughts let alone someone else's. Someone like me. I want her to like me and I want to tell her about blabs, but what if she gets scared and runs away? What if she tells someone and I get put in an asylum? I'll tell her one day..


I must have staring at our hands for longer than I though because the next thing I know, Im on the ground with Ali standing above me with one hand over her mouth and the other waving in front of my face. 


"Oh my God are you okay?!" She extends her hand and I take it, standing up.


"Yeah, Im fine." I wipe the dirt off myself and smile at her. "Did I get it all?" She seems to know what I meant. She smiles and shakes her head, licking her thumb and wiping some dirt off my cheek bone. Her thumb caresses my cheek and her hand cups my chin, the urge to kiss her right now is insane, but I couldn't do that to her. 


She suddenly gasps and furiously starts rubbing my cheek, gently but still forcefully. I wince in pain and realise that she rubbed the makeup off my bruise. "What the hell happened?!" She looked at me with wide eyes, concern clearly written on her face.


"Its nothing." I brushed her off, not wanting to talk about it. ​'Don't tell her, she can't know that your father did this to you. She wouldn't want you if she knew you were damaged.' 


She gasped again. "Your father did this to you!?" She looked me right in the eye "How the hell could someone do that to you. You don't deserve begin treated like that.." She brushed my cheek again and something suddenly hit me.


"How did you know it was my father?" She looked shocked and took a step back.


"Its nothing, you don't wanna know." I looked down and when I looked up at her she had taken a step towards me, wrapping her arms around me. I wrapped my arms around her too and I have never felt so safe before. Never felt so love, she smelt amazing, like sandalwood and lavender, I put my head in the crook of her neck and just relished in the niceness that she has shown me. 


But something kept wandering around in my mind. How did she know?




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