We are the insanity.
I am insane.
Stuck in a place where society holds reign,
I swear on my mental health I will not change.


5. The Alley

Chapter 5: The Alley



Before me is a circle of chanting people. I spot a person with green hair that stands up in tall spikes, and another with huge white spools in her ears. These people must be part of the Insanity.

As I walk closer, sharp rocks stabbing the soles of my feet, I notice two moving figures in the center of the circle. The crowd makes excited noises as a sickening crack comes from one of the figures. I see Chris flinch, then cover his mouth. The ring of people part as three individuals walk towards us, holding an unmoving body.

I catch the eye of all three. They stop and give me a respectful nod, then move into a lean-to and start performing what I presume is first aid. It's almost scary how well they hid it, seeing how it was literally in plain sight and I missed it.

Chris stares at it for no more than two seconds before he pulls me along to join the crowd. They choose people to stand in the center after the victor leaves, and I realize something.

One person is short and scrawny, and the other tall and big. They don't choose fairly. Everything that happens here is completely random. I swallow hard. I hope they don't see us.

The fight is over in less than a minute, after the brute gives the small, almost childish looking man a quick, open-palmed smack to the side of the head. There was no way he'd win, it was obvious from the moment the two were chosen. Suddenly, the referee points to the back of the crowd. At me.

The people around me cheer and laugh, pushing me on. I am short and lean, like the other guy. And, like the last fight, I am paired with a massive woman with burgundy hair and a terrible-looking combo of black spools above her nostrils and a ring on the bridge of her nose.

I shudder at the pain she must've gone through, and then remember she will crush me if I don't think of a plan. I size her up. About three feet taller than me, and her shoulders are about four times wider than mine. But her largeness isn't just bone. It's not muscle, either. It's fat. That will have an effect, right?

The ref. blows his whistle before I am quite ready, and the woman charges at me. I roll to the left, and she hits the brick wall behind where I was standing.

Okay, look for weaknesses.

She doesn't seem to be able to move her hands to her back, so that's where I go. I run until I am a foot away from her swaying back, and I jump.

I land about halfway up, and use her shirt to pull myself up to her shoulders I wrap my arms around her neck and squeeze.

She makes a gurgling noise, and paws at my pale arms. I move them to her nose. My hand brushes her piercing. I get an idea.

Biting my lip, I move my hand to right between her eyes, grab the ring, and pull.

The ring comes out, bringing her skin with it. I almost gag as two inches of all three layers of skin tears off of her face. She screams so loud that I to have to cover my ears and stares at her hands after touching her nose and they come away coated in red. I pocket the ring after shaking the flesh off of it and pound my fists on the ears of the beastly woman. She screams louder, but I continue to hit her ears.

She starts running, trying to shake me off. I hold onto her shirt to stay on as I am thrown from side to side. My grip loosens, and as she stops suddenly, I am tossed over her head.

I land on my back on the gravel and all if the air in my lungs is pushed out. I lay there, eyes wide and breathing heavily, as the heavy lady staggers back, trying to stop the bleeding. She accidentally pushes one of the spools into her nose and it plugs one of her nostrils. Her pace slows, and she falls onto her knees.

I watch her, as my vision begins to blur, fall to her knees, then fall onto her face on the other side of the alley.

I lay my head down and let darkness consume me.


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