We are the insanity.
I am insane.
Stuck in a place where society holds reign,
I swear on my mental health I will not change.


2. Temporary Freedom

Chapter 2: Temporary Freedom



I smile, pushing on the steel grate that covers the end of the air ducts. After a forceful shove, it falls onto the roof with a loud clang. I catch it before it slides completely off the roof and falls on the freshly trimmed grass below.

Then I look up. Where there used to be a city, there was a barren wasteland. The perfect grass comes to an abrupt stop and turns into baked sand in a circle around the asylum.When I crawl onto the metal roof, I turn around and my eyes widen.

A more futuristic-looking city stands before me. A path of grass leads to it from the asylum.

"Chris. Is this the reason we are here? What's going on?" I whisper, staring in awe at the scene that went on in front of me. The new city is busier than a bee-hive. Floating vehicles zip around the tallest metallic buildings and little specks which I assume are people move in swarms about the ground.

My head feels light and I fall backwards into Chris.

"What's happening?"

"I don't know." I feel his breath in my hair, which straightens out my brain a little.

"Let's go."

"Where?" Chris asks, confusion evident in his voice.

"To the city, and find out what happened," I reply and run across the roof, my bare feet making muffled taps on the shingles.

Another strange thing- are mental hospitals not supposed to be big white squares made of metal? Then again, they aren't supposed to keep sane people there either. Nor put two 'insane' people in the same room.....

I'll have to ask Chris about that last one sometime.

I jump off the roof onto the grass, not thinking. Surprisingly, instead of me going SPLAT! On the ground below, I bounce. Instead of instantly dying, I stop about an inch from the little green spears of vegetation, am lifted roughly, and start bounce-tumbling away from the building in which I was held captive for three years.

I hear Chris laughing behind me as we bouce-tumble closer to....a fence! How stupid can I be? Of course there's a fence. But, before I have time to think of a way to avoid hitting my face on metal, I bounce over it, followed by Chris.

Suddenly we stop, and I face-plant into something hard and rough.

"Lira, are you okay?" I heard Chris ask behind me, his feet making weird squelching noises in the rubbery grass. I can't reply though, because the pain in my face is unbearable. Chris makes his way over to where I have flopped and I feel his arms surround my waist. As he lifts me into a standing position, I become aware of my bleeding nose. Along with it, I notice that where my blood had smeared on the ground, it was slowly sinking into the weird green stuff around me. Where the grass used to be green and blood-spotted, it became a deep crimson.


Chris turns me so that I'm facing him.

"Lira, you alright?" He asks again, eyebrows raised.

"Y-yeah." I breathe, wiping my nose on the sleeve of my thin shirt. It never really needed to be warm, since they always kept my room the perfect temperature. His neck is at my eye level, so I take a moment to stare at a thin silver chain around it.

"What's this?" I inquire, gently touching it with my finger.

"N-nothing," Chris panics and backs away from me.


"Let's get to the city, yeah? It's getting dark out." He destroys any chance of me saying a single thing about the matter of his mysterious necklace and gestures to the sky. I would've enjoyed its beauty -a mix of bright oranges, purples, pinks, yellows, and more, as if someone was given a palette of warm colors and was told to paint blindly- if I wasn't thinking about that stupid necklace.

"Kay," I huff and start speed-walking. It wouldn't be long until complete darkness engulfed the entirety of us, the city, and the remains of the previous city.

Weird, how an entire city could be wiped out and replaced by a completely new, advanced one in four years.

Maybe, just maybe, I was in the asylum longer than I thought.


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