We are the insanity.
I am insane.
Stuck in a place where society holds reign,
I swear on my mental health I will not change.


3. Obstacles

Chapter 3: Obstacles



As I approach the city I begin to notice a shimmery sort of thing in front of me. I shrug it off, deciding it is just the sunlight messing with my eyes. Although, I find out it is more than that when while I am walking, my foot moves in front of me to take a step, and gets burned. Not to mention the fact that I am thrown backwards by some unknown force.

"What the hell?" I scream, now on my back and holding my scorched foot. I'm not even wearing shoes, so a huge hole in my sock is revealing all of my pale toes. The edges of the hole are black and crispy, with the occasional orange glow here or there. Chris starts examining where I touched, carefully poking random spots that shimmer with a blade of 100% fake grass that melts instead of burning.

"Force field." He frowns, then helps me up and starts walking. We walk for hours on end, trying to find a way into the city to no avail. However, just as we are about to give up and dig holes to sleep in, we see a huge black polygon against the remainder of the harsh orange sun.

As we move closer, I make out a massive platinum vehicle that resembles a slug. Smoke rises into the sky from a curvy tube on top, curling and slowly dispersing into the cool air. The machine moves through the force field at a painfully slow rate. By the time it moves through what appear to be gates, the sky is black as soot and is flecked with stars that twinkle like silver glitter.

Chris and I cautiously approach the gates. Sure, the complete black over everything hid us, but the rubbery grass did not. The unnatural squelching would give us away if not careful. Soon, we were standing in front of the massive obsidian-coloured gates. Looking at them straight on, the giant doors resemble a demon. Sharp metal spikes jut out from the top of the doorway like teeth. The shadows cast from the carved grooves make it seem like empty sockets are watching me.The top corners of the gate twist and end in long, sharp points that could easily impale a human. Not exactly the kind of thing that makes you want to sneak through and see what it hides. Alas, there are no other options, so me and Chris form a plan.


"So, we'll get on the underside of one of those things," Chris points to one of the slug vehicles that seem to keep coming in an endless stream through 'Hell's Gates' as I decide to call the demon doors, " and ride through. As soon as we get in, we bail and check out the city. Sounds good?" Chris whispers and I nod thoughtfully. Seems alright........for now.


I am crazy. Absolutely CRAZY. The slug vehicles take hours to get through Hell's Gates, and the underside of the it burns my hands to the point where I have to crawl to a spot just above the tire. And, after getting first degree burns all over my body, it is time to bail. I tumble out of the undercarriage, scraping my now bare knees, and face. Chris lands beside me, gasping for breath.

"Jesus it's hot in there." He pants, wiping the sweat from his forehead. And although the slug thing was like getting cooked alive, the outside air is like being tossed into a freezer. My head begins to pound , and I realise how important it is to get into the city.

"Chris, lets go." I swallow and stand up way too quickly, just to fall over again. On my second attempt I succeed, but require the support of Chris' shoulder. "Th-thanks." I breathe, then start walking ahead of him, in a hurry to reach the futuristic civilization.

We decide to sleep in an alley. The city was practically dead, so we decided it was best to explore in the morning, when we were rested and more people were milling about. Except, these people wouldn't know that there are two insane escapees of the mental asylum hiding in their city.



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