We are the insanity.
I am insane.
Stuck in a place where society holds reign,
I swear on my mental health I will not change.


1. Innocence

Chapter 1:Innocence



"Mom! Don't let them take me away!" I scream, vision blurred by tears. She does nothing except stand there, waiting as the men in clean white coats put me in in the back of a van. I am away to somewhere I do not belong. Somewhere that would ruin my life.


That was years ago. About four. I am now eighteen. That's right, I was taken away when I was fourteen to live in a mental asylum of all places. I'm not crazy. I'm swear I'm not. I did nothing, and I don't understand.

Let's start with a little bit about me. My name is Lira. Not Leera, Lira. I spend every day in a mental asylum, locked up in a cushioned room, restrained by a straight jacket. I'm not even insane, but they took me away anyways.

I see the white iron door open. A tall man in a long coat (which again is a pristine white. Seems to be a trend around here) walks in and starts talking.

"Lira. Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. "

"Don't talk to me like a child. I'm not scared of you. I want you to get me out of here- I'm not even insane!" I spit at him and narrow my ice-blue eyes. He looks at me in the same way.

"Lira. It's okay. No need to be frightened." He says, reaching a hand out towards me. I move away from it.

"How many times do I have to tell you? My brain is working perfectly fine! Respect that! Do you not understand English?" I hiss. He used the same voice and tried again. I push myself farther away from him and start knawing on the leather straps of my straight jacket. I'm half-way through the first one already.

Another man walks in and they both crouch in front of me.

"Lira? Can you tell me why you're here?" The new one asks.

"I don't even fucking know! I was taken away when I was fourteen! Ask yourself, you were the one who put me in here!" I seeth, and turn my head away. I remember his face from that day. He looked determined when he tossed me in that horrid van.

"Lira. Why. Are. You. Here?" He tries once more.

"Damn you." I turn around to face the wall. The two men give up and leave, so I start attempting freedom from my straight jacket once more. By the time I chew through the first strap, around six hours have passed.

Not to mention that my gums are bleeding, filling my mouth with the damn red stuff.

A boy who is also in a straight jacket is pushed into my room, and a lady in one of the famous white coats gives us two plates of food. They were supposed to feed us, but gave up with me when I actually bit a finger off of one of the employees.

The boy's blonde-brown hair is messy and his grey-blue eyes are filled with mixed emotions.

"We are alike. We have that same look in our eyes. Confusion, hurt and anger all at once." I say and stare at him. His face turns a little red.

"Your're kinda bleeding. Everywhere." He avoids eye contact with me as I smile and laugh for the first time since I was twelve.

"Freedom comes with a price." I tell him, and lean over to take a potato in between my teeth.

"Name, age and reason for being in this hellhole?" I ask, chewing and trying to swallow the blood in my mouth with the potato.

"Um....Chris, nineteen, and I'm not entirely sure."

"Lira, eighteen, and I don't know either, but the longer I stay here, the more my sanity slips away."

"Why do you have purple hair?" He asks, and I smile at him. Most girls who say 'ombré hair is so pretty I want some so bad' never actually get it. Hypocrites. But I'm not one of those girls.

"I wasn't always in a straight jacket. When I was fifteen I dyed it. I was in here alone, so I broke the security cameras and climbed the cushions. I escaped through an air vent in the ceiling. I had gathered a lot of money that had fallen out of the pockets of the people here. So, I went to a hair salon and got my hair dyed. They found me before I had more than two hours of freedom. But, I still don't know why I'm kept under such close watch and they treat me like a baby."

Chris laughs.

"Lira, they're scared of you. First of all, they don't want you escaping. They don't think you are mentally stable. I heard them talking about you as they walked past my room.They think you are capable of murder if provoked. Here- I think this would work better." With the last part, he takes a thread on my jacket in between his teeth and pulls. Something snaps and the entire sleeve on my right arm detaches from the shoulder. My arm becomes free. It feels weird, because I hadn't moved it in so long.

"Thanks Christopher. By the way, you're really hot." I start unbuckling the thick leather straps until I'm completely free.

I look up to see that he is blushing so hard that his entire face is pink.

Thankfully, the security cameras in my room hadn't been replaced after I destroyed them.

Guess they thought it'd be alright with me in a straight jacket.

I free Chris and we stuff our faces with the rest of the food.

I start climbing up the cushions to the air vent and sit inside.

"Come on!" I tell him and start crawling through. The scent of metal and rats fill my nostrils and I start to move faster.

"Lira, what're we doing?" Chris asks from behind me.

"Escaping, Christopher."

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