Abby's friends tell her to stay away from the new boy at her school because he has a bad reputation but what happens when they have to be partners for a history project? What happens if she starts crushing on him?


20. Tattoos

I woke up facing a shirtless Cameron, he still had his arms around me. I was confused on when he took his shirt off but I put it aside. His hair was covering his eyes, so I moved it to the side. His hair was really soft so I started playing with his hair. After a while I got bored and decided to stop. "Why'd you stop?" He said in his morning voice. His morning voice made me melt. He smiled but still had his eyes closed. I didn't say anything, I tried to get up but Cam held on harder. "Where you going?" He said pulling me closer. "It's almost 10." I said. "So?" He said opening his eyes. "We should get up." "Why don't we just stay here all day?" He said still not letting go. "But I'm hungryyy." I said. "Ugh, fine." He said getting up. "Come on." He said. I got up and jumped onto his back. "I didn't say you can do that." He said grabbing on to my legs so I don't fall. "To bad." I said as he walked out the door and downstairs with me on his back. I got off his back and sat on the island table. "What do you wanna eat?" He asked. "PANCAKES." I said. "Cereal it is." He said laughing. I pouted. He gave me a bowl of cereal and a spoon. I started eating and he sat down next to me and started eating to. "Where's your mom?" I asked. "At my grandma’s house for the weekend." "Oh ok." I finished eating and put my bowl in the sink and went to the bathroom to do my business. I fixed my hair and washed my face. I walked back to the kitchen and saw that Cam wasn't there. As I was about to turn around, I felt two arms go around my waist and pick me up. I screamed but then noticed it was Cameron. He put me down and started laughing. I left him laughing and walked back to his room. I got into his bed and went on my phone. He came into his room five minutes later. He got back into his bed and I put my phone aside. "If you don't mind me asking, I wanna know about your past." I asked. "I don't think you wanna know." He mumbled. "Yea I do." I said. "Fine, about what?" "Like Chris, Jerry, the gang and yea" I said. He took a deep breath. "Chris was my only friend at my old school, but what I didn't know he was in a gang and he convinced me to join it. We started selling drugs and shootings with other gangs. One day, the drugs that Chris was supposed to be sold, were stolen. They were worth $100,000. Jerry shot Chris. I told my parents about this, my dad told the police and next thing you knew, they killed my dad. I started getting depressed and even thought about tried to kill myself. Finally my mom, sister and I decided to move here and that's when I met you." He said. I could tell he was trying not to cry. "I'm glad you’re alive babe." I said kissing him. "So wanna watch a movie?" He asked changing the subject. "Sure, mean girls?" I said. "What's with you and the movie mean girls." He said laughing and going on Netflix and putting it on. The funny thing was I watched with him so many times that he knows most of the quotes. When the movie was over, we decided to go downstairs and make lunch. "So I'm gonna get another tattoo, wanna come?" Cam asked. "Sure, when?" I asked. "Today." He said. "What time?" I asked. "In like 20 minutes." "What? I still need to get ready." I said running upstairs and grabbing my jeans and black “the 1975” shirt. I went through Cameron's closet and grabbed his red flannel and went into the bathroom and put on my clothes. I brushed my hair with my fingers and put it in a high pony tail. I walked out to see Cam frowning. "What?" I asked. "I was gonna wear than flannel today." He said still frowning, "but it looks better on you." He winked. He put on his shirt and I put on my shoes. We got into his car and left. A couple minutes later we arrived at what I'm guessing was Cameron's uncles tattoo shop. We walked in and everyone greeted Cameron. We walked to the back and saw a middle aged man sitting there. "Cameron my man! How's it going?" He, who I assume was his uncle, asked. "Hey, I'm good Uncle Jim." Cam said sitting down on the chair. "So have you decided on what you want?" His uncle asked. "I'm thinking about just getting something small, like the quote “Only time will tell…” under the wolf tattoo." Cam said. "Let's get started then." Jim said. I decided to text Nash. He replied almost instantly. (N:Nash. A:Abby) 
N: hey what's up?
A: with Cameron as he gets a tattoo, hbu?
N: watching tv. 
A: coolio
N: wanna hangout later?
A: sure, I'll come around 5?
N: ok, well I’ll see you then.
A: ok 
I put my phone in my back pocket and started looking around at the tattoo sketches. Some of them looked really nice. 
~one hour later~
Jim was finished with Cams tattoo and he was wrapping it up with bandages. "How much will it be?" Cam asked. "How it is always, free." Jim said. "Ok, hey Abby, you want anything?" Cam asked. "My parents would kill me." I said. "So?" Cam said. "So? I would be dead." I said. Jim laughed. "Come on, just get something small." Cam said. "Doesn't it hurt?" I said. "Well of course it does." Jim said laughing. "Just get something small." Cam said. "You're not gonna stop until I say yes, right?" I said. "Right." He said. "Fine, I guess I'll get something small but if my parents find out, you're dead." I said. Cam laughed getting out of the tattoo chair. "So, what'll it be?" Jim asked. "Uh how about “Veni Vidi Veci” on my wrist?” I said. “Sure thing.” Jim said getting ready to tattoo it on. “What does that even mean?” Cam asked. “I came I saw I conquered.” I said. Jim was just about to start with the ink and I quickly reached for Cameron’s hand. As he started, I squeezed onto Cam’s hand and bit my lip so I wouldn’t scream.
~Half an hour later~
“Done.” Jim said wrapping it. I looked down at it and it looked wonderful. “Thanks, how much will it be?” I said. “Free.” Jim said. “Oh come on, how much will it be?” I said. “You’re Cam’s girlfriend, so you’re like family so free.” Jim said. “Ok then, well it was nice to meet you and thanks again.” I said. “You’re welcome and see you next time Cameron.” Jim said as we walked out. “Ok, bye.” Cam said. We walked out and got into his car. “My hand still hurts since you held it so hard.” Cam said laughing. “Sorry.” I said. I saw that it was almost 5. “Cam, do you think you can drop me off at Nash’s?” I asked. “Why?” Cam asked as we stopped at a red light. “He wants to hang out.” I said. “’I don’t like when you hang out with him.” He said as the light turned green. “Why? He’s one of my best friends.” “So? Did you hear him last night? He almost called you babe and that hug probably meant more than a friendly hug.” “Are you jealous?” I said. “Why would I be? He’s just a little wimp.” He said. “Excuse me? We’re talking about my best friend here.” “The why don’t you just spend the night there.” “Are you kidding me? Just stop the car, I’ll walk.” I said. He stopped the car and I opened the door. “Don’t text or call me tonight” I said slamming the door. He took off without saying a thing. I started walking and noticed how far I was from Nash’s house. Ugh and worst of all it was freezing. I called Nash and asked if he could pick me up. “Of course, where are you?” He said. “I’m not sure, I think I’m by the old Starbucks.” I said. “Ok, I’ll be there in a bit.” He said and hung up. 

(A/N) It's one of Abby and Cameron's first fights ooooo lol but here's what Abby's tattoo looks like but higher so it's like right under her palm lol but i hope you like this (long?) chapter :)

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