Abby's friends tell her to stay away from the new boy at her school because he has a bad reputation but what happens when they have to be partners for a history project? What happens if she starts crushing on him?


8. Monday

The next day I got up and went into the bathroom and changed into my gray sweater that said "Creepin it real" in black on the front and black jeans. I put on my black converse and brushed my hair and left it down. I grabbed my phone and bag and ran downstairs to see Mahogany eating breakfast. "Mornin" She said as I grabbed a orange juice bottle. "Mornin, should we start walking soon?" I said. "Sure." She said finishing her food and putting it in the sink. I got up and we headed for the door. I opened it to see Cam about to knock. "Yes?" I said. "Do you guys need a ride to school?" He asked. "No, we're good." I said walking past him. "You sure?" Cam said walking behind me and Mahogany followed after closing the front door. "I'm sure." I said still walking. "Come on, please. It take twenty minutes to get there walking and we're already running late." Mahogany whispered. "Fine." I said. "Ok, let's go." Cam said walking over to his car and getting in. I got in the back and so did Mahogany. "You know one of you can sit up front." Cam said. "Nah, we're good." I said taking out my phone and going on twitter. "Ok." He said starting the car. In 5 minutes we reached the school. I got out and walked to my locker. "Hey Abby!" Jacob said opening his locker which was next to mine. "Hey." I said taking out my history and literacy book. "You've been hanging out with Cam alot lately. I'm telling you hes bad news." Jacob said. "I agree." Nash said walking up with Mahogany and opening his locker. "What's so bad about him?" Mahogany said. "I don't know but I'm gonna go to class now so bye." I said closing my locker. "Bye." They said as I walked away. I walked into class and sat down. The bell rang and everyone came in. Halfway through second period Cameron passed me a note. 

"Are you okay? You seemed pissed earlier~Cam." 

"I'm fine. I just want to get done with this project so I don't have to deal with you~Abby"


"Sorry if that hurt but I'm not the type of girl to get involved in drama~Abby"

"Ok, well are you still up for working on the project at your house?~Cam"

"Passing notes I see." Mrs. Pinnock said taking the note. Neither me or Cam said anything. "Detention after school here." Mrs. Pinnock said giving us a note. The bell rang and I rushed to third period aka math. I walked in and sat down next to Nash. "Hey Abby." Nash said as I sat down. "Hey." I said. "What's wrong?" Nash said. "Nothing, just a little pissed because I have detention because of Cam." I said. "Oh that sucks." He said as class started. The rest of the day went by pretty fast and once the bell rang for the end of the day I started walking to Mrs. Pinnock's classroom. I walked in and sat down. Of course Cam didn't show up. "I guess your friend Cam didn't show up." Mrs.Pinnock said. I just shrugged and took out my notebook and started drawing. A couple seconds later Cam showed up. "Oh you finally decided to show up." Mrs.Pinnock said. "Yea, yea now how long do we have to stay here." Cam said sitting down. Well his mood changed. "Two hours." Mrs.Pinnock said. I knew that Mrs.Pinnock usually leaves for half of detention and then comes back. After half an hour she left. ""Finally" I mumbled taking out my phone and I texted Mahogany. Mrs.Pinnock finally came back in an hour and broke the awkward silence. "You guys have been pretty quiet so I'm gonna let you out early." Mrs.Pinnock said. I walked out of the classroom and out of the school and mad my way home. While I was walking Cams car slowed down by me. "Get in, I'm not letting you walk and plus we have a project to finish." Cam said rolling down the window. "No, thanks." I said walking faster. "I said get in, people are starring." Cam said referring to the baseball players. "There starring at you not me and I want to walk." I said. "It takes 20 minutes to get to your house, just come on." He said. "Fine." I said getting in. "Do you wanna finish the project at my house or yous?" Cam said. "I don't really care." I said. "How about yours?" "Ok, whatever." We finally got to my house and walked in. We saw Mallory and Jack cuddled up and kissing on the sofa. "Get a room! Ugh." I said walking up the stairs. "I see that's what you two are doing." Jack said. "Shut up! We're just gonna finish up our project." I said. "Whatever floats your boat Abs." He said as I walked into my room. "Gosh." I said and Cam laughed a bit. "Ok let's do this." I said. "Oh so you wanna go there?" Cam said laughing. "Oh my goodness. Can someone I know like not have a dirty mind geez." I said taking out our work. "Ok, now to be serious, let's do this." I said. We worked for an hour and we decided to finish it tomorrow since we just had a bit left. "Bye Abby." Cam said walking out of my room. "Bye." I said closing the door. I really didn't want to get involved with him. I took a shower and changed into a black t-shirt and gray sweats and put my hair into a bun. I went downstairs and made a sandwich and sat down and watched TV until 11. I went upstairs did my usual night time routine and then went to bed.


(A/N) Kinda long since I haven't updated for ages. Sorry. Hope you liked it, bye!

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