Abby's friends tell her to stay away from the new boy at her school because he has a bad reputation but what happens when they have to be partners for a history project? What happens if she starts crushing on him?


7. McDonalds

We were driving to McDonald's and decided to ask if Mahogany wanted to come with us. I also asked her if she wanted to spend the night. She said yes to both of the ideas. We picked her up and she also brought the clothes I left at her house. We finally got to to McDonalds and walked in. "What do you guys want?" Jack asked before ordering. "I'll have a oreo mcflurry and large fries." I said. "I'll have the same." Mahogany said. "Ok, I'll order, you guys go sit down." Jack said getting in line. There was only one person infront of him but they were taking forever. Mahogany and I went and sat down at a table. "So, are you gonna tell Jacob you like him?" I asked. "No way!" Mahogany said. "Why not?" I said. "Because what if he doesn't have the same feeling towards me." She said. "Stop playing the game of what ifs! He probably likes you." "How do you know?" "He flirts with you constantly!" "Who flirts constantly?" Jack said sitting down with our food. He gave us our fries and mcflurrys. "Nobody." Mahogany and I said at the same time. "Ok whatever." Jack said taking a bite of his big mac. "So what'll y'all gonna tomorrow?" I said changing the subject. "School, ew." Mahogany said eating her fries. "Gonna go see Mallory. Haven't seen her for a month." Jack said. "Oh yea, I heard she goes to a different college." I said. "Yea." Jack said finishing his big mac and opening another sandwhich. Hes such a fatty. "So, who do you guys have crushes on?" Jack asked. "No one." I said. "Same." Mahogany said finishing her fries. "Oh come on, you gotta like some one!" Jack said again. "No one!" I said laughing. "Really?" Jack said giving me the "I know your lying" look. "I'm not lying, I don't like andyone but Mahogany does!" I said looking at her with an grin. "Oh really, who?" Jack asked. Mahogany looked me with the "I hate you so much right now!" Look. "I like Jacob but you promise to the tell anyone, ok?" "Ok." Jack said finishing up his last burger and getting up. "Let's go home." He said throwing away his trash and grabbing his coca cola from the table. Mahogany and I both got up and threw away our trash and walking out. Her and I weren't done with our mcflurrys yet. We got into the car and started driving home. Once we got home it was almost 9 and we had school tomorrow. I got into bed and soon I was asleep.


(a/n) Sorry its short and it's been forever since I've updated haha. Incase your wondering where Mahogany slept, she slept in the guest room. :) Thanks for reading, bye! 

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