Abby's friends tell her to stay away from the new boy at her school because he has a bad reputation but what happens when they have to be partners for a history project? What happens if she starts crushing on him?


4. Mall.

I woke up and saw that Nash and Mahogany were wake and Jacob wasn’t there. “Mornin.” I said getting up. “Mornin.” They said at the same time. “Where’s Jacob?” I asked. “He left because his mom back from Paris.” Mahogany said. “Oh ok, well what  do you guys wanna do today?” I said. How about we go to the mall?" Nash suggested. "Ok." Mahogany and I said. I got up and grabbed my clothes since they were already dressed and ready. I took a quick shower and dried my hair. I put on a gray tank top that said "PARADISE" in white on the front. I put on white jeans and my gray vans. I curled  my hair and walked out. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs since they went downstairs. I walked into the kitchen to see Nash and Mahogany sitting at the table while Mahogany's mom was making pancakes and bacon. Mahogany was wearing an blue, pink black and white Aztec crop top, black high waisted shorts, black wedges and her hair was straightened. Nash was wearing a black t-shirt that said "you cant sit with us" in white, blue jeans and black vans. I sat down my Mahogany and two minutes later her mom gave us each a plate with two pancakes and four pieces of bacon. "Hey mom we'll be going to the mall soon." Mahogany said. "Ok, take the key because I might be at the office." Her mom said. "Kay." After we finished we got in the car. I got in the back seat and Mahogany and Nash were in the front. "Hey is it ok if Hayes and Skylynn come because I have to baby sit them while my moms at work." Nash said starting the car and leaving the driveway. "Sure!" I said. We got to Nash's house and Skylynn and Hayes got in. Hayes put Skylynn's car seat in the middle and I buckled her in. "I like your outfit, Skylynn." I said. Skylynn was wearing a pink shirt with a horse on it, black leggings, her hair was in a pony tail and she had pink and black flats on. "Thanks!" She said smiling. "Aye, what about me? You don't like my outfit." Hayes said jokingly. "Yours is nice to." I said laughing. Hayes was wearing a white tank top and blue shorts. Nash turned on he radio and Pompeii by Bastille started playing. By the time the song ended we were at the mall. We went inside and decided to go to the Vans store first. "I like those!' Skylynn said pointing at pink horse Vans. "Well let's get them then." Nash said picking them up. "Could we get these in size 7 in kids?" Nash said to an employee. "Sure thing." The employee said going in the back. "Let's take off your shoes so we can try them on." I said as she sat down. Mahogany helped her take her shoes off. The girl came back with the shoes. "Here try them one." She said taking them out of the box. I helped Skylynn try them on and they fit her. We finished shopping and then we payed for our stuff. We each bought one pair of Vans. Next Mahogany and me took Skylynn into "Childrens Place." while Nash and Hayes went to lids. "Have you found what you like?" Mahogany asked Skylynn as she came running over hold some stuff. I laughed a bit. "Yup! I like this horse purse, this pink and purple shirt and this purple skirt!" She said handing me the stuff. "Ok, let's go buy it." I said as we walked over to the register. "Is this all your buying today?" The lady at the counter said. "Yes." I said as I took out some money. "Is this your sister?" The cashier asked. "No, shes our friends sister but shes kinda like a little sister to us to." Mahogany said. "Oh I see, well have a great day!" She said as she gave us the receipt. "You to!" Skylynn said as we walked out. As we walked out we saw Cam and Alexa a.k.a the school slut. "Ew guess he doesn't know she has herpies." Mahogany said. I laughed and then remembered Skylynn was with us but I don't think she heard what Mahogany said because she had headphones in and was listening to the frozen album on my iPhone. "Yea, nor does he know that she has a boyfriend and she just wants to ride him." I said. We both laughed. Cam looked over at us and started walking over to us and Alexa followed him. "Hey Abby and..." Cam said but Mahogany cut him off by saying. "I'm Mahogany, we haven't really met so yea." "Yea, I'm Cameron but call me Cam." Cam said. "Hey." I said. "Who are you?" Skylynn said giving me my phone back and pointing to Alexa since Cam just introduced himself and she heard. "Oh umm I'm Alexa, who are you? Are you Abby's daughter? I didn't know you got pregnant, Abby!" Alexa said smiling evily. "Ummm no!" Skylynn said putting her hands on her hips. "This is Nash's little sister, Skylynn." I said picking up Skylynn. "You two know eachother?" Cam asked. "Well duh, we do go to the same school and who doesn't know her." I said. "Look who's talking." Alexa said. I swear, I'm about to punch this bitch. "Oh by the way, how's Taylor YOUR boyfriend." I asked smirking. "You have a boyfriend?" Cam said. "No." Alexa said lying. "I'm gonna go find the boys, come on Skylynn." Mahogany said taking Skylynn from me and walking toward "Lids" "I con't believe you have a boyfriend and you still decide to ask me out." Cam said. "Abby's lying, I don't even know who this Taylor kid is." Alexa said lying again. "Oh really,so you wouldn't mind me calling him right now?" I said taking my phone out and dialing Taylor's number. I knew his number because he was my cousin. "Hello?" Taylor said answering the phone. "Hey Taylor!" I said. "Hey Abby! How's it going?" He said. "Great, Are you still dating Alexa?" I asked. "Yea and I love her." He said. I saw Cam tense up. "Well, I'm with her and the new kid Cam and she told him she was single and asked him out." I said feeling bad. I'm kinda suprised Alexa hasn't said anything. "What?" Taylor said. "Yea but Cam is feeling really ad about this and Alexa is just being the slut she is." I said. "Oh ok, well tell her I said she can go rot in hell."  "Gladly, gotta go bye!"  "Bye." he said hanging up. I looked over to Cam and Alexa and she wasn't there. "I feel really bad." Cam said running his fingers through his hair. "It's ok. I'm gonna go find my friends, you can come along if oyu want and then after we can finish up more of that history project." I said. "Sure." Cam said. We caught up with the rest and explained what happened. We shopped until like 5-6 and then went home. I went home with Cam and we started on finishing the project.


(a/n) Hope you liked it! If your wondering who Alexa is, it's Alexa Dellanos (or whatever her last name is) and ugh i hate her. Ok well, bye! :)

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