Abby's friends tell her to stay away from the new boy at her school because he has a bad reputation but what happens when they have to be partners for a history project? What happens if she starts crushing on him?


12. Late Night Adventure

We arrived at a outdoor car movie theater. Like those old ones you'd see in movies. "Come on." Cameron said getting out and sitting on the hood of the car. I got out and sat by him. The movie "Grease." started to play. "I love this movie." I said a little above a whisper. "Same." Cameron said putting his arm around me. I put my head on his shoulder and sang along when the songs came on. Once the movie ended we decided to walk around a little bit. "Do you think your parents like me?" Cameron asked randomly. "Why do you care?" I said. "I just do." "I think so, my dad said you were a nice guy and my mom barely hates anyone." I said. "Good." He said. We were on our way back and we were passing two tough looking guys. I grabbed Cameron's arm. "Damn, girl." One of them said. I gripped onto Cameron's arm harder. "Come back baby doll." Another one said. Suddenly I felt someone grab my arm and pull me to then. "Cameron!" I yelled. "Get your hands off her." Cameron sad getting closer to the guy. "What you gonna do pretty boy?" The guy said throwing me on the ground. Cameron punched him the face and tried to walk over to me but one of them kicked him. Cameron turned around and there were punches and kicks thrown at eachother until we heard sirens. Two cop cars showed up and four cops broke up the fight. The guys tried to run but two of the cops got them and cuffed them up. One cop came over to me and helped me up and another cop was talking to Cameron. "Are you okay? Do you know that boy?" The cop asked. "Yea, I'm okay and yes I know him." I answered. "Ok, he doesn't seem in the best condition. We've been trying to catch those guys forever. Good thing we caught them before anything else happened. Well have a great rest of the night." The cop said. "You too, bye." I said walking to Cameron. "You okay?" I asked. "I'm fine." He said. I helped him to the car and put him in the passenger seat and got in the drivers side. Cameron gave me the keys and I started the car and I drove home. I helped Cameron out the car and into his house. "Oh my goodness, what happened to him! I'll go get the first aid kit." Sierra said as we walked in. I took Cameron to the bathroom and got onto the counter. Sierra gave me the kit and went back to bed since it was almost 12. I took a cotton ball dipped in alcohol and cleaned the cuts. "Ow, that hurts." Cameron said. "Says the guy that has two tattoos." I said laughing. I put bandages on them. "Ok, done!" I said. Cameron smiled and moved so I could jump off the counter. "Thanks for tonight." I said hugging him. Cameron hugged me back. "My pleasure." He said as I let go. "Well, I'm gonna go. Bye." I said. "Bye." Cameron said kissing my cheek. I blushed and walked out. I ran home and changed and fell asleep.


(a/n) Short and crappy chapter but I liked it. How was all my Americans readers 4th of July? I might do the next chapter 4th of July even tho its late haha. Anyways, I found a better picture of Abby, and here it is.



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