Abby's friends tell her to stay away from the new boy at her school because he has a bad reputation but what happens when they have to be partners for a history project? What happens if she starts crushing on him?


3. History.

I woke the next morning and saw that Mahogany was still asleep. So I went into the bathroom to change. Since today was a half day, I didn't bother putting on any make up. I put on black leggings and a red and black flannel with a plain white t-shirt under it. I put on my airplane necklace like the one Harry Styles from One Direction used to have in like 2011/2012. My brother got it for me two years ago before he left for college.  I put on my red vans and walked out. "You were up early." Mahogany said getting up and going into the bathroom. I went on my phone and saw a message from Nash in the group chat that me, Mahogany, Nash and Jacob were in. The message said "I'm coming to pick y'all up in about 10 minutes." I replied and said "Ok but Mahogany is still gettin ready." Soon Jacob replied. "Well, tell her we're about to leave. Nash came to my house early." In five minutes Mahogany came out. She was wearing acid washed jeans with a blue "I'd rather be shopping" t-shirt tucked in. She had black combat boots and a black bow. "They are about to come." I said as we walked out. "Ok."  We went downstairs and grabbed some toast "I won't be here after you guys come home, so order something for dinner, ok girls?" We nodded and walked outaide to wait for them. "Here they are!" I said running to the car. "Wait!" Mahogany said running after me. Once we both got in the car they drove off. Mahogany's and my favorite song came on once we got in, it was "Drunk In Love" by Beyonce so of course we sang along. Jacob joined us and Nash laughed at us trying to sing. I was horrible at singing but Mahogany and Jacob were really good, like I'm kinda surprised their not famous! Once the song ended we were at school. We got out the car and went to our lockers inside. I grabbed my history book because we only had two class periods today but i had Mrs.Pinnock for my first to classes and she thought we were alittle behind on our history so she's going to be assigning partners and we'll be doing a stupid project. After I grabbed my book I went into class and sat in my usual spot. A minute later Cam came in, and I was expecting him to be late but he wasn't. He sat down where he sat yesterday, by me. Soon Mrs.Pinnock started the lesson. "Ok, I'm gonna be assigning partners now. Hunter and Janessa. Kyle and Dezirae. Tanner and Tressah. Elizah and Bryan. Alicia and Jaden. Sabrina and Ian. Kylie and Trace. Diana and Dylan. Keira and Noam. Mackenzie and Israel. Jackie and Ryan. Kailee and Colton. And lastly Cameron and Abby." Mrs.Pinnock said. I raised my hand. "Yes, Abby." She said. "Could you repeat the last pair." "Cameron and you, Abby." I looked over a Cam and he smiled. The bell finally rang and I got up. "Hey, Abby." Cam said. "Yea?" I said. "Do you wanna come over today so we can work on this project?" He asked. "Umm sure lemme first tell my friends." I said walking outside and to Nash's car. Mahogany, Jacob and Nash were already there. "Finally, your here." Nash said. "Umm, I'm going to Cams to work on a history project." I said. "Ok, we'll be at Mahoganys and whenever you want us to pick you up call us, bye!" "Bye." I waved as they started the car and left. Well this is gonna be awkward. "Come on, lets go." Cam said getting in his car. I got in the passenger side. "Nice car." "Thanks." He said as we drove to his house. When we finally got to his house, I found out we were neighbors. "I live right there." I said as I pointed to my house. "Cool." "Yea but parents are always on business trips so I always stay home alone or stay at a friends." "Oh, well lets go inside, it's cold out here." We went inside and a dog came running to Cam. "How's my little boy?" He said playing with the dog. "Meet my dog max." He said. "Hi Max!" I said as I petted the dog. "Let's go start our project." He said walking upstairs. "Mom, I'll be upstairs doing homework with a friend!" He said to his mom who was downstairs  "Ok!" She said back. We went into his room and started to project. We were almost done doing the first part of the project when Cam grabbed my hand softly. "Did you know your eyes are really pretty?" He said. I looked down and blushed. He put two finger under my chin and lifted my face so I could face him. I bit my lip. He leaned in for a kiss. Our lips were inches apart. "I think I should get going." I said getting my stuff together. "Yea, I'll drop you off." He said as we walked downstairs. We drove to Mahoganys house in silence. "Thanks for dropping me off." I said as I got out of the car. I went inside and saw the only one who was awake was Nash. "Hey." I said walking in. "So?" "So what?" I said. "How'd it go?" "We're almost done with our project, we almost kissed so nothing bad." I said as I walked upstairs. "You guys almost kissed?!" He said. "Umm yea. I'm happy there's no school tomorrow so it won't be awkward." I said. "Ok well I'm gonna go to sleep." "Ok goodnight." "Night." I went into the bathroom and changed into a gray long sleeve and some black sweats.  I went out of the bathroom and soon I was asleep. 


(a/n) hi again! I decided to update another chapter. Hope you liked it, bye! :)

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