Abby's friends tell her to stay away from the new boy at her school because he has a bad reputation but what happens when they have to be partners for a history project? What happens if she starts crushing on him?


13. Fourth Of July

*skip to the 4 of July* I woke up the next morning and decided to take a shower. I got out and put on some acid washed high wasted denim jeans and an American flag sweater. I curled the tips of my hair and let it down. I put on my white converse high tops and walked out. I went downstairs and said good morning to my parents and grabbed an apple. "Naomi's coming for a month." My mom said. "Really? I said. My mom nodded. Naomi was more of a sister than my cousin. She was just a couple months older. Naomi has light brown hair and has blue eyes similar to mine and we have similar fashion style, hobbies and we have the same taste in music. "Is aunt Lindy coming to?" I asked. "No, I'm afraid not." My mom said. Lindy was my moms twin sister. "Ok, when is she coming?" I asked. "Today. Can you drive to the airport to pick her up?" My mom asked. "Sure! What time?" "10-20 minutes." "I'll go right now." I said getting up. "I'm taking your car, mom." I said as I grabbed her keys and walked out. I got into the white Nissan Sentra and started it. As I drives away I saw Cameron getting squirted by two kids with squirt guns. I laughed and made my way to the airport. I got there and parked. I text Naomi. (A:Abby. N:Naomi) A: I'm parked in section B. N: Your here to pick me up? Yay! I'm coming. A: Haha ok. I'm waiting. I put my phone down and got out of the car and waited for her. I saw her walking over to me with her suitcases and a dog bag. "Hey!" I said as she came up to me. "Hey." She said hugging me. "So who's this?" I said referring to the dog and opening the trunk. "Puddles. She's a rescue puppy." She said putting her suitcases in the trunk. "Aw." I said getting in the car. Naomi got in with Puddles and I started the car. We drove home laughing and talking about what happened in the past year. I was helping her get her bags once we got home and I saw Cameron looking over here. I smiled and waved as we walked inside our house. "Who was that?" Naomi asked as we went upstairs and put we bags in the guest room. "Cameron." I said. "He's cute." She said as we set down her stuff. I laughed and took out Puddles. I walked downstairs and saw Nash, Jacob and Mahogany sitting on the couch. "Hey, when you'd guys get here?" I asked. "Just now." Nash said as I sat down on the recliner. "So Jacob and Mahogany?" Naomi said. Mahogany nodded. "Jox" I said. I felt my phone buzz and I checked it. It was a text from Cameron. (C:Cameron. A:Abby) C: Come outside. A: Another tattoo? C: No haha. A: Ok, well I'm coming. C: Ok. I put my phone in my pocket and got up. "Where are you going?" Naomi asked as I was headed to the door. "Cameron wants me to go outside." I said. "Protection!" Nash said as I walked out. I laughed and made my way to Cameron's house. I saw Cameron and he was sitting on the steps. Once he saw me he got up and started walking to me. "Hey." I said. "Hey, so this is gonna be cheesy, but I wanted to ask you in person." He said. "Ask me what?" I said. "I know this really good place to see fireworks and I was wondering if you'd like to go with me." He said. "I'd love to go." I said giggling at the point that he was a little nervous. "I'll pick you up around ten" He said as I turned around. I walked back to my house and went inside to see Nash and Naomi making out and Jacob and Mahogany not there. "WOAH THERE!" I yelled kinda. They let go and both blushed. "Nash, if you hurt her I hurt you!" I said laughing a little. "I swear I won't." Nash said as Naomi laughed. "Where's Jacob and Mahogany?" I asked. "Their outside with Puddles." Naomi said. "Ok, well I'm gonna go outside and ride around town on my penny board." I said. "Can we come?" Naomi asked. "Sure but do you have your penny boards?" I said walking up the stairs. "Mines outside." Nash said getting up and going outside. "Mines in my suitcase." Naomi said coming upstairs. I grabbed my pastel purple penny board with white wheels and walked back downstairs and out to Mahogany and Jacob. "Do you guys wanna ride around town on our penny boards?" I asked. "Sure." Jacob said getting up and running to the front. Mahogany got up with the puppy and went inside and put the puppy in Naomi's room. She came back downstairs and grabbed her black and hot pink penny board with black wheels. We walks out to see the others on their penny's. Nash had a neon green one with blue wheels and Naomi had a tye-dye one with black wheels. Jacob had a red one with black wheels. We stared to skate around town an by the time we came back it was 4. "I'm gonna take Mahogany home, bye guys!" Jacob said. "Ok, bye." We all said. "I'm gonna go to, I'll pick you up at nine." Nash said. "Bye." Naomi said. "Bye idiot." I said as he left. "So you got a date with Nash?" I asked. "Yea." Naomi said blushing. "Aww." I said. "Why'd Cameron want you to come outside?" She asked. "He was wondering if I wanted to go with him to go see fireworks." "Did you saw yes?" "Yea." We went inside and saw Mallory and Jack making out. "What's up with people always making out in this household!" I said walking upstairs. I put my penny board away and went downstairs to the kitchen. I grabbed a red, white and blue Popsicle from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table. A couple minutes later Naomi came down. "Do you like this outfit?" She asked. She was wearing red high wasted shorts with a white tank top tucked in. She had a white cardigan with blue strips and blue vans. She let her hair down naturally and had a little make up on. "Yes, it's adorable!" I said. ..................... It was ten o'clock and Cameron texted me to meet him outside. I walked out and saw his car. I got in and he sped off. "I like your outfit." I said. He was wearing a red, white and blue tye-dye shirt with blue jeans. "Thanks, I like yours to." He said. "Thanks." We drove for about five minutes and arrived at a cliff. There was only one more car and new who it was. "Nash and Naomi are here." I said. "I know, I told Nash about this place." He said taking out a blanket and laying it down on the grounde. "You guys are friend?" I asked sitting down. "I don't know." Cameron said taking out a small bags. "Wanna light these while we're waiting?" He asked. "Sure." I said. I was trying to light the last one and it wouldn't light. Cameron laughed as he came over. "You such a girl." He said taking the lighter and attempting to light it. "You can't even light it." I said laughing. I took the lighter from him and lite it. "It worked!" I said. We backed up and it was the 25 Saturn shots. "Nice." Nash yelled from his car. "We'll that's the last of it, let's sit down." Cameron said walking to the blanket and sitting down. I sat down between his legs and he put his arms around me and put his head on my shoulder. "Are you cold?" Cameron asked. "Not really." I said. "I'll go get another blanket." Cameron said getting up and walking to his car and getting another blanket and coming back. He back down where he was and put the blanket around us. "Better?" He said. "Yea." I said laying me head back onto his chest. "Look, the fireworks are starting!" I said pointing to some that were going up. We watched until twelve and decided to go home now. Naomi texted me saying she wanted to spend the night at Nash's and my parents were okay with it. We put away the blankets and got into the car. "Abby?" Cameron said. "Yes?" I said. "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" He asked. "Yes." I said. He started the car and held my hand the whole way home. We got home and saw my parents still sitting on the lawn. "Abby, where were you? We were worried sick!" My mom said as I got out the car. "I went to see the fireworks with Cameron, didn't Naomi tell you?" I said. "No." My mom said. "She told me...." My dad said. "And you didn't tell mom?!" I said. "Oops." He said. I laughed and went inside. I went into my room and changed into gray sweats and a white tank top. I put my hair into a pony tail. I got into bed and fell asleep.


(a/n) I hope you like this chapter :) Here's what Naomi looks like and what her puppy Puddles looks like:



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