Abby's friends tell her to stay away from the new boy at her school because he has a bad reputation but what happens when they have to be partners for a history project? What happens if she starts crushing on him?


11. Dinner

I was watching Teen Wolf when I heard the door open. "Hello?" I said. "Hello darling." My mom said walking. "Mom!" I said getting up. I "Hi dad." I said giving him a hug. "Hi sweetie." He said hugging me back. "I talked to the new neighbors and invited them over for dinner." My mom said. "Cool." I said sitting back down. "Aren't you gonna get ready?" Jack said sitting down. "There's still time." I said. "Don't you wanna impress Cameron." Jack J said with a wink. "Shut up." I said giving Jack J the stink eye. "Who's Cameron?" Our dad said. "Her boyfriend." Jack said. "No! He's the neighbors son." I said after punching Jack playfully. "Good. No boyfriends before 20." Our dad said. Jack laughed. "What are you laughing at? I heard that you were drunk last night." Our dad said. "Pst, I wasn't drunk." Jack said. "You almost fell down the stairs." I said laughing. "What? Liar!" Our dad and I started laughing. "Jack, do you wanna invite Jack or Mallory over for dinner?" Our mom said walking in. "Sure." Jack said getting up and going to his room. "What time is dinner?" I asked. "At 7. " my mom said. "Need any help? We have two hours and I don't need much time to get ready." I said getting up. "You can help me unpack and the. We can cook dinner." My mom said getting her bags and walking up the stairs. I followed her up and took a bag from her. "So, tell me more about Cameron." My mom said opening her suitcase. "There's not much to say. He's in the same grade as me. He's known as the "bad boy" but he's actually really nice. He has two tattoos." I said as she took  out some clothes and putting them in the top drawer. "Tattoos?" My mom said shocked. I nodded. "Isn't he a little young." My mom said as I started to help her put away her clothes. "I don't know but his uncle owns a tattoo shop. He got a new tattoo yesterday and showed it to me first." I said smiling thinking about last night. "Oh. Why are you smiling?" "Nothing." "Ok. Well that's the last of it, let's go downstairs and make dinner." "Ok." I said following her downstairs and into the kitchen.  I helped until the doorbell rang. Jack came running down. "I'll get it." He said. "You mean you'll get some." I said. "Shut up." He said answering the door. "Hey Jack." Mallory said hugging him. "Hey babe." He said hugging her back. "Ew." I said. Mallory laughed and Jack gave me the stink eye. "Mom, I'm gonna go get ready, there's twenty minutes until 7." I said. "Ok, I'm gonna go change to. Carl, Jack, go get dressed. Mallory, I love your dress." My mom said. "Thank you Mrs.Johnson." Mallory said smiling. I went upstairs and picked out a white high low tank top dress with a brown belt. I went into the bathroom and changed. I got out my curler and curled the tips of my hair. I got out some white flats and put them on. I started putting on some mascara when I heard someone clear there throat. I turned around and saw Cameron leaning against the door frame. "Yes?" I said. "Your parents told me to come and get you because dinners ready." He said turning on his heel and walking down the stairs. "Ok." I said following. I say down on the table, left of my dad, right of Jack and in front of Cameron. "Abby, I'd like you to meet Sierra, Cameron's sister. Gina, Cameron's mom. And Blake, Sierras boyfriend." My mom said. "Hi." I said smiling. "Hi." They said. Dinner was full of laughs and stories. "Abby, why don't you show Cameron around." My mom said. "Sure but he's been here before." I said getting up. Cameron followed. "Well, that's the stairs and yea." I said pointing to the stairs. I walked to the back and opened the back slider door. I walked out with Cameron. "That's the pool." I said walking over to it. "You don't know how tempting it is to push you in." He said laughing. "Don't you dare." I said. Cameron laughed. I looked down at the pool but I felt some one push me into the water. "I hate you!" I said. Cameron started to laugh harder. He put his hand out to help me out and I grabbed it. Instead of getting out, I pulled him in. "I had my phone in my pocket." He said. "No you didn't, I have it." Cameron's mom said coming out with my mom, Mallory and Sierra. "Liar." I said going under the water and swimming around. I felt something grab my foot. I looked back and saw Cameron smiling. I swam up and so did he. "Your hair." I said laughing. "What about yours, it looks like an octopus." He said. We both started laughing. "Yours looks like a wet mop." I said still laughing. "He hasn't laughed like this before he met Abby." I heard Cameron's mom say quietly. "I think we should get out, It's cold." I said swimming out the pool. "Ok." Cameron said getting out. "I'll go get towels." I said walking inside. I went upstairs and grabbed two towels. I walked downstairs and back out. "Is it okay if I take Abby out for a late night adventure?" Cameron said as I was about to walk out. I backed up and waited for my moms reply. "Sure, I bet she'd like that. Just ask her dad but I'm sure he wont mind." My mom said. I smiled and walked out. I gave Cameron a towel. "I was wondering, if you wanted to go on a late night adventure?" He asked me. "Sure." I said smiling. "First, you two should go change." My mom said. "Ok." we both said. I walked inside as Cameron went to his house.I went upstairs and grabbed my oversized black sweater that said "TEENAGE DIRTBAG" on the front in white. I put it on and put on some blue skinny jeans and black converse. I put the wet dress in the dryer. I put my hair in a ponytail and wiped away my old mascara. I walked downstairs and was about to walk out the door but my dad stopped me. "Where are you going at this time?" He said. "Late night adventure with Cameron." I said. "Oh ok, be home before 12." He said. "Why so late?" Jack said. "Because he's a nice guy and I trust Abby." Our dad said. I stuck my tongue out and said. "I'm better than Jack! Bye dad, I'm leaving now." I said opening the door. "Bye sweetie." Our dad said as I walked out to see Cameron in his camaro. I got in and he sped off.

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