Abby's friends tell her to stay away from the new boy at her school because he has a bad reputation but what happens when they have to be partners for a history project? What happens if she starts crushing on him?


15. Birthday

I woke up to getting splashed by  Naomi, Nash, Jacob and Mahogany. "What the fu-" I was cut off by them yelling "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!" and then they ran out. I got up and grabbed a white lace bandeau top and a peach skirt. I grabbed a light denim vest and a gold spikey necklace. I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. I put on my outfit and then straightened my hair. I walked out and grabbed some black flats. After I put them on my phone rang. "Hello?" I said. "Happy birthday sweetie!" I heard my parents say from the other line. "Thanks mom and dad." I said laughing a little. "Your welcome sweetie, we mailed your gift and it should be their soon." "You didn't have to , but thanks!" "Ok, bye we have to get back to work." They said. "Ok, bye." I said hanging up. I put my phone in my vest pocket and ran downstairs. "What's it feel like finally being 17?" Jack said once I got down there. "Eh." I said sitting down on the sofa. "So after lunch, or breakfast in your case Abby, then we'll go to the mall, then we have a surprise." Naomi said. "Ok. Maybe you guys should of woken me up earlier." "Sorry." she said. After we ate, we went to the mall and shopped until 5. "What do you want to eat for dinner?" Nash said as we got in the car. "CHIPOTLE!" I said practically yelling. I got strange looks from everyone around us. "Ok." Nash said. "YAY!" We all said as Nash started the car and headed for Chipotle. Once we got there, we saw Jack J, Jack G and Mallory waiting for us. We went and sat by them. We ordered and when it got to us we dug in. Once we were done, we paid and as we walked out I got an idea. "Let's race home?" I said. "Ok, but you guys have more people." Jack J said. "I'll go with you guys." I said. "Ok, what do the winners get?" Mahogany said. "The biggest pieces of cake!" Jack G said. "Ok." "It's on." Naomi and I said as we headed to our cars. Jack G got in the driver side and sped off before Mallory, Jack J and I could get on our seat belts on. I noticed Jack G wasn't wearing his. "PUT ON YOU DAMN SEAT BELT!!!!" I said. "Fine, but if we're last, it's your fault loser." He said putting it on when we stopped at a red light. We finally reached home and surprisingly we were first. "YES!" We all yelled as we got out the car. We waited for the rest and once they got here they flipped us off. Jack J, Jack G, Mallory and I all stuck our tongues out and laughed. I turned to go to the door and saw a bouquet of roses on my door step. Probably the gift my parents got me. I went over and picked them up. I saw a note and opened it.

Dear Abby,
Happy birthday beautiful. Sorry, I would of said it earlier but I decided to do this instead.
At exactly 9:00, I want you to go to your backyard. There will be a surprise but NO peeking, you understand?
Cameron Dallas

I smiled and then saw that everyone was trying to go inside. I unlocked the door and went inside and everyone followed. I went to the kitchen and tried to find a vase for the roses. I couldn't find a vase, so I just grabbed a coca cola glass and poured some water in the glass. I put the roses and went upstairs and set it in my room and went downstairs. "CAKE?" Naomi asked walking in with with a chocolate cake. While she was lighting the cake, someone knocked on the door. "I'LL GET IT!" Nash said running to the door. "Oh it's you." Nash said opening the door to reveal Taylor and Alexa? "Hey Abby, Happy birthday!" He said walking over to me ad hugging me. "Hey and thanks." I said. "Hey." Alexa said. "Hi." I said. I thought they weren't dating? Eh whatever. Taylor's still one of my favorite cousins, next to Naomi. "OK CAKE TIME!" Jack and Jack yelled. We all crowed the table where the cake and the candles were lighted. Instead of singing the birthday song, everyone started singing "tell them that it's you birthday, they don't know so it's okay." from Birthday by Selena Gomez.  I laughed and blew out the candles. After that I took the candles and cut the cake. I gave everyone a piece and put the rest in the fridge. When I came back, I was about to eat my cake but I was shoved into the piece of cake by Jack J. "I hate you." I said as I wiped my face with a napkin. Everyone was still laughing and Jack J was grinning and proud of what he did. We finished eating the cake and threw our trash away. I checked the time and it was 8:00, an hour left. "Open your gifts." Nash said. "Ok." I said. "Open mine first!" Noami said handing me a bag. I laughed and took out what was in it. It was The Fault In Our Stars cd and a black cloud pillow that said "Okay?" in white. "Touche." I said. "I have the other cloud." She said. "Ok, mine next!" Nash said. I finished opening everyone's gifts and when I was finished, it was 9:00. "I gotta go somewhere guys." I said. "What? Where?" They all said. "In the backyard, y'all can watch The Fault In Our Stars while I'm gone." I said walking over to the slider door in the back. "Ok." They groaned as I pushed the slider door blind thingy to the side. My mouth dropped as I opened the door and walked out. White christmas lights hanging from tree to tree and a table covered with rose petals and a small box. I walked over to the box and it had a piece of paper taped on it and that said "open me :)". I opened it and saw a necklace with a small silver puzzle piece. I smiled, still staring at the necklace. "Do you like it?" I heard someone saw from behind it. I jumped and heard them chuckle. I turned around and saw Cameron. "I love it, but you didn't have-" He cut me off by saying "It's your birthday and I wanted to." I walked over to him and gave him a hug. I liked how he was taller than me, I could feel his heart race as he put his arms around me. It felt like we were hugging for hours. We let go and he took the necklace out of the box. "Look, I have one that matches." He said connecting the two puzzle pieces. "Want to wear it?" He said. I nodded and he helped me put on. After that we walked to the pool and put our feet in and just sat there and stared the at the stars above. "This night couldn't of ended any better." I said. "Really? I thought you were gonna think this was cheesy." He said looking at me. I smiled at looked at him. "This is perfect." I said and he smiled. "Your perfect." He said. "You guys disgust me with how cute you guys are." Jack G said walking in with the rest. Cameron and I both laughed and got up. We walked over the the rest and sat on the table. "Where's Taylor?" I said. "He went to drop of Alexa." Mahogany said. "Why was she even here?" Jacob said. "Taylor and her got back together." Jack J said. "Oh, but I thought he hated her after what happened at the mall." Cameron said. "She lied and said it was a dare, yeah right." Nash said. We laughed and talked until 10. "We should all get going, it's getting late." Jacob said. "Yea." Nash said as they got up to leave. "Bye." Jack G, Malory, Mahogany, Nash and Jacob said leaving. "Bye." Jack J, Cameron and I said as they left. "Oh, I forgot to give you this earlier." Jack J said giving me an evolope and walking inside and to his room. I opened it and saw a note and $500 bill.
Dear Abby,
Happy Birthday!!!!!! Sorry we weren't there with you but this is your gift. Hope you like it :)

Mom and Dad.

"Woah, your like rich now!" Cameron said joking. I laughed. "I know right!" "Well, I should get going.." He said laughing. "Ok." I said kinda wishing he would stay longer. I got up and headed to the slider door. I was about to open the door until Cameron grabbed my arm and spun me around. "Goodnight beautiful." He said leaning in to kiss me. "Night." I said once the kiss was over. He smiled and ran to his house. I went inside and into my room. I quickly changed and got into bed.

(A/N) So? What'd you think? I liked the cute thing Cameron did for her like aww. Haha anyways heres what her outfit looked like:


this is what her cake looked like:

And this is what Cameron got her (aww):

That's all, bye! :)

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