Abby's friends tell her to stay away from the new boy at her school because he has a bad reputation but what happens when they have to be partners for a history project? What happens if she starts crushing on him?


2. After School.

I ran to Nash's car to see him already sitting in the drivers seat and Jacob in the passenger side. I got in the back of the Black BMW M5. "Hey, where's Mahogany?" Jacob asked since I had my last with her. "Mrs.Garcia wanted to see her after school, bet she'll be out in five minutes." I said. "Ok." Jacob said looking back at his phone. I looked out the window and saw the school slut flirting with Cam. Most guys wont even go near her, one because she's a slut, two because her boyfriends the baseball team captain and he'll beat up any guy that lays a finger on her. I'm surprised he's not with her today, he probably skipped. Cameron soon walked up to his car which was right next to us. He got into his Black Chevy Camaro and saw me starring. He winked and then started the car and left. Right then Mahogany came running and got in the car. "Hey guys, sorry I'm late, Mrs.G wanted to talk to me about my grades." She said getting in. Nash started the car and we left school grounds. I checked my phone and saw my mom sent me a message. "Sorry Abby but your dad and I have a business trip, can you see if you can stay at Nash's, Jacob's or Mahogany's for about a  month. I'll leave an extra key under the mat so you can get your stuff. xoxo love mom." "Great." I mumbled. "What?" Mahogany said. "My moms on another business trip and she was wondering if I could stay at one of your guy's house for about a month." "You can stay at my house." Mahogany said. "Ok, thanks. Can we stop by my house so we can get some clothes?" I asked Nash. "Sure." He said as we drove to my house. We finally arrived at my house and I got out and then grabbed the key from under the mat and unlocked the door. Mahogany and me went up stairs and started packing my stuff. Once we were done packing we went downstairs and saw Nash and Jacob eating. "Really?" I said. They nodded and finished eating whatever. We went outside and I thought I saw Cams walking inside our new neighbors house. Maybe I'm seeing things. Nash started the car and we were at Mahogany's house in less than 5 minutes. Me and her got out of the car and went inside. "Abby's staying with us for a month!" She yelled as we went upstairs. "Ok!" Her mom yelled back. Her mom doesn't really mind if I stayed with them since she new my parents weren't usely home and since now my brother is now at college. We went into her room and I put down my stuff. "Wanna watch a movie?" She asked. "Sure." I said sitting on the bean bag in her room and picking up her pet squirrel. "What movie?" "How about Divergent?" "Ok." She said putting it on and sitting down on another bean bag. After we watched the movie we went downstairs and ate dinner. After dinner went upstairs and finished our homework, ew. Since it was pretty late by now, we changed and went to sleep. All I could think of was Cameron. I've only known him for a day and people say hes bad news. When He winked at me I got butterflies. Wait, what am I saying? I can't like him, maybe I'm just tired. Soon I fell asleep.

(a/n) Kinda a long chapter, right? Anyways, Kik me if you have some thoughts (Immy.13. there's a dot before and after 13) Bye!

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