Not That Bad

if the government falls, everyone falls....


2. I wish it were real...

Mrs.Winterton's POV

 "Kara!" called Jackson Winterton my husband. Confused I stuttered "J-Jack I thought you were..."

  "Dead... I am, you are too... well almost anyways." finished Jack.

  "Then where are we? This is not possible!!!" I answered.

  "Kara... Kara... Kara!" he replied "you always look at the intelligent side of things! Just enjoy the moment..." he whispered in my ear as he breathed down my neck as he finished "You are too tense... just enjoy us. I love you." he smiled at me.

  "I have missed you a lot... I love you so much." I answered as I leaned into jack's chest.

  "I never should have become president... I am so sorry I had to leave you," Jack said in a loving voice, "I wouldn't have been killed  and have to leave you to take on my responsibilities as president... I am so sorry..." he finished dropping his head as a tear rolled down his cheek. "Hey," I said lifting his chin, "It wasn't your fault... Its ok. I love you." He smiled at me with his perfect smile and said "I like you Kara...I know you can't hear me but it's worth a shot..." His voice was weird  almost like.... MARK'S VOICE "Wake up...Please." he finished. This is defiantly Mark now. I thought as my eyes shot open and I said "I wish it were real..."

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