Saving Grace

Meet Grace Young. She's nineteen and seems to be living the perfect life until tragedy strikes. Her closest companion,her mom, dies in a car accident. Her father and brother are devastated until her dad decides that being a drunk asshole is the perfect way to deal with his wife's death. Everyday Grace comes home to her dad and brother fighting or arguing. One day their fighting takes a fatal turn. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse she loses another important person in her life. Mom and brother in the midst of 2 months. Then things get even worse when her dad begins abusing her. Then there's a boy who moves in next door who seems to shine a light of hope for Grace. He wants to help her but he doesn't know how. Will he be Saving Grace?


1. Tragedy After Tragedy

Grace's Pov

I walked down the sidewalk from Starbucks, where I worked. I stopped in front of my house and walked up to the front door of my beautiful house. I opened the door to see my mom in the kitchen cooking dinner and my dad and brother playfully wrestling in the living room. I walked up to my two favorite guys who took a pause from wrestling to say hi.  "Hey Baby Sis" Jason said kissing my cheek.

"Hey Jace" I hugged him quickly and turned to my dad.

"Hi Daddy" I gave him a hug. He returned the gesture.

"Hey Baby girl" He said quickly before turning back to Jason to continue wrestling. I laughed and shook my head. I set my bag and jacket down and strolled into the kitchen. I came up behind my mom and set my chin on her shoulder.

"Hey sweetheart" she said in her soft smooth voice. I smiled and breathed in the smell of her special spaghetti.

"Smells yummy" I hummed.

"Mmhm" she answered "It'll be even better when I get this last ingredient from the store." She put the top on the spaghetti and turned around. I gave her a hug. "I'll be right back, I love you" She whispered.

"I love you too" I replied walking out of the kitchen behind her. I sat on the couch as she left and flicked through the channels. I watched the last 10 minutes of a T.V. show and scrolled through the channels. I stopped at 7 News. On the screen behind the woman was a very familiar car and it was on fire. I turned up the volume. "....was killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver. Anne Marie Young was on her way to the grocery store when she was hit."

I froze. The remote fell out of my hand. Everything seemed to move in slow motion now. My heart was pounding in my my ears and I felt my stomach drop. "DAD!! JASON!!" I screamed. I was crying now. I heard their rushed footsteps coming down the stairs. "What? What's wrong Gracie?" Jason asked frantically. I pointed to the T.V. They watched in horror. My dad's face went blank and he mumbled something along the lines of 'I'll be back' and made his way to the door. "Daddy" I said trying to go after him. Jason pulled me back. "Let him go he needs his time" he said quietly. I fought for him to let me go." I NEED TO GET MOM!" I pounded on his chest. "LET ME GO!" I cried falling apart. He wrapped me in a hug. I fisted his shirt and sobbed. I felt one of his tear drops in my hair. "Jason...."I cried. He rubbed my back.

"I know Grace" he said with a shaky voice. "I know"


That night Jason said I fell asleep crying in each other's arms. Dad came home late and drunk. It really broke my heart that this is how he chose to handle my mom's death.

A week later we had her funeral. It was devastating. Just seeing her burned black body destroyed me. I don't know if I'll ever be happy again. My dad is a drunk and is fighting with my brother everyday I come home.  

Jason and I sleep in the same room because he's scared my dad would hurt me. The beautiful house I used to be so happy to walk into has become a house that I don't even recognize. Jason and I keep working because we need to pay bills. We want to leave but we can't leave dad alone.


Welcome to my life.


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