Saving Grace

Meet Grace Young. She's nineteen and seems to be living the perfect life until tragedy strikes. Her closest companion,her mom, dies in a car accident. Her father and brother are devastated until her dad decides that being a drunk asshole is the perfect way to deal with his wife's death. Everyday Grace comes home to her dad and brother fighting or arguing. One day their fighting takes a fatal turn. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse she loses another important person in her life. Mom and brother in the midst of 2 months. Then things get even worse when her dad begins abusing her. Then there's a boy who moves in next door who seems to shine a light of hope for Grace. He wants to help her but he doesn't know how. Will he be Saving Grace?


7. Creep Much?

Grace's Pov

Perrie came into my room and we started to talk. I sat cross legged hugging a pillow on my bed.

​"Perrie it really hurts" I said holding back the tears as we talked about what Niall did.

"Ok that's enough about that lets see what you've come up with for the song." Perrie grabbed my laptop and went to my folder where my songs were. I showed her which one it was and we read over them.

 "I'm done with the lyrics except for a few tweaks but those will work themselves out as we go" I said putting my reading glasses on.

 " I love how it pretty much sums up who you are" she said.

"Thanks" I said

"Now we just need to work out a beat for the song" Perrie's really good at stuff like that.

"What would I do without you darling?" I asked as she giggled.

"I don't know but I do know that you are a really good person and you came from such a terrible way" she said

"Yeah it wasn't just a sob story. My life isn't a lie. I wasn't looking for attention, I just wanted someone to take me in and maybe even be there for me. Then I met Niall and I felt a sense of hope for me and maybe a new beginning for me. He was the one little sucker that grasped my attention and then I met all those knuckleheads and you. And you guys lit a spark in me and made me laugh out loud how I used to and I almost feel like I'm home." I said thoughtfully

​Perrie threw her arms around me and told me how all the guys really felt the same thing for me.

​"Now I really gotta go love call me" she said and left.

 I smiled to myself until a.familiar nuisance came out from under my bed. "Uh What the fuck Debii?" I asked irritated "creep much?" 

She glared at me and told me to shut up.

"Look bitch it's clear that you have the hots for my Niall and he's a little drawn to you I see...Look you better stay out of my way because I don't like the attention your getting" she said

"Jealousy is vewwy bad now isn't it?" I asked in a fake baby voice.

"You do not know what kind of fire you're playing with. I will ruin you and you'll have no one" she said coldly and with that she walked out.

"Bitches" I shook my head "Whatcha gonna do with them?"

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