Saving Grace

Meet Grace Young. She's nineteen and seems to be living the perfect life until tragedy strikes. Her closest companion,her mom, dies in a car accident. Her father and brother are devastated until her dad decides that being a drunk asshole is the perfect way to deal with his wife's death. Everyday Grace comes home to her dad and brother fighting or arguing. One day their fighting takes a fatal turn. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse she loses another important person in her life. Mom and brother in the midst of 2 months. Then things get even worse when her dad begins abusing her. Then there's a boy who moves in next door who seems to shine a light of hope for Grace. He wants to help her but he doesn't know how. Will he be Saving Grace?


8. Confessions

​Grace's Pov

​I screamed as I shot up in my bed drenched in sweat and my face soaked with tears. I cried and hugged My knees to my chest while rocking back and forth. My clock read 2:34 A.M.

My rapid breathing quickened as Niall burst in the room. His face looking tired and worried as he rushed over to me. He sat down on the small loveseat near my bed.

"C'mere love" he said as I came over to him still crying. I curled up next to him and buried my face in his chest. 

"Niall" I cried.

"Shhh baby" he said soothing me. "It's okay your okay"

I know that this has happened before where Niall comes and calms me down after a nightmare but, it feels so new and so good every time.

 I sniffled a few more times and slowed my breathing. I wrapped my arms around Niall's warm shirtless body and lifted my face up from his shirt. He looked down at me and smiled softly while rubbing my back.

I laid my head back on him but I still kept my gaze on him. 'You're gorgeous' I thought as I looked into his eyes. He chuckled.

"And you're beautiful" he said.

I blushed realizing that I had thought out loud. He ran his thumb across my cheek. And stared into my eyes.

I leaned in and lightly touched my lips against his. Niall deepened the kiss while I laid back on the loveseat. He hovered over me with his face inches apart from mine and his hands positioned on each side of my head. He kissed me and slowly dropped all his weight on top of sliding his hands under me so he was holding my waist. I smiled into the kiss and he lightly chuckled. I pulled away slowly but breathlessly. He pulled me onto his lap as he sat up.

 I traced his chest with my fingers.

"Niall I'm sorry" I said realizing that I had told him I didn't want to be with him because of Debii.

"For what? That was amazing" he said kissing my hair.

"Because I told that I didn't want to be the other girl because of Debii and now here I am kissing you" I said embarrassed.

"Grace I thought I loved Debii but when you walked into my life I started to question it" he said. I froze.

"Niall are you saying that there's a chance that you may be in love with me?"I asked slowly.

"No Grace I'm saying that I love you" he said.

"Like a friend?" I stated in a questioning tone.

" I am in love with you Grace Young" he said holding my face in his hands.

My stomach twisted in knots and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I think I'm in love with you too but I don't know how to control these mixed feelings" I said playing with his hair.

"Tell me how you feel" he said still holding my face.

"My head tells me to forget you because you have Debii but my heart... my heart wants you and only you" I confessed.

"Well in your head I can tell you that's jealousy" he chuckled "So when you take the jealousy away... What do you get?"

"I'm in love with you Niall" I whispered more to myself than to him.

Niall's Pov

​I crashed my lips against hers. "'ve say that" I said between kisses.

​She smiled and I didn't see that emptiness in her eyes anymore. I saved her. I smiled and kissed her forehead.She laid her head on my chest and yawned. I looked at the time. 2:58 A.M.

"Love you should rest" I whispered holding her hand. 

"Ok" she took my hand and we walked to her bed. We got underneath the covers and intertwined our legs.

"Why me?" Grace asked. I smiled lazily.

"Because I want to be your hope. The one who fills the emptiness in your eyes like I did just now. I want to be the one in your life who can make you feel like no other person can. I want to be your sunshine. Your reason to be your best. I want to be the one you think of when you need inspiration. I just want to love you and love you until the stars don't shine anymore Grace" I said never breaking eye contact with her.

Her eyes were glassy with tears. She kissed me softly and some of her tears fell on my face. I smiled knowing that they were happy tears. She added more heat to the kiss and wrapped her legs around my waist as I rolled on top of her. I slipped off my basketball shorts and pulled her top over her head. She kissed my neck and my chest and flipped positions so she was now on top. I chuckled. 

"A little aggressive are we?" I asked smirking. 

"Shut up" she joked and kissed me again. I placed my hands on her waist and thrusted my hips. She jumped and gasped when she felt my length harden against her. I kissed her neck and her chest. I palmed her breast through her bra and she moaned quietly which was followed by a groan out of me from her grinding on me softly. She grinded her woman area on top of my manhood in a slow circular motion. She moaned my name and placed her hands on my chest. She unlatched her bra and placed her hands on top of mine when I palmed her breasts.

I closed my eyes and bucked my hips as I felt my stomach tighten. "I'm going to cum" I groaned out.

"Wait wait ahhh oh" she moaned and grinded harder on me. 

"I'm cumming baby hmmm" I moaned as I came in my underwear. She laid down on my chest and smiled.

"Is that your way of telling me you feel the same way" I said breathlessly. " Cause if it is I am totally telling you how I feel more often" I joked.

She slapped my chest "Niall you naughty boy" she gazed out of the window.

"What are you looking at baby?" I asked.

"Just seeing if the stars are still shining" she averted her attention back on me.

"And are they?" I asked and she laid her head down on my chest and closed her eyes but, before she fell asleep she answered.

"Yeah and they're burning brighter than I could ever imagine"



HEY PEOPLE! I know my story isn't the greatest but I'm really glad that 8 people favorited my book. I don't really put my books out there that much but when I see the likes, favorites, and reads I'm inspired to do more and work harder. So just stay awesome Bubblerz! Love you guys lots...oh and thanks!!! <3




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