The Songwriter's Daughter II

Hi every body it's me Mandy and the boys and I are back for more drama. From revenge and broken hearts to weddings and death. With these idiots still around you never know what could happen. Will I go back to Louis? Will I fall head over heels for Harry? Will I be Niall's princess? Will I mend Zayn's broken heart? Will I kick Laura's ass and take back Liam? But this isn't all the drama, someone is back and Harry gives me quite the surprise. What's happening to me? 14+ (P.S. Read the first one first other wise you will be very confused) (P.P.S. Still a lot of swearing) (P.P.P.S. It has stuff in it that isn't for the weak hearted. Read with caution) ©2014


27. chapter 26

I ran down stairs and looked around frantically. The window had been busted out and there was broken glass all over the floor.

Within the glass lied another piece of paper.

I carefully stepped over the broken, battered shards and grabbed the ripped note.

It read;

Dear Miranda,

I have your lover. Louis? Is it? If you wish to see him again then you better do as I say. Meet me at the London tower bridge tomorrow night at 7 o'clock sharp. Bring your friends to, they won't want to miss this.

-Mark Matthews

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