The Songwriter's Daughter II

Hi every body it's me Mandy and the boys and I are back for more drama. From revenge and broken hearts to weddings and death. With these idiots still around you never know what could happen. Will I go back to Louis? Will I fall head over heels for Harry? Will I be Niall's princess? Will I mend Zayn's broken heart? Will I kick Laura's ass and take back Liam? But this isn't all the drama, someone is back and Harry gives me quite the surprise. What's happening to me? 14+ (P.S. Read the first one first other wise you will be very confused) (P.P.S. Still a lot of swearing) (P.P.P.S. It has stuff in it that isn't for the weak hearted. Read with caution) ©2014


2. chapter 2

Harry and I slowly got out of bed. We walked down stairs with our fingers intertwined.

Louis looked like he would murder Harry if he lifted a finger.

I smirked at Louis. Then I turned towards Harry, signaling him to come forward.

Harry smirked at me before wrapping arms around my waist pulling me tight. Then our lips connected as our hips began to sway. I run my fingers through his hair. I moan as Harry kisses my neck longingly.

"I love you," I moan to him.

He stops for a moment, "I love you too."

Then he returns to kissing my lips.

Take that Louis.

It's the perfect pay back.

Then Louis did something irrational.

He walked right between Harry and I.

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