The Songwriter's Daughter II

Hi every body it's me Mandy and the boys and I are back for more drama. From revenge and broken hearts to weddings and death. With these idiots still around you never know what could happen. Will I go back to Louis? Will I fall head over heels for Harry? Will I be Niall's princess? Will I mend Zayn's broken heart? Will I kick Laura's ass and take back Liam? But this isn't all the drama, someone is back and Harry gives me quite the surprise. What's happening to me? 14+ (P.S. Read the first one first other wise you will be very confused) (P.P.S. Still a lot of swearing) (P.P.P.S. It has stuff in it that isn't for the weak hearted. Read with caution) ©2014


16. chapter 15

Michael and I talked the whole night before getting up early for breakfast this morning.

We were both dreading this breakfast.

We reached the table only to see Liam and Laura making out. Laura was on his lap again.

Ugh. Is it bad that I want to slap the shit out of her?

The others all sat down reluctantly at the table as they slowly pulled apart, Laura still hanging on Liam's chest.

Then Liam spoke, "everyone is invited to our wedding on Saturday, everyone except Mandy and Michael."

We did identical spit takes, "WHAT?!" We screamed in unison.

Liam shrugged, "Laura doesn't want you there," then he leaned closer to my ear, "but if I had it my way you'd be the bride."

I blush.

God damn it why does he have to be so fucking adorable?!

Laura clears her throat and Liam pulls away, "sorry siblings, but you're not classy enough for my wedding."

That pain in the ass.

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