The Songwriter's Daughter II

Hi every body it's me Mandy and the boys and I are back for more drama. From revenge and broken hearts to weddings and death. With these idiots still around you never know what could happen. Will I go back to Louis? Will I fall head over heels for Harry? Will I be Niall's princess? Will I mend Zayn's broken heart? Will I kick Laura's ass and take back Liam? But this isn't all the drama, someone is back and Harry gives me quite the surprise. What's happening to me? 14+ (P.S. Read the first one first other wise you will be very confused) (P.P.S. Still a lot of swearing) (P.P.P.S. It has stuff in it that isn't for the weak hearted. Read with caution) ©2014


15. chapter 14

"How the hell could you do this to me?!" Michael screams, "after everything we've been through together you go behind your own brother's back and almost have sex with his best friend?! Who does that shit!?"

I clench my fists, "I thought you were dead! I had no where else to go, the boys were the only non-insane family I have left!"

He ponders this, "but Louis?! Really?! I always thought that you would end up with Liam."

I growl, "don't mention that asshole to me. A lot has happened since you 'died' and Liam the Payne in my ass already broke my heart once. We will never be an item thanks to Laura."

He nodded, he must have already seen Laura, "I see."

He plops down next to me on the bed.


"I'm sorry I left you," Michael finally said.

"Where did you go?"

"Simon gave me a job at his record label as a songwriter, he didn't want you to worry about me so he had me fake my death. While mom really did die from the bomb I escaped with my life and Simon fooled you and the others into thinking I was dead."

I give him the 'what the hell were you thinking' look, "do you realize how despicable that sounds?" I ask.

He scratches the back of his neck, "yeah. As soon as I heard you were missing I came looking for you, Simon wouldn't give me the boys' address."


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