The Freezing Death (Nico Di Angelo)

so basically this is my fanfic from wattpad so enjoy:)


2. The Broken Promises

Recap:: "Will you come?" Percy asked.

                 I sighed...

Chapter Two:

((Brookes POV))
I sighed..."Only to see what the problem is."

"Yes! Thanks Polka Dot!" Grover screamed at me.

"I can shadow travel us there?" Nico suggested. 

"You guys go ahead. I got my own way there."

They stared at me. ughh. " If I wanted to get away I would be halfway to China."

They shrugged. So i basically can do something called ice travel. I pick a person to transport to and they basically freeze until I'm there. fun right? I focus, i know exactly who i want to do, Chiron. I feel myself being lifted and transporting. Until, i feel a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I look up and its Luke. His hand is on my shoulder. I stiffen and he looks at me. His beautiful blue eyes looking at me with such hurt. He kneels down and hugs me...

I hear him sob on my shoulder and i almost feel sorry. Almost. "i-im soooo s-s-sorry." he sobs on me. I want to give in so bad but, he broke his promise. He lied to me and broke my spirit. I am done with him.

"Get off me Luke, You killed my sister and broke your promise." i spoke coldy.

His grip tightened on my as he looked into my eyes. "I know you have it, the bone of Ullr. It can bring your sister back. And I know i broke my promise but so did you." He glanced down at my wrists. He started to fade away as I feel myself falling to earth.

SPLASH. I'm in the lake near camp, i can see jasmine the naiad. She scurries out the water. I feel myself drifting deeper to the bottom.My lungs filling with water, hopefully Poseidon doesn't hate me still. I feel someone grab me and pull me out. They are really cold. I try to open my eyes but i fail. I feel the lips on mine as they blow air back into my lungs. I shoot up. THUMP. OWE. I rub my forehead and see Nico.

I get up and walk away trying to avoid any questions and stumble upon a little girl. She smiles and takes my hand and pulls my toward the cabins into mine. I look at her and see she has eyes like mine, and hair, like mine....

Knock, Knock, Knock. I whip my head toward the door then back at the girl. She was gone. Well okay then. I walk to the door. I breathe and open it. Clairese. She embraces me in a hug and hands me a towel. Me and Clairese used to be best friends after i beat her brother in a arm wrestle. She goes through the whole scolding me for running away and tells me to meet her tomorrow for archery. 

I close the door and head for my old closet. I pick out a long sleeve white shirt and short overalls. After I'm done i sit on my old bed. I look at my dresser and see my old necklace. The one Luke gave me.. It was a snowflake with Hermes shoe. I clutched it in my hand, walked outside, and buried it.

I buried it deep. Too many promises and broken pieces of me in that one necklace. I ot up and wiped my knees off. I started walking to the big house. As I'm walking many new campers are staring at me with their jaws dropped. I guess they knew the rumor. lovely.

I walked into the big house and looked at my uncle. He glanced up and nodded at me. "Hello, trader." he smirked at me.

"Shut up 'Wine guy' " i remarked at him and he scowled at me.

Then Chiron walked in. He nodded at me and motioned is and toward the attic. I shook my head no. I was not going up there right after falling into a lake. 

"Please Brooke. You are ready.'' I simply walked out. I was not going through this again.

I ran to the woods. I ran until i hit something really hard. It was Nico. He yanked me up by my wrist and i winced. He looked at me then pulled my sleeve up. He gasped. He looked at me and was about to say something until i ran.

That was my promise to Luke never to cut again.But, when worse comes to worse i do. His promise was to always love me and never hurt me. He broke those pretty fast.

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